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  1. That Maui Wowie I love seeing natural Britney. But her dancing would have been better if she started busting moves in the hotel lobby with people watching like
  2. Fox News getting the exclusive is great. I believe it's the most watched cable news by far, so this puts the case in front of more eyes, who maybe doesn't follow the details closely.
  3. So that was Britney writing the caption about memories from over 20 years ago. Doesn't fit the narrative of Britney having memory issues if she remembers that and was confirmed it's true by Laura Lynne. Team Con controls her Instagram allegedly so I'm surprised Laura Lynne's comment wasn't deleted, like Lynne's were at one point. It's another example Brit doesn't have these big memory gaps that negatively affect her life.
  4. I always called it Britney Jean because it's a pop masterpiece ahead of its time. Do I believe what I just wrote? No, but I appreciate the album's deep vocals on some songs like the ballads. And yes Britney's vocals not our girl Myah's.
  5. After I *randomly* chose that joystick, this popped into my head. My joystick brings all the boys/girls to the yard...
  6. Cassie decided to stay in and catch up on some work.
  7. I would get the snake one, so that next time I say I'm going to whip out the snake, I'll be walking out with the costume on. Imagine the extra media press for the next rally if people showed up in these costumes.
  8. I swear being a Britney fan is like the saying waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is exciting, but just going to see how it unfolds.
  9. Our girl is back to work. She's reshooting a new version of radar.
  10. Sounds beautiful. Good song but one you can't play out loud around people! I always skipped if playing the album without headphones.
  11. Apparently I am in a small minority of those not liking the songs that much. Or maybe in a silent majority haha
  12. I read radio programmers picked that as a single they could get behind if released. It took so long to come out with a second single that any interest it had was lost. But I don't get the hype for it. The song is too low and whispery for the most part. I also don't get the love DYWCO. The lyrics are weird ("Nobody needs to be alone if they don't have to be). Also, the Godawful background singers during the chorus. Those guys needed to be fired asap. I always skip over that song and pretend it doesn't exist.
  13. I feel like Max is someone that if he likes an artist, he will praise them. If not, then he just doesn't say anything. He has worked with so many artists for almost 30 years and that even with all those experiences, he still to this day praises Britney. Also about the dated topic. Most of music will sound dated at some point. It's the certain ones that stands the test of time as a great song, even though the sound is dated. That does not take away from the talents of the producer.
  14. Thanks! I liked it. Great performance very theatrical and he sings nicely But when I saw him untie that cape on the piano, this popped into my head
  15. Who? Is he a legit fan or just trying to reach out to certain fanbases to get fans? And take off his clothes for downloads and streams? Maybe it's a joke, if not then make music that can warrant downloads and streams on its own. Disclaimer: Haven't sought his music out to give an opinion on that.
  16. I've watched all their Britney videos and they are the best and non-fake reactions. If you watch their Brit videos from their first reaction to her you see she has always been a fan and he has become a fan from getting to know her through her performances. They are honest and their banter with each other is funny.
  17. I had such nervous excitement leading up to this and then watching her be nervous at the beginning I was like Nooo, Brit you can do this. Then fears faded away as I saw her pull herself together and bring it. Such a great performance. Wish it were remembered by the GP when thinking of her best performances, but since it didn't have a shock factor like Oops Vma and the Slave snake, it isn't talked about. It has an insane amount of views though for a tv performance when you add the official video on her page and the other unofficial uploads.
  18. When I first read the title I thought any song at all, not just Britney songs. I'd love Brit to add more covers during shows. She sounded great singing Open Arms. Vocalney would slay singing songs that she picks to sing. She wanted to sing other artists songs during Carpool Karaoke, so I think she would love a chance to do another singer/bands song. She could pick different genres and sound great. Her voice is so versatile.
  19. This was one of those times it's good I kept reading the thread instead of just the first post then leaving. I would have been believing lies.
  20. I loved that Morning Latte sketch! Wished they aired it again during the rerun in February. Comedy just comes natural to her.
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