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Lou Taylor: “Be Still. And know that I’m God.”

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Just now, VeryLazyCat said:

She seems like a narcissistic religious nutjob. Nothing about her is godly.

Yeah that obvious but still, if she has a lot of influence then that means either she can get away from this mess unscathed or control the narrative to benefit her with her tmz connections.

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4 minutes ago, Busybee said:

She makes us Christians looks so bad for those who are unaware just in case lol she isn't literally calling herself God it's a scripture psalm 46:10

I cringe everytime she quotes the Bible or they use God's name to justify what is going on. 

It’s like we are back in the medieval days of knights killing people in the name of God :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

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