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Jamie Lynn Spears NEW INTERVIEW on Entertainment Tonight!!!

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No questions about Britney’s allegations of Jamie abusing her?? Nothing about the conservatorship being established under false pretenses?? No questions about what did they do to cause Britney to say she wants to sue her family AND say Jamie should be in jail?? They’re just gonna ignore that?? Apparently so. OMG What!!!:huh_britney_confused_what_2003_itz_zone_in_the:

These fluff piece interviews are being conducted by entertainment news “journalists” who are not going to follow up Jamie Lynn’s remarks by asking her the hard hitting questions they should ask. That’s precisely why she’s granting them access. There is missing context to the knife story. Was this her way of protecting them from what she felt was a dangerous situation?? Imo it sound like Britney was scared for both Jamie Lynn’s and her safety for some reason. I don’t think she was going to attack JL with a knife but that’s how she makes it sound which fits into the crazy Britney narrative the media clings to. 

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16 minutes ago, Busybee said:

She loves to bring up being 17 and pregnant like she didn't have 13 years after to look into especially after her testimony :badthoughts_gun_kris_genner_thinking_debating:

There isn't much more we can say about her she is trash has always been trash and will always be trash. :trash_throw_away_recycle:

Yes, a 17 y.o. has a lot to learn, but is far from clueless or naive. Someone that age has a good enough reasoning to know what’s going on and to do something about it. She acts like being a teen mom is like being 2 -_- just stop it JL. It’s pathetic.

This book and this media tour is clearly damage control. She’s just yelling how much of a victim she’s always been. If she didn’t help Britney out, it’s because she was busy being a victim.

Britney was right when she said her house was full of victims and JL is proving her right on national tv everyday. 

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1 hour ago, rennen2.0 said:

These "interviewers" are truly awful. Get her on a late night show and she'll be ripped to shreds. 

Britney's voice didn't matter for 13 years, Jamie Lynn?  How many times are you going to tell us its important for you to show your daughters to use theirs when their aunt couldn't use hers?

miley cyrus 2015 vmas GIF

A team con tactic! Do prerecorded interviews that you can cut footage from or request edits to rather than live shows where there is potential to be asked something not on the list! :ricackle_rihanna_laugh_lol_haha_lmao_hehe:

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10 minutes of her saying nothing and barely answering any questions, just saying her life was scary and tough (and I don't doubt that)  and repeating "i wanna teach my daughters her voice matters".

This video could've lasted 2 minutes and the content would be the same. 

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1 hour ago, that's hot y'all said:


well have to say this interview is the best she has done so far...shebdoesnt speak about britney but herself what the book should be about...

also i understand she didnt have time when she was 16 to find info about conversatorship but 10 years later? she was also owner of that trust so how could not she know something...and maybe her parents didnt really told her the truth as they seem to pretend all the time esp. Lynne..

timing is not good but i can see thatnmaybe there was always britney first as shebgained money to whole family and she is fed up being second and not to be heard and priority...

anyway hope britney kniws better and will do interview and clarify everything for once and for all

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42 minutes ago, itsxrichiexbish said:

Not Jamie Lynn trying to do Everytime 2.0...


Also... Chill Jamie Lynn.   Ashlee Simpson did it first.   And we got the amazing song shadow from it...not your book of "truths" from your point of view.

“Amazing” song? :quirkney_britney_well_welp_giggle_lol_hehe_haha_laugh_joke: 
Ashlee did the same thing capitalized off her sister‘s fame, Jessica is the talented one. I don’t think I’m bias even though I’m more of a Jessica Stan than Britney and Christina but love all of them...but Ashlee sucked she didn’t have “it” factor plus she couldn’t even lip sync right at least Britney knows how to do that. Jessica’s voice though when she first came out was a heavenly gift. Anyways got kinda OT. 

Jessica Simpson 90S GIF
jessica simpson pretty girl GIF


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Lordy lordy, she is so incredibly dull. This promo is doing nothing for her book. She just says so much word salad - voice, truth, my story - without actually saying anything. 

there is absolutely no point to her story. just a meek woman trying to squeeze out some more money now that The Family Business of Britney Spears the RaceHorse is cut off. 

I hope she can’t stand to look at herself in the mirror after this. 

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