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  1. In a different dimension Candy was released before BOMT and it was all about Mandy vs. Jessica instead of Britney vs Xtina
  2. How do you know they didn't ? How many album did Britney owe in 2004 and 2009 ?
  3. It depends on how long the C-ship battle lasts for. As much as I want to be optimistic, ending the C-ship could take a lot of time. Sorry, but legal battles are digested food... RCA might do do the same Britney (LP3) compilation they did with Oops! for its 20th anniversary A1. When I found you A2. I Run Away A3. Before The Goodbye A4. Intimidated B1. Slave Remix B2. Overprotected Remix B3. Not A Girl Remix B4. Boys Remix and then the same for ITZ A1 Me Against The Music Remix A2 Toxic Remix A3 Everytime Remix A4 Outrageous Remix B1 The Answer B2 Intimidated B3 I've Just Begun B4 Boys And Girls But they might also be the ones to release Britney's first studio album as a free Woman since Blackout. If the cards are played right, it could Britney's Ray Of Light, Believe (Cher), The emancipation Of Mimi (Can you imagine if B10 is called The Autonomy Of Britney *****). Her freedom is more important than everything though. If she wants to quit music after that, she should!
  4. There was a poll on twitter and FB as far as I remember. Fans had to pick b/w Inside Out, Drop Dead Beautiful and Criminal. Criminal won. Criminal, He about to lose me and Don't Keep Me Waiting were the only non-currentish / non-maintreamish tracks on the album at the time. Fans wanted to prove the world that Brit Brit was not a mainstream product with no substance and could do something different from dance hits... different times .... fans bases fought like crazy on the internet .
  5. Can't imagine what she had to go through during the past 13 years... 2 bios won't be enough to describe. In "For The Record" Spears' dad compared her love for performing to his love for fishing... allegedly...
  6. One day when Justice is served, Britney will be wearing a pink hat while watching someone pay for what they'd done . Allegedly
  7. I want Tati Westbrook to do this. She's proven that she can cancel people . Her video could be called "Bye Daddy"
  8. My worst fear is that she will say she's happy, leave things as they are and unofficially retire. Maybe she is seeing this as the best possible option...to just live her life you know... but it would be so unfair to her...also, I'm scared of what they'd be doing to her if this happens However, they cannot force her to perform (where the money is). Even if they do, fans will turn the concerts into a fiasco. We won't buy her "I'm happy". We'll yell 'Free Britney ' louder than the speakers. __________________________________
  9. I think RCA kind of ruined the album. Why did they need to put Stronger Than Ever, Birds Of Prey and Little Dreaming in the deluxe edition... these are all single material
  10. it was after the circus era but I am not sure which period the bodyguard was referring to
  11. 1) This is a sensitive subject but during the infamous CNN 2003 interview Spears said that they (Americans) should trust their president (Bush) when asked about his decisions. Of course, this was not well received universally...wonder how Britney feels about this nowadays 2) In 2007 there were reports (right after the head shave) that Brit wanted to renew her relationship with K-Fed and have a third child with him... lol 3) A bodyguard accused her of ***u*l harrasment - b/c she allegedly walked naked around her house 4) Fake pics of her smoking during her pregnancy in 2005 ; they were on a magazine cover as far as I remember 5) The skinny "If You Seek Amy" fiasco.. some moms were pissed b/c the song was on the radio 6) The double used in the TTWE video; the 'untalented' narrative all over again 7) I think in 2009 Courtney Love said the Spears did not own a phone 8) The digital retouching in the PO video (they made her slightly skinnier) Maybe this is why the video did cost 500k $ :D 9) In 2010 Spears' dad was allegedly pissed b/c Brit did not wear a bra too often and certain things showed up; Allegedly,s he was allowed to leave her house only if there was a bra underneath her top 10) just remembered this alleged thingie ; during and after the Circus era there was news stating that Spears was a big spender and spend 10 million while earning 12 million ; hm this hits differently nowadays
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