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  1. Quicksand. Can’t stand that toucan’s vocals all over the song.
  2. We should ask him to upload all those photos somewhere, some of them are brand new and super gorgeous!
  3. She's cool but I don't like when people give more credit to Brian than to Britney herself.
  4. I wouldn’t sing live too if I were being trafficked and making millions for my handlers.
  5. She spoke out before. The difference this time was that the audio leaked and the whole world listened to her own words, therefore Brenda and the court couldn’t pretend nothing was happening anymore due to the public pressure.
  6. Actually I think that yes, Britney’s catalog is more relevant/well known/celebrated and BETTER than Madonna’s. Britney’s sound is still current, probably will always be, in comparison Madonna’s albums even though they are iconic they sound dated and of their time.
  7. You were ahead of your time!! I had no idea about your thread, congratulations on that! But yeah, so far the response here has been underwhelming. I mean, if you exclude Britney Jean from her discography, Britney has pretty much a flawless collection of albums, I’d say the best of pop music. Having a validation of some kind that BJ is NOT her would be amazing in my point of view, we’d finally let this album rest forever and never talk about it again, cause it’s not a Britney album. I don’t know why the fans are against the idea. Thank you for your insight xx
  8. Yes we can. Violation of consumer laws and fraud. See Michael’s case.
  9. Okay so this is something we must do as Britney fans. Maybe not right now cause we’re dealing with much more important **** (Britney regaining her freedom/civil rights) so it’s not very essential right now; but for the future, I say we should totally do it. We know Britney is not singing on the major part of Britney Jean. Myah Marie was hired as a ghost vocalist and is singing in the lead vocals of lots of songs, like Work *****, Body Ache, Passenger and Chillin’ With You. We have the stems to prove that. It’s a known fact that Britney Jean (2013) was a rushed project, only to sell Vegas, that Britney never intended to record or release; that album was a cash grab from her team and should not be seen as something Britney really wanted to put out. The same happened with Michael Jackson - after he died, his estate/label released Michael (2010) and the fans noticed he wasn’t the one singing on the songs. The fans managed to sue everybody involved and they ended up WINNING the case. See more here (Controversy): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_(album) I think we should think about doing that. We know we’re right and we know we can win. Also if Michael fans won the case even after their fave was dead, imagine what we can do with Britney still alive, confirming in her own words everything we know.
  10. Soooo she's got time to send her products for Britney to promote but hasn't got the time to say Free Britney? I'm so tired of this ****
  11. I wonder that too. He has tons of staged paparazzi videos. It’s annoying and unnecessary. I wonder what’s the goal behind that
  12. I remember I used to loveeeeeeeeeeee Love Me Down so much even wanted it as a single. Today it's my least fave
  13. That ugly toucan is fake as hell. She will only speak when it benefits her.
  14. I hate them all. They can all die and go to hell. Secretly they have been jealous of Britney’s legacy and afraid as **** of the moment she comes back free and in her terms because they know it’s over for them. Britney is the biggest and most talented artist in the world when she’s free from the Hollywood cult and they are all aware of that. They are trying to save their careers.
  15. I'm sure she will come back. It's what she loves to do, it's her passion. When she's free, she will return and it will be fantastic to watch. Remember she said yesterday she wants to take a ''2-3 year break''. I agree it's extremely selfish to think about her comeback right now and I support her 100% if she wants to retire.
  16. Omg I thought her song Guilty was about to start on that video. Her mind.
  17. Some (most) of you are stuck in the 2000’s. Jesus Christ what horrid suggestions.
  18. People defending the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé: **** off. They are all snakes who only care about themselves and their careers and fake feminists and activists. I’m glad I was never a fan.
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