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Found 7 results

  1. So, Kim Petras uploaded demos from her Mama’s Basement Era to her SoundCloud. Let’s listen and discuss: https://on.soundcloud.com/mUjQ52vTpC6h8uHp8
  2. Some people may know some of Eva Simons singles like Silly boy, Take over controll, Policeman and This is love (With Will.I.Am). In 2009 her song Silly boy was leaked on Youtube and everyone thought it was "Rihanna ft. Lady Gaga" but in fact it was Eva Simons. After that, EMI Music Germany made a contract with her and released Silly boy as an official single. Then she made a lot of new demos which were confirmed by EMI to be on the upcoming album, so she was allowed to perform a lot of them live. Unfortunately in 2010 her label canceled her Album and none of these songs were ever released. Since then they were rotting on her PC until 2020. She decided to leak 25!! Demos she made in 2009/2010 at once. In an Insta live she apologized for what happened back then, because people were still asking for this 10 year old album. She was still mad about this and just wanted to make a cut and uploaded all of them to her Soundcloud. They were only available for 1 day but I managed to rip them all even though it had no download function. I Literally was hyperventilating and crying when I finally got these songs after 10 years! :D Now after 2 years i still can't find them on the internet, so i decided to upload them on Youtube because most of these songs are just too Iconic (imho) to rott on a PC. The style of these demos are a mix of electronic Pop music with heavy Autotune, Stutter effects and some Rock influences. I'm sure that people who love hot electronic pop songs will like them! Eva Simons - EvaLution (Demo Album) 2010 My favorites are: Love To The World, Look But Don't Touch, Don't Stop The Beat and Let's Go Crazy. But There are so many good ones imho. I Hope you guys enjoy
  3. Stephen Bray who produced it with M said, not much was change to the final version, almost everything from the vocals and the composition stayed true to the form.. Sire refused to release this as single in the US, in fear of oversaturation the market, if they did issue this as a single, it would have been a massive #1 single. At the end of the 80s. Billboard declared Into the Groove as the top dance somg of the decade and the one that changed the club music and foreshadowed several dance trends in music that decade.
  4. Hope u like it! https://www.instagram.com/p/B-iWud8lB1A/
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