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  1. Just want to remind everyone Britney is awesome for taking and posting any picture she wants to take
  2. Good point. As crippling as the conservatorship is, she was able to release really hot and fresh track on FF with awesome videos to match. I think she would have been successful with the FF era as a stand alone if she was free and in control.
  3. FF and it’s not even close. It’s Britney’s most cohesive album. Really sad that it was during the conservatorship and she had 0 interest, but it’s up there with ITZ and Blackout for me.
  4. Her team had her riding on her previous success, let’s be honest. Primeney did enough to carry her through the rest of her life. Imagine if she was free…
  5. Very good point. A lot of product placement on her account recently. It might be a good idea to reach out to some of those and accounts and she if they’ve been contacted by team Con.
  6. well let’s not be naive.. they aren’t security for Britney’s safety. these are the same people that abused and stuffed Britney with drugs.
  7. YES!!!!! speak!!!!! I love how people are gawking at Britney driving her car alone with her phone in her hand (a 4-generation old phone that probably is severely restricted), meanwhile she is being followed by handlers. Britney couldn’t text her new lawyer FFS, but she can bullhorn to millions of people? NO.
  8. This!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate the thoughtful dialogue. The Britney army really is awesome. I don’t think there is one smoking gun to prove that it’s not Britney posting, but all of these bits and pieces of information paint a picture that implicitly proves it cannot be Britney posting.
  9. “I guess you’ll have to wait and see” I think September will tell us a lot. I hope so!!
  10. Really? You think she’s over it and now controls every aspect of her life? They had her reading stupid *** messages from the Britney The Zone pop up *against her obvious will* AFTER she had been put in a mental health facility *AGAINST HER WILL*
  11. Team Con is convincing people Britney has control of her account. Everyone thinks it’s Britney posting. Did you see her post a few minutes ago? Expect some wild captions soon…
  12. Literally. 600 MILLION stolen dollars compared to an Instagram account that her team is clearly using against her.
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