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Do people judge you for being a Britney stan?

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I used to. But as I put it, buying her CDs doesn't make her come to me, so I actually like and enjoy the music. And my enjoyment trumps what other people think. Now though, I've been asked where I got my Oops tour shirt from at work and routinely get compliments on them, so I think that judgment, at least for me, was more of a youth thing. Or they're not doing it to my face anymore.

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1 minute ago, leviathan said:


basically a mix of this two; now people love her because of my love for her, and all the time my friends are sending me britney things they see or hear through their day and they always say omg she's everywhere!!! my bday presents are britney related and when they play her music somewhere everyone turns to me hahaha; and they also ask me about her, like how is britney doing? any new developments in her case? will her dad do go jail? its super cute honestly. my friends even know about exhale.

in fact my friends threw me a Britney bday party the other day: so they love that side of me and they love britney because of me; many of them discovered their love for her because of me.




That cake is so sweet! Your friends are awesome :otears_oprah_crying_tissue_napkin_tears_sobbing_sad:

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Nope, my office people love her music most times she's played during lunch hours. My friends love Britney and actually like to ask me on any latest news. My students like Britney music, my family loves britney too! I think after her conservatorship things definitely changed for her and for good.

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For me it depends,

Like with people who arent my family, I'd say they dont really especially cause of the #FreeBritney movement.

However my family kinda does.


My mom is a pastor, so u can obviously see why she wouldnt like her

while my younger sister thinks she's still 2007 crazy bald Britney.

She even went all psychology on me and said the reason why I love Britney so much

is cause of childhood trauma or some other bs.


For these reasons, I try not to bring up Britney unless it comes up cause people can be judgmentall

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1 minute ago, Stefani said:

Me: *Literally says anything positive about Britney's career*

The straights and Fighters: spacer.png

I always just reply to them, if Christina is so much better, how come she can't sell? Then when they bring up Max Martin, I rebut with "Well, what happened with Lotus?"

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Awhile back people used to laugh at me, particularly old people that judged Britney and were not aware of her situation or how much she has endured. Now it’s cool to like Britney! Which I love! Bandwagon fans who think they know it all about her situation and have the wrong info annoys me though. Britney has played such a big role in my life that I honestly could care less if people judge me for that. 

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