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  1. Brit Asghari is a nice name for B10 Everyone in Hollywood does prenups... not a biggie tbh ___________________ I hate to bring this up but as far as I remember Britney did not want to do a prenup prior to marrying Kevin... Fortunately, Lynne convinced her to do the right thing.
  2. I want Britney to release Follow Me officially just so it becomes more successful than JL's version
  3. In 2016 not too long after Glory was released Britney stated that she had already begun working on a new album. So, some of these could b10 recordings as well. Maybe she was so happy with Glory that she decided to keep working with the same songwriters. Also, some of these could be redone like Swimming in the Stars. However, I truly hope this is a compilation instead of a studio album. Can you imagine the Wikipedia page? name - Glorious Glory released - December 2021 recorded - 2014 - 2018 I hope that don't use the Electric Fantasy promo for album cover
  4. -The shooting of the "When yours say it" video ; not a single pic from the shoot even though a music video was shot allegedly
  5. There are probably 100s of different way to make a video for a song; I guess it is a mixture of inspiration, thought, execution and (on rare occasions) budget. For example, the Somday video: The simplicity works perfectly here; I highly doubt she wanted actors, children's rooms, toys, diapers, hospitals and all sorts of props to represent this very special time in her life ;
  6. Her Billboard performance was superb ; many female entertainers that are in their teens, 20s or 30s could only dreams of reaching this level Whitney Houston bashed for singing "off key on the record" and being an "image", but she has good music and great dancing skills; If it had not been for that accident, she might've been much more relevant today
  7. http://girl_interrupted_946.tripod.com/ please try this one
  8. I searched and unfortunately did not find anything; ( I even tried searching anything IN THe Zone from September till December 2003) A bit off topic but I also found this old Anti-Britney blog - http://girl_interrupted_946.tripod.com/index.html lol
  9. Whaaat ? Please tell me you got a link or screenshot :O
  10. She is going through a lot right now but I am sure of the support she sees helps her keep her head high
  11. I want them to be very happy. I just hope her baby is not called James Sam or Jamie Sam or Kevin Sam or Jamie Kevin or....
  12. The cheapest, the better tbh ; A 0.25 EUR pen does the same job as an 10 EUR metal pen; same with notebooks - you can put the same information on newspaper paper and hard white paper
  13. I don't mind lip-syncing if a good show is put on. But she could do a small acoustic/ piano session if she wants to.. just saying
  14. You'll find it in rebellion. your body starts breathing... ____________________
  15. I did not think about it until recently tbh... I always thought that the her handlers took advantage of her breakdown but they had nothing to do with... Could many of the "gay demons" been sent to her by the "exorcist" ?
  16. There are a lot similarities and parallels... especially with Judy Watch the TV film - Me and Shadows (It is available on youtube)
  17. Whether we like it or not, it is a part of her discography. It also says a lot about her professional life at the time - a sonic demonstration of .... let's call it bad management Despite that, BJ has some good tracks : Work *****, Perfume, Alien, Brightest Morning Star, Don't Cry, Hold on Tight
  18. She was my fav from Britney's team... I loved it when she made that video about how her record label had been neglecting her
  19. She is chillin before the release of her best selling memoir which would focus on her hardships, accomplishments and receipts (she's been keeping them since she turned ten... allegedly)
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