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  1. Britney vs Spears feels grubby to me. There were SO MANY Team Con members in this and the nice guy photographer lost house points for bigging up Jason Trawick. Weird points for me: Erin said she wouldn't show Britney's decline in 2007-2008 and she did EXACTLY that for 75% of the documentary. They reinforced the idea she locked herself in the bathroom and threatened her son's life. What about Lutfi's part in being in this, the 'friend' who told her to wait in the bathroom? They showed her being 'crazy' and erratic. Adnan validated this with her Addarall taking. Adnan has been proved to be a snaky *****. They gave Sam Lutfi a platform but made sure that woman, Lynne's biographer, gave her reply to the question about him crushing up Britney's pills - enhancing the undue influence of the conservatorship argument and I believe he's hired to play this role to validate the c-ship. They gave Adnan (as well as Sam) a platform thus enforcing that the papz were not as bad as made out They gave turd, Mark Kaplan a platform who gave that weird reply about her not controlling her IG; about being a weird prisoner of war who has to write messages on tree barks and throw it over the fence for a gardener. WTF? That was suspicious and mocking Britney's situation. I swear this was subliminal to plant the idea that yes, the conservatorship is corrupted, but Britney, even without it will ALWAYS be questionable. I feel it's got Team Con energy all over it and I don't like it one bit.
  2. Bloody hell! I also don't like that mention to Las Vegas in there considering Britney's links to the place and the drugging and enslaving while others made money from it all. So many weird connections and parallels. I hope all these people burn in hell for an eternity.
  3. I'll have to check that out. When they were impersonating Jamie Spears did they have him flicking peanuts into a barmaid's cleavage while he was bragging about what God-like power's he has between slurping his warm beer cans?
  4. Also I forgot to add that my gut feeling with him being so extremely quiet while the rest of his family take the heat is, he dare not draw attention to himself because he's hiding something big.
  5. That's it. Yes. The woman was Simone Battle and she was just 25 when she hung herself. Larry was also connected to The *****cat Dolls and I remember all those stories coming out that they *alledgedly* were high class es***ts which I completely dismissed as salacious BS. All this stuff coming out now does make you wonder about a s.ex ring in Hollywood. Makes my skin crawl, poor women who get used, chewed up and spat out, like that. And there's Larry Rudolph circling it all.
  6. Wasn't he overseeing a girl group around this time and one of the women later committed suicide? Some real dark **** this man is into, I bet. But it makes my heart break at all the horrifying scenarios Britney may have found herself in under his and her fathers control. God help us if this ever drops!
  7. Thanks! Yes, I remember him! God, he is very creepy, isn't he? I imagine some nights she has woken up out of the depth of sleep and seen that face baring down at her by the side of her bed wondering what the hell she is thinking and dreaming about and demanding to know. JFC.
  8. I remember that documentary when she was doing 3 or 4 shows in 1 night at some gay nightclubs. She was in make up and Britney blurts out, "Ma brother is a turd. He's a turd and a half!" And she goes on to say how critical he is of her weight. This is Britney in 2003/2004, so if you think she was fat then, you need your head rinsing out. Anyway, he comes through the door later and she gets him to admit what he said. He looked so pissed and said something like, "Yeah, I said that. And while we are at it, your a.** is getting a little big too." And he was not joking. Later on, she asks him why he has had the same haircut for the last 10 years and maybe he should try dying it and jokes about "some people are scared of changes, Bryan." Cue a tantrum worthy of a 5 year old. He looked highly irritated that she had the nerve to speak to him like that saying, "I LIKE THE WAY I AM! I don't need to change for nobody. Why do I have to change for anyone?" Really, Bryan? But you expect your sister to change and accept you demeaning her the way you did? That interaction between them really highlighted his intense jealousy of her. And to smack her down like that when she looked at her hottest was a misogynists power play to level her because he is a deeply weak, useless, inconsequential man with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Just like his father. Also, I remember when they were driving up to the nightclubs and the drag queens were out, Bryan said something I can't remember, but his whole demeanor and face read, "Look at that! What the **** is that?!" Being misogynistic is almost a certainty he's deeply homophobic too. Many people think the opposite to misogyny is misandry. It isn't. It's homophobia. And Bryan has both of them in spades. Also, during his recent interview about Britney, a body language expert threw up all the ways to read this man. However, it wasn't too hard to see he has a deep-rooted hatred for Britney. When the host asked about him and his siblings, Bryan started by saying, "Well, the two of us," blinked, realized what he said and went on, "I mean, the three of us." He doesn't even see Britney as his sister! I have a middle brother I haven't spoken to in probably 12 years and I have a younger brother whom I'm close to. But I don't see me and my kid brother as just 'us.' I am still very aware I have another brother and he's addressed as such in thoughts and conversations. To see Bryan do that about Britney, like, 'oh, yeah, I suppose she is my sister,' while living off her wealth just chills me to the bone. It's practically sociopathic. I very much doubt he even sees her as a human being. I don't get on with my brother but I would NEVER do to him what Bryan and Jamie Lynn have done to Britney. NEVER. Also, he bragged that one perfume alone made over $100 billion dollars. When asked where the money was he nervously laughed it off. Bryan Spears is deeply unpleasant but so much more sly than his old man. I wouldn't be surprised if he is involved in laundering her profits off oversees. Alledgedly.
  9. Who, what, where? Why do I not know about this? Do you have info on him or what he looks like? I was assuming the guy was talking about Larry giving him a hard time. Jamie is just disgusting. He is like a lower octave of Josef Fritzl to me. So damn creepy.
  10. Lady Gaga is 3 inches shorter than Britney yet is standing way over her. She'd have to be wearing 7-10 inch heels, honey!
  11. Her caption is very Alice in Wonderland in regards to how we see reality, or what we think reality is which can often be misleading because of bias. God, I'd love to have a conversation with her at 2 in the morning when all the weird and wonderful conversations air themselves. I imagine some of the stuff she has gone through with her mind she has experienced things that are mindblowing to listen to. This woman is DEEP! “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern.” - William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell “The man who comes back through the Door in the Wall will never be quite the same as the man who went out. He will be wiser but less sure, happier but less self-satisfied, humbler in acknowledging his ignorance yet better equipped to understand the relationship of words to things, of systematic reasoning to the unfathomable mystery which it tries, forever vainly, to comprehend” - Aldous Huxley, The Doors of Perception Serve up some more philosophical meatballs, Britney, I am here to learn!
  12. Asked whether Spears should have been in treatment rather than judging The X Factor, he added: “She was getting millions of dollars to do it, so why the **** wouldn’t she sit there?” How is this interpreted? Is he having a dig at her by saying she was being paid so much money all she had to do was sit there and be grateful? Or does he mean she was being paid all that money and she still couldn't sit there because something else was going on behind the scenes? That she was there against her will? My HFA is struggling at the literal meaning.
  13. Didn't he admit that he did but they were 'on a break'? I can't quite imagine an all or nothing girl like Britney being 'on a break.' But who knows? Even David's roots into her world are questionable, arne't they?
  14. It's interesting though that she wouldn't speak to him for months because he was straight. I thought Britney would have just cleared the air and worked with him but it looks like it made her deeply uncomfortable. I'm thinking this goes even beyond wanting to control her own identity/body?
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