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Jamie Lynn Spears NEW INTERVIEW on Entertainment Tonight!!!

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People been saying on how it got 1 million views, but it should be noted that JL is riding Free Britney wave. She's been trying so hard to get back to entertainment industry as a singer, actor, influencer, or anything that can sell. Yet, she only ends up with Bottle Pop endorsement, a nostalgia act in Zoey 100, and a couple seconds appearance in Netflix. Nothing that really bring actual money. And this has been 10 years, and she didn't get anywhere. She even run her fan account herself, I mean not even her assistant did that. Like how more sad can that be?

Seeing how she is wearing LT aesthetic as an evangelist/ WASP mom vibe, and doing the interview in LT's own house, it's pretty obvious she's just one of LT's pawn. Nobody care for JL but LT probably paid everyone left and right to tip the public on how "erratic, spiraling, and paranoid" Britney is. The views are probably paid for and it will probably be forgotten in a week. If LT is known for anything, its to create buzz, buying awards, and paying TMZ. This is a very desperate attempt to retract the spotlight from fraud audit on *alleged Britney's money laundering.

But to be honest, I feel pretty bad for Juno Lou. I don't know if she envy Britney's money, talent, and beauty that she genuinely want Britney hurt. But I don't know. To me, I think there is still something else behind closed door. Maybe LT threaten her or something. JL is very complacent to LT since decades ago, and all she get is a nose job and bottle pop endorsement. Even Britney herself brought Zoey's deal for her. Juno Lou is now technically *allegedly Lou Taylor's slave, and what gives?

What do you guys think?

Anyway, just want to post some pictures here lol:




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This family is so messed up. A true sister would have turned down any interview until Britney speaks her truth first. 

How embarrassing for her to do these interviews especially since it looks like most of the conversation is about Britney. 

Literally can’t wait till Britney tears into her family when she does HER interview. 

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Doesn’t she realize she comes off more tone deaf than anything? She keeps saying “I have a voice and I deserve to be heard.” For 13 years, Britney was silenced and her voice was not allowed to be heard. Even if she felt the need to release a book, now isn’t the time. 

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6 hours ago, IRunAway said:

It's actually so sad, the more I think about it.  Britney has realistic ideals and a fair understanding of what a family and family roles should be.

Family: United

Father: Provider

Mother: Understanding and Guiding

Brother: Protective

Sister: Sacred bond

You can tell based on the things she's said and re-posted on her IG over the past years and years.

And it's sad because not one of these roles are true in her family dynamic or relationships to each of them.

Sacred bond? Wtf is this I’ve got a sister and there’s no sacred bond with each other and the brother is a protector is some misogynistic statement. Father a provider is misogynistic as well.Loop Waiting GIF

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On 1/13/2022 at 6:08 PM, Busybee said:

She loves to bring up being 17 and pregnant like she didn't have 13 years after to look into especially after her testimony :badthoughts_gun_kris_genner_thinking_debating:

There isn't much more we can say about her she is trash has always been trash and will always be trash. :trash_throw_away_recycle:

My thoughts exactly! She’s a ******* scumbag :jamie_lynn_grape:

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Views on YouTube and Amazon ratings are artificially boosted. If you are in digital marketing you know there are even apps and services for this. 

Also comments, forums etc are considered important to tap and influence in digital marketing, so they definitely have a team on this. 

I worked with this stuff for a while, entire profession dedicated to online ratings, SEO, views etc. Throw some money at it and you can appear popular

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I think Britney nshould stay silent andndont give this **** any more attention...more time she will keep quiet more pressure they will feel...and then maybe they will forget and she will hit😂😂😂💪

i mean now if britney will speak itnwill look like she is pissed to her sister and trying to revenge...

she should get well first and safe!!!❤️❤️😍

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I can not stand her! She was 17 not 7 years old! I don't understand this ridiculous excuse ... if she really wanted Britney's help at the time all she had to do was contact her! And it also helped Britney, who must have rightly thought that her sister didn't care about the chaos she was experiencing:nyschool_new_york_miss_tiffany_pollard_preaching_telling_talking_hand:

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On 1/13/2022 at 10:55 AM, gapeach704 said:

Clearly this bishhh is thirsty…and legitimately crazy. Can’t wait for the first week sales to come in! I’m sure she won’t make any best seller lists. Doing all of these interviews with her fathers face and LT’s clothes. 
Sassy Red Wine GIF by Married At First Sight

Sadly her team knows how to play the system to make those "bestseller lists". Though the reviews don't show it as being a best seller. 

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