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How many copies can Britney's next era debut with in 2022 (album, singles etc)?

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    4 minutes ago, everybodygoesdown said:

    A lot. More than Taylor Swift, less than Adele. Sorry just being real here.



    Yes, people talk about Britney a lot lately but it doesn't mean they will buy her albums :schoolingtime_talking_telling_glasses_preaching: I'm sorry but general public love basic chicks like Adele and Taylor, they are very um... ''classy''. Britney is too controversial for GP to support her music like that :schoolingtime_talking_telling_glasses_preaching:

    She's definitely capable to selling more than Ariana's latest album :emma: So maybe 150K or 200K copies. Definitely more than Britney Jean and Glory :schoolingtime_talking_telling_glasses_preaching: I think so :quirkney_britney_well_welp_giggle_lol_hehe_haha_laugh_joke:

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    Depends what Britney can bring to the table tbh, music scene has changed a lot Glory initially had demand internationally but her team didn't try anything. 

    These days, a lot of personal stuff works if she makes an album and markets it as her personal one (not like BJ) she can achieve a good amount, dance pop? no, but experimental record with a story she can do wonders. 

    People has been in the eyes of media and people, her streaming numbers have improved a lot she's a big hit on TikTok which means young generation is interested and loves her classics. 

    An album with personal songs imo can do wonders to her, a total 360 sound shift can keep people interested. 

    I think many people don't know Glory sold more than 110K+ in the US when her songs weren't even sent out to radios for full tracking, shipping was far less internationally. 

    Glory had decent sized promotions but they were mainly old mediums, nobody watches interviews on TV now if you target nicely Britney can see another peak era. 

    In the US no less than 150K first week, album needs to be long to keep her stable for streaming. 

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    I'm speaking about US charts. Probably 50-70,000 physical albums. Combining that with streams, I'd say she would debut at number 3. 2 if it's not a big week of current artists.

    For her debut single, I'd guess maybe 20,000 physical singles with a first week peak between 30 and 40 on the pop chart.

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    I totally can see her with multiple #1 singles on Billboard Hot 100. But the thing is it's not that hard to do that nowadays. There's a lot of songs that get #1 and in few weeks no one remembers them. They don't really have any impact on music. 

    Britney... she just achieved everything a pop star can achieve and it's very tricky because how can you expect her to top that or be as good? She set the bar too high :emma:

    1 hour ago, nakedsoldier said:

    She'll probably sell 10K if she keeps that messy hair & make up and peasant outfits lol

    You can't ''blame'' her for that. I'm not a psychiatrist but there is a possibility she struggles with depression and people with depression often don't care about a lot of stuff, especially about their appearance. 

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    2 hours ago, nakedsoldier said:

    If the marketing is done right, the visual for the first single is on Toxic level and she gives one stellar performance before the album drops... I'd say 500 - 700K first week album sales.

    People are rooting for Britney, it's the biggest comeback of all time, but she needs to get her image together. She'll probably sell 10K if she keeps that messy hair & make up and peasant outfits lol. She needs to revamp her whole image and break the rules of the mediocre sound the pop landscape is running at the moment.

    this. and i believe that if she really is able to re-invent herself successfully again (like she would do pre-con) she could have great success.

    obviously in Britney's style but something to the level of success / quality of "confessions on a dance floor" by madonna. it was not madona at her PRIME prime but she was great; she delivered professionally, on ALL levels - everything looked high end, the aesthetics, the appearances, looks, makeup, promo. it was basically a different prime for madonna. she was mainstream again, she became "hot topic", she didn't look like a has been.

    i think you guys get the idea. so maybe we don't need britney to dance like she used to, but she'll need to bring it on another level to prime level. either maybe really good live vocals. or a lot of creative control. i don't know, something. but it would have to be her heart and soul.

    because i fear that otherwise the public would not be very forgiving and that can be terrifying for britney - she knows on what level she brought it before. she knows she was THAT *****. so the pressure must me HUGE, specially after the embarrassment of having the whole world hear how you were abused. - its crazy!!! she's so strong. i would die.

    so yeah i also get her if she never ever wants to see people ever again or put music out or don't give a **** about her fans because she doesn't really have to and i totally get her.

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