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  1. Thanks for posting! I never saw the whole performances spliced together before and never that much of the performamces. The vocals sound pre-recorded especially the Janet songs, so they must be found!
  2. I hope it wins! They worked hard on it and the impact was huge. But tagging Britney is odd like she is the subject of the doc, not going to go accept the award.
  3. I say let him wear what he wants. We all know he is not dissing others cultures. Also as a white person, stop calling out others who are white just because it fits your narrative of white people can only do wrong even when no disrespect is meant. Also stop calling others pasty, because imagine calling out others for their skin tone, but it's ok because white people aren't allowed be offended right?
  4. True. I forgot GM was in GTA. I've been jamming to it more lately since it has blown up recently.
  5. Adding myself to the list of people tired of Toxic. It's great and one of her best, but I've heard it so many times. It's also the only Britney song my station plays. I also hate that the GP have reduced Britney to Toxic as the only song accepted by the masses that is safe to admit they like. Also as a side note, I've never cared too much for POM. The vocal effects could have been done without. She needed to go harder on that song since that is her big F U to the media and haters. Plus, the song doesn't go anywhere. It stays flat throughout. **Prepares to be dragged
  6. That is actually an interesting concept! I'd be interested in hearing Brit do that.
  7. How about shooting for 100% freedom? If she needs help managing impulsive behavior about money, that still does not constitute a need for a conservator. That means she could benefit from a financial advisor, someone who many wealthy people rely on. And hey, it's her money, she can spend it how she wants. She can learn to budget like everyone else does. Something she could have learned years ago if she was allowed to grow into womanhood without daddy's thumb on her.
  8. Great talent. She has some good and great songs. Icon, no. Those who are icons have created a career of era defining songs and pop cultural moments. She, in my opinion, has not.
  9. A Britney and Britney collab? Isn't that kind of like Britney doing her own background vocals. She is collabing with herself ;)
  10. "...highly anticipated live pre-recorded performance at the BBMAs." As many takes as they did, which I am sure was a few, it still couldn't save Iggy's awkward dancing. Britney and Iggy had, in my opinion, no chemistry. I felt chemistry between Brit and Madonna and Christina and Brit and Rihanna, but for this, zero chemistry.
  11. I like the music video more than the song. I haven't listened to it or watched the video in years, though. My station played it the day it came out and then dropped it. The song peaked and then dropped in a matter of a few weeks. Some said they were trying to recreate Fancy and failed.
  12. Calculated move to this next phase in her career to take photos like this and dye hair to blonde. The pics come off as odd. The look does not suit her. Can this girl not smile and open her eyes fully? She looks dead here. The photographer most likely wanted **** and sultry but these pics come off as neither.
  13. Loved seeing this. She looked beautiful and so at ease. Every award show should be giving her Icon awards.
  14. How much more tea could he have? The Spears family has talked negatively about him all these years, you figure he would have laid it all out there from the beginning.
  15. Thanks for posting! I haven't seen that BOMT performance in a very long time. Watching that and then the Womanizer performance 10 years later it is like wow to think of what happened in her career and life in those years.
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