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Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” One Year Later - Thoughts?

“Chromatica” - One Year Later  

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What are everyone’s thoughts on “Chromatica” now that it’s been released over a year? This was supposed to be Gaga’s return to pop, but obviously the era plans got ruined due to the pandemic. So how does the music and videos hold up?

Did the album live up to your expectations? Favorite and least favorite songs? Favorite video? Thoughts on overall concept?


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This album felt so underwhelming for me. It's not a bad album but it's not memorable ether.

I will say the cover of the album stands as one of her best. However, the photoshoot for the album and promo for most part wasn't that great.

The videos were decent, Rain On Me being the best one. Stupid Love was interesting in a questionable way (no shade) and the last one was very dramatic and mildly disturbing (I did enjoy it). 

My favorite songs (which weren't many) are Alice, Sour Candy, Rain On Me and Babylon 

Overall Chromatica was an ok seat- warmer and it gets a nice pat in the back from me  :gagasmile_smirk_lady_pink: 

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As I once commented in another thread...

Chromatica is a good pop album... but not Lady-Gaga-returns-to-pop good. Back when Gaga was ruling the pop game, many starlets tried to emulate her sound at their own capacity and it was... good. 
Chromatica felt as if Gaga herself was trying to replicate her early self and well... it was just... good. 
I sometimes go back to Sour Candy and to Replay, but not even as close as to how often I go back to the rest of her discography, which is not good, but brilliant. 

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I got into it a year later, and I was pleasantly surprised. I think it’s really good. Could be her best imo. :raven_thats_so_simone_talking_telling_preaching:
I can’t even choose a favourite song because I love so many of them: Alice, Fun Tonight, 1000 Doves, Babylon, Free Woman, Plastic Doll… 

It’s a very cohesive effort (especially compared to her other albums) and way better than certain pop albums from the same year that were overhyped to death. :pieceofwhat_britney_awkward:
I appreciate how she decided to bring FUN pop music back, in such a depressing time.

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My favorite album of 2020. I love this album, to me it’s second only the immaculate The Fame Monster EP. Rain On Me is my favorite song and video. For me, Rain On Me is the only stand out music video of 2020. Rain On Me was just such a perfect song during the pandemic to uplift your spirits. I still can’t wait to be at a gay club when this song comes on. I like stupid love, but it’s probably my least favorite song from the album, so to me I’m not sure why it was the lead single. 

Some of my other favorites from the album are Plastic Doll, Sour Candy, Free Woman, and Sine From Above. 

It’s disappointing how the album era was handled though. Obviously she couldn’t tour, but doing something like Dua did with Studio 2054 and more videos would have been great. There should have been from videos, this definitely could have been a visual album. I don’t understand why Gaga has never done one. Is she afraid ppl will say she’s copying Beyonce? I mean Beyonce isn’t the only person to do them. I’m still hoping maybe she’ll do a deluxe re-release with a few new songs. 

also I really want her to do a remix of Free Woman with Britney when she is out of the conservatorship. 

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I really love the album, like I’m aware it’s slightly underwhelming but I feel that’s the beauty of it. You can tell she was burning out but felt she had to make music. The 90’s vibe totally recalls nostalgia and I’m here for it. It’s a solid album to me and very personal compared to Joanne IMO as it feels she’s being crammed back into this weird Gaga like of the past yet she wants to move forward, if I’m making sense…it feels like her Confessions to me:mhm_britney_nodding_yes_mhmm:

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She has a great team behind her. I mean the way they pivoted and adapted to the pandemic and quickly changed plans to make lady Gaga virtually headline a star studded global virtual relief concert... she gets extra points for this despite her album flopping. 

Not to mention she remained relevant between her two pop music eras Artop and Chromatica by doing Jazz, Hollywood among other things. I almost hate her work ethic... if only Britney was still passionate about her craft too.

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21 hours ago, Isla said:

I still love this album, dare I say it’s my favourite album of 2020? It deserved a bigger and better era. So many good songs and it’s a cohesive effort. I love the 90s house and disco vibes. Free Woman should have been a single.


It's actually a very good album. It has a distinctive sound/feel, it's cohesive, her vocals are amazing, she sounds super honest.

My favorite songs are "Free Woman" (A GEM), "911" (imagine this one in a clubbbbb!), "Rain On Me", "Sine from Above", and "1000 Doves".

The only song I don't really like is... "Replay". Ironically, most if not everybody seems to love that one... I don't get it.

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