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  1. this needs more recognition so I will bump this again on the top
  2. I just watched both documentaries... and it kind of made me feel sad, especially the BBC one... Who's to say that Jodi wont make things worse or any other person if her father is removed. Maybe he is there really to protect hid daughter and paying off people with her money not letting them steal away even more from her if he is gone... Maybe at the end they are all trying to profit of this woman. I really don't know what to believe... clearly we don't know everything and it is not our business but there is something very suspicious going on She is definitely such a strong woman to be putting up with the situation not just these past 12 years under the conservatorship... but her whole life If there is truly a health reason for her to be in this situation why don't the doctors say that... Everything is so corrupt...the layers judges business managers even the health system... and here I am sitting thinking that my country is the most corrupt one (here people that sell lettuce at the market are put 5 years in jail for not paying for their spot and selling it on the side cuz they are poor and try to make it through the month and drug dealers, murderers, politicians that are making illegal arrangements are running around free and even if they are in trial at the court their cases are just being prolonged for more than 10 years and by then their crime is not valid since it's aged)
  3. does anyone have a link to the other one i live in a ****ty country where nothing is available
  4. i agree with the last part but the first sorry no... but maybe we are all diferent, diferent cultures and all but where i am from even if the guy is the best man his date (wife girlfirend) is dressed up head to toe just to be on pair with him to match him and the oposite if the girl is bridesmaid (we usually dont have that here but nevertheless) her plus one is also dressed to be on pair with her... and again i am not saying brit looks bad i just think she has so much more potential than wearing these thight mini dresses she likes so much i am happy to see her smiling and having fun with sam
  5. i know she has a banging body but when will she ditch these ultra short dresses that can pass for shirts and wear something more fashionable like that other girl... just cant take my eyes off her she is so beautifull and just imagine our brit in that dress i would die literally
  6. i instantly liked the song i knew that there would be epic dance break and then i saw the video online and i was blown away she really had that fire in her eyes like andre said in for the record
  7. i wish something similar for britney i want her to be happy and us fans to be happy with her she deserves it
  8. she needs a good smash song that is catchy and of course proper marketing plan, the times have shifted and some new points of view are needed in her team as much as dont like to admit but look at jason derulo, he is killing it on tiktok and because of that his songs do well and are streamed amd that transited to high chart position on the other hand lady gaga with shallow broke all kinds of records because it was a good song and the movie was good and it was emotional Maybe it can work for our girl too, to follow a bit lady gagas career path... do a bit more acting and then a veeery good movie with emotional song that will chart high and get the respect from the industry she deserves after all these years
  9. Some please find the other fan made song of the video where she cries about the cheese
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