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Jamie Lynn Spears NEW INTERVIEW on Entertainment Tonight!!!

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The issue here too is that Britney never "tattled" on JL, she never told the entire world any single negative thing about her.  And here JL is putting these things out there in books and interviews.  I'd feel betrayed too and probably unfollow her.  They'll mend things eventually, depending on how deep some of the stories in the book go, but Britney feels hurt and betrayed right now.

I understand that JL's life might have been sucky in instances too, and maybe she blames Britney for a lot of things Britney was only being made to do in the first place.  It's a mess.

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It's actually so sad, the more I think about it.  Britney has realistic ideals and a fair understanding of what a family and family roles should be.

Family: United

Father: Provider

Mother: Understanding and Guiding

Brother: Protective

Sister: Sacred bond

You can tell based on the things she's said and re-posted on her IG over the past years and years.

And it's sad because not one of these roles are true in her family dynamic or relationships to each of them.

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Is she going to talk about Britney in every interview because if she doesn’t no one would care, isn’t she?


By the way, the knife incident sounds super silly and totally exaggerated lol. And Britney screaming at Juno’s face while she was holding her kid? If I was kidnapped and over medicated against my will while forced to work and make millions for everyone else but me by my own family I would have done that too, with the baby or not.


Oh and talking about how awful her father has always been and how many alcohol problems he has makes her look bad, that monster who created so many traumas in his kids is the one managing your sister’s whole life and you didn’t have anything to say b.itch? 

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3 hours ago, Soso said:

what's up with these ugly oversized suits she keeps wearing? :gagasmile_smirk_lady_pink:
Is Lou also her new stylist? :umok_pursed_squint_well_okay:

Can you imagine if Britney done a new Tiktok skit wearing an oversized suit and mocking this :dead_falling_wig_dying:

The thought of it is sending me, my soul would literally leave my body and directly enter hell


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1 hour ago, gapeach704 said:

OMFG what else is posted on her Instagram? 

This is her only story from today. Her latest instagram picture, posted two months ago, is of her dog.

1 hour ago, Slayer said:

It doesn't load, what is it??

Picture of a black bag with Chanel on it (don't think it's authentic).

Caption: Returning to the office and finding lots of gifts waiting for me. I am loved!

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4 hours ago, Speed said:

Yes, a 17 y.o. has a lot to learn, but is far from clueless or naive. Someone that age has a good enough reasoning to know what’s going on and to do something about it. She acts like being a teen mom is like being 2 -_- just stop it JL. It’s pathetic.

This book and this media tour is clearly damage control. She’s just yelling how much of a victim she’s always been. If she didn’t help Britney out, it’s because she was busy being a victim.

Britney was right when she said her house was full of victims and JL is proving her right on national tv everyday. 

If she old enough to f u k and give birth, she old enough to google “conservatorship.” If she’s mature enough to pimp herself out all over the media, then she’s mature enough to understand that someone having mental health crisis does not mean they should have all their rights stripped away. She’s lucky she ain’t worth ****, or they’d try and put her in a c-ship. 

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The major looks of deception when she speaks at 8:35-8:40. She looks around and down and is absolutely lying.

JL was complicit and failed her sister. Own it. 

The title of your book is “Things I Should Have Said” yet here you are still lying….

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Ugh these E! hosts just uselessly sitting there always sucking celebrities off, completely bought and paid for. is no one going to call her out on her lies? Or HER OWN erratic behavior? Like maybe, I don’t know, stealing her sister’s money, breaking into her sister’s beach house or pulling a knife on someone in a store?

Journalism is dead.

God I hate JL so much.


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I was going to say if there was no Britney related questions then nobody would be investing their time.

But thats bit**y.

I did gasp when she was asked if she was going to the wedding. Ha! Vanilla response. 

Negativity attracts negativity so not going to sit and bash her online. She obviously has her own stuff to work through. However I think the timing of this book & PR stuff is rather distasteful & unfortunate for her

Anyway. I’ve seen too much JL news the last couple of days. Ready for the Oprah announcement…

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OK stop it. So what are we talking about here ?? 

You got a woman who is expressing in court how much she was hurt as she was kept prisoner for 13 years, then she's finally free from this nasty legal jail she was in.

And what happened 2 monthes later ? That woman's sister, her very own sister, is going on every chanel on TV to say :

"wait, you know this woman you just released from a conservatorship ? well that woman locked me up hoding a knife in her hand...I won't give any other detail, you'll just have to buy my book to know more !!"


Mad Go Away GIF by Togetherness

**** you Jamie Lynne !

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