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Jamie Lynn Spears NEW INTERVIEW on Entertainment Tonight!!!

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Jesus ******* Christ, what a whole bunch of nothing, and repeatedly so… Halfway through I could predict Word for Word what her answers were going to be… “I just want to show my daughters how to use their voice and everybody should be able to be heard and create their own narrative” — ***** you were going to let your sister rot inside a ******* conservatorship WHILE profiting off her :beat_fighting_punching_hitting_angry:


also those interviewers are damn uneducated, do a five minute search on JL and you know she’s not that innocent, pun intended 



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It must make Lou feel rather uncomfy that even JL is vehemently distancing herself from the conservatorship, she says "I was a 17 year old with a baby", "I had my own life to worry about", " I didn't know anything about it" anytime she gets a chance. Britney isn't the only one getting thrown under the bus here. It seems even Lou's last pawn is lowkey leaving her high and dry.

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If people don't want to watch I summarised as best I could for another forum as well,

The interviewer starts by saying that from reading the book it's evident JL had to stay silent about a lot of things for a very long time.

JL said she feels strong, vulnerable and found the process healing and by saying her truth out loud makes it real.

She talks a lot about keeping up appearances to the public - she said she shouldn't have had to feel that pressure and her daughters should have this book so they know not to feel the pressure to always be perfect.

Sh talks about her parents and the trauma, her dads drinking and her mums "pretending". She wants to use those experiences and pain to help others, she's only responsible for her actions going forward and can't worry about anything that happened in the past.

She can't speak for Bryan and Britney on what their relationships are like with their parents as they all have individual lanes and point of views and to respect the process.

The onslaught of fans and media, the biggest misconception is that people should understand that this "situation" has affected a lot of people and that it's her reality and she is entitled to speak about it. To have compassion for what we don't understand and that we should respect other voices in this "situation" and allow them a safe space to share it. (doesn't sound like she was talking about Brit)

That the book isn't about clearing anything up it's about showing her daughters about using their voice and speaking up.

She was then asked; how much did she grapple with what she shared about Britney in the book as she will always be tied with her being her sister, catch 22. "protect others, protect others before herself" - she said she respects her sisters healing process however she has to work through things and all she asks is for the same space.

Childhood - the paranoia and knife incident - how scary was it for her? There was a lot of things that happened in her childhood that were scary and unsafe and it's important for her to share how she felt in those moments no matter who else (Britney) is involved.

She's thankful for a lot of the experiences or environment she's in - she only ever tried to be her own person and created her own life for her and her children. She's allowed to have her voice even it hurts other peoples feelings. It's her truth.

Last year, she said she was still processing and working through things and wasn't something she wanted to share with the public. She didn't find it beneficial getting into comments on social media.

She is adamant she wasn't involved in the conservatorship. She wanted to be a good sister and her family to be a family.

She goes on about being occupied with her pregnancy so didn't get involved and over the years didn't understand it and that she probably could have educated herself on it but she has her two children to care for. She can only do so much and at the end of the day she has her own life and has to put certain things first but she's always done the right thing in each moment.

She was asked about Britney's engagement and would she be going to the wedding she just said everyone was healing and last year was up and down for the whole family.

On whether her family have read the book, they've read large chunks but not first to last page. Excited for them to read it, but she knows they will be mad about certain things she says but hopes that they will be more supportive of her healing than their own feelings being hurt.

They then talk about Maddie blah blah blah. That since a young age she was only ever allowed to speak a narrative that fit the greater good and when she was pregnant with Maddie she finally stood up for herself.

She said 2007 was chaotic.

She hopes people read her book and don't feel afraid to speak their mind and hopes people can control their narrative and to create a safer space.


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4 minutes ago, Haha-Hehe-Haha-Ho said:

It must make Lou feel rather uncomfy that even JL is vehemently distancing herself from the conservatorship, she says "I was a 17 year old with a baby", "I had my own life to worry about", " I didn't know anything about it" anytime she gets a chance. Britney isn't the only one getting thrown under the bus here. It seems even Lou's last pawn is lowkey leaving her high and dry.

Nah, Jamie Lynn and Lou are still biggie biggie. Because what is Jamie Lynn not saying? How the conservatorship was abuse, how it was exploitive, how it was dehumanizing, etc. She not even hints at that. All that JL is saying is that she was a child having a child and she probably even couldn't understand what was going on, even if she had realized what was happening. And to be fair, that is an understandable reason why she didn't protest her sister's conservatorship at the beginning. But after that, after she turned into a grown woman, she had no more excuses left to continually fail her sister like that. 

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Not at this living shadow being everywhere and throwing under the bus (with lies) her sister that was abused by her and her ****ty family for 13 years Be Quiet Big Rich Texas GIF

P.S. She's promoting her lies more than her own ""music"" :weusay_tiffany_cackle_cackling_chuckle_giggle_lol_haha_hehe_laugh:

The desperation is real :gross_britney_ew_sick_red_sunglasses_cringe_disgusted:

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Jamie Lynn: “I think what you have to remember is that when this conservatorship came into place I was a 17 year old about to have a baby. So I think I was pretty occupied. And also I was still a young girl. I didn’t understand a lot of things, there’s still a lot of things I don’t understand and perhaps that is something I could’ve educated myself more on.”

*****, Google is your friend. Look it up!!!!!! I had NEVER heard the word “conservatorship” prior to February 2008 but I had a computer to search for info online about it. There are public libraries that have computers anybody can use for free up to an hour to do research about anything!!! Jamie Lynn is LYING through her teeth!!!! She didn’t give a damn about what was happening to Britney and could barely be bothered to half azz help her.

JL agreed with the conservatorship!! JL still sides with Jamie and Lou. She’s beholden to them. Point blank period!! Just like her husband who talks **** about Britney…. that reveals how they all really feel about Britney— “she’s not normal like us, she’s a crazy person who doesn’t put her children first like us and she needs to be controlled by an abusive alcoholic man who she should be thanking for saving her like us" - that’s JL’s true feelings!!! So she can skirt around the answers by sticking to taking points Lou & a lawyer coached her on for this promo tour, we see through her bullshiz facade!!!

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This is very for the Britney fans

I guess this family specially her cares a lot about the jokes, 

Her instagram being a mom and products were way better than this, she needs to go back asap to it after this promo tour.

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