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  1. As much as I don't like her, I will surprisingly defend her on this case. I don't think she's in charge of the concept on the performance, there is a whole creative team around her who do that. Also she's not the makeup artist who made the "tan". I don't think she's responsible for this, and I am pretty sure she saw her dancers all dressed up and with makeup on at the very last minute. (And honestly I wonder if she really look at them). I agree that if they wanted a latin guy on the perf, they should had get a real one (there are so many dancers from all origins). But I also think they wanted to add a funny/cheesy thing with the spray tan (and not a Black Face!) and the big hair (not an Afro hair!). His look is typically the one of the tacky latin lovers from old telenovelas. Seriously stop seeing racism everywhere... Of course she's responsible of the statement which was disrespectful. But in the same time, what argumemts could she have given? These attacks feel absurd (this time). People want her to excuse for a Black Face, when she feels she did not... she gives an explanation, but people don't like it... so in all cases she will always be wrong. And when I read some comments here... seriously guys, I feel like for some of you, just getting a tan in the sun is considered as doing a Black Face. Should we close the beaches so people won't get too dark?
  2. Well... This is a good bop, but I'm not sure I love it as much as their previous songs, I think I need some time to let it grow on me Also, can we say how much Jade looks like Jesy in this video?
  3. The dancing parts are amazing but it look like something Ciara would have make 10 years ago (not the tacky ones). And seriousely, I'm not a prude, but she's not **** or suggestive, she's just vulgar AF. She deserves better than showing her *** or rubbing her ***** with herself.
  4. I'm literally crying right now, this flood of love is overwhelming...
  5. Also, the whole Slave 4 U video aesthetic is a masterpiece for me. Just her shadow on the wall, just right before this scene is amazing.
  6. Definitely the walk on the bridge with hair in the wind on stronger video. I pictured so many times myself doing it on the streets with stronger in my airpods!
  7. Britney, I love you to death... but please enough with the stripper leotards and - white- boots!
  8. If she makes a new album, Britney needs to come back with deep and meaningful music. I would hate it if the new album is full of generic dance/pop songs, and iF she makes collab with artists she doesn't even know, just because they are big sellers. The collaborations have to make sense, and to have a real artistic approach. She doesn't need a collab with Lady Gaga or Cardi B who made collabs with everyobody lately. The collab needs to be more classy and edgy. We all know Britney can write songs, I'd love her to create beautiful songs that tell her story... She could make a good job with Billie and Finneas for exemple. I'd love to see her with Janet as well. But please not a stupid song about dancing on the dancefloor with Jennifer Lopez
  9. She looks so classy in this performance, and she nailed it ! She really highlighted the song, their voices sounds good together and you can really see the chemistry between them. Nice performance !
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