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Justin Bieber gets backlash for jet setting to Paris to celebrate his birthday

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1 hour ago, Jordan Miller said:

Today, March 1st, is Justin Bieber's 27th birthday. The pop star and his wife, Hailee Bieber, flew to Paris to celebrate.

We're in a pandemic and this isn't essential travel, so naturally the Internet is up in arms.

Thoughts, Exhale?


Photos: Daily Mail




Who cares? Let people do whatever they want, everybody is traveling.

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This isn't even news. Big deal. Another opportunity for people to moan about something. Yes, it is essential. Travel, like art, music and dance is essential for the soul, mental health and well being. Funny how just about anyone is deciding what's essential and what's not. The post could have just been "Bieber travels to paris for Birthday, happy birthday Justin" but no, let's stir the pot ☺ 

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I feel like if you’re not in health care or politics, I’m not that mad. In my community, a lot of local public health officials and politicians were getting caught travelling including a CEO of a hospital. 

Unless he’s been telling people to stay home in the last few months, I don’t think its that bad. He can follow public health guidelines anywhere and prob took a private jet lol 

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3 hours ago, princessmimi said:

Now normally I dont usually defend Justin but


im sure those hypocrites wouldnt like the backlash if it was the other way around!
He's a grown *** RICH man, he should be able to spend his money the way he pleases.

Totally, I’m sure the virus took the day off for his birthday anyway...



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as someone who travels for work: right now is an amazing time to travel (- Covid restrictions and testing) Everything is empty, you never have to wait in line for tourist destinations, airplanes are mostly empty (depending on the destination) and hotels are also empty. 

They are rich. They probably flew in a privat jet, are staying in an almost empty hotel and dont want to be around people anyway. So who are they harming?

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