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SW is being attacked on Twitter!

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Just now, s&m said:

I don’t know anything at this point! But going to Twitter saying Rosengart lied seems a bit far to me! I’m failing to see where he lied 

I agree. And if he did lie, which is a very strong statement to make why didn't she show proof and back it up seeing as she is an amazing lawyer in the making? Her statement has kind of discredited her for me. I think some of that Sam Lutfi arrogance has rubbed off on her, unfortunately.

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1 hour ago, rennen said:

It seems the majority of people who get attention from this movement for their work (credit to SW where credit is due) seem to let it go to their heads, and that's where I zone out. 

Being a Britney fan is already stressful enough. We have zero need to come for the only person in 13 years helping to fight her fight. 

Thank you for putting words to what I was thinking! :yay_britney_excited_ftr_for_the_record_2008_cheering_clapping:

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32 minutes ago, generation glory said:

@PokemonSpears @MonaLisa613

I agree. SW is best at translating docs but maybe should tone it down a bit with the hysterics. :ehum_britney_um_unsure_confused_what:

Reading SW’s comment re: Rosengart. 
It’s not his fault the media chose to run with TMZ’s twisted reporting of what happened. Blame the lazy *** journalists and bloggers for not thoroughly analyzing the documents. I can understand how she feels but she needs to check herself and her emotions. She’s not just a fan, she’s a lawyer; a professional. SW should start to behave more accordingly.

Technically, at least from a legal perspective, Rosengart is right in that Jamie/his lawyers has essentially conceded that he must step down. Even stepping down as conservator is a process that takes time, as it will be for the full removal of the conservatorship. They/Jamie knows it’s over for him. They’re negotiating terms of transition of conservator of the estate from Jamie over to the CPA Jason Rubin, while Jodi remains conservator of Britney’s person for however much longer. 
Jdg. Penny is a process driven judge. I’m losing my patience with her too but before we all completely lose our ****, we need to wait for next month’s hearing to happen to find out what the judge will do.

Here’s an updated recap of Britney’s conservatorship by Rolling Stone.



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6 minutes ago, Soso said:

Can we please stop being mean to her ? She literally spent thousands of dollars for us (someone got to purchase those legal files!) and she just revealed that she is autistic. People on the spectrum have a very different way of perceiving things. We should be kinder. 

Yeah, I just read that she has autism. I'm HFA myself and can attest to feeling things deep and sometimes acting impassioned in a way that the average person doesn't about certain things. Still, I just wish she had read that last sentence because the truth was right there. I imagine if she feels under attack or stressed at the moment then she's feeling it hugely with her autism. It ain't always pleasant. 

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6 minutes ago, generation glory said:

Was just about to share this. Infighting, pettiness, baseless accusations  and loss of focus. Maybe it’s time they all take a break?😑


Just now, OceanLabyrinth said:



Think I'll take a back seat from this ensuing drama. I still believe that freeing Britney will all play out as intended. 

Drama shouldn't be front and center in the movement... But I am still interested in knowing what BJ means with Kevin, Leanne and Meg :jamie_lynn_grape:


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