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  1. Yeaaaa idk about this... Bc janet Jackson's full body of work vs Britney kinda out weighs Britney. Also janet is like 20 years older n still kept up with Britney in the early 2000s..now If Britney had continue her primeney stage yes but Janet is goat.
  2. pll have this respect for her Bc in the blk community or for poc...she was becoming like a Britney. Aaliyah was that girl believe it or not. She went from tomboy to glam and went more n more mainstream she had 2 major movies out and got a role in the matrix ..n there was soooo much hype for the matrix then. Tommy hillfiger even based his collection of her aesthetic n style... she also won an mtv music award beating out Britney... she also I believe performed at the Grammys at a very young age... she blew up crazy towards her last album n then it just ended. She was also in a high profile relationship between Damon dash n jayz..
  3. Love her grew up watching her on 106th n park n trl. Still remember when she tragically passed away so sad.
  4. Only Britney and destinys child. ppl would eat destinys child up in a heart beat. britney also but she'd actually need to put effort into it like 2016.
  5. I wish normani sang on a back track or lipsynced so it was more fluid instead of her stopping during the verse to do hard hitting choreography but i also feel the choreography doesn't match the slooooow beat. I do love the basic set very 90s chole was all over the place for me n a bit messy lol
  6. Like I said we've been trained to only see one type form of acceptable representation in media .. it's a drastic change yes but Bc it is but it's what's needed ...Look at tv all at the media the default is white. It's the same with gayyy issues.. n most on here on this forum are lgbt, lgbt ppl have been around hidden in secrecy for centuries and when we the lgbt community asked for rights and exposure its was suchhhhhhhh a big deal from oppressiors when we get it .... like the hypocrisy ppl ...y Bc of the same reasons we've been trained to think in the heteronormative idea way of life n that doesn't fit a lot of ppl.. white cis is default look at old Hollywood films all white cast and the blk or ppl of color were cast was mainly used as the help.. it's like ppl dont wanna admit it but just look. It is what it is that's the past but things change Bc that's life ..ppl and society progress.. the same with women rights ..it's literally all the same .. how ppl don't see this on a lgbt centered forum is crazy to me.. the blk Superman isn't Clark Kent I believe and or a diff universe at dc is doing multiverse stuff
  7. Blackwashing of Hollywood???? sorry but not everything has to be white despite it always for years upon years being the DEFAULT society has been trained to except white or cis or straight for everything as the automatic default ... other ppl exist too ya kno... jussss saying
  8. I loved her remixes album first one was better but yes in the future release a volume 3 && 4 n mostly remix unreleased tracks 😍😍😍
  9. Listening rn it's really not danceable or anything fun Just very experimental and sounds very sound cloud 2009.. not being shady club future nostalgia > dawn of chromatica 🥴🥴🥴🥴
  10. not really aaliyah is a rnb artist lol ask anyone. Yes you could say to a certain extent she was a pop star in a sense as she was popular but her music itself was rnb and it was her last album n her last 2 years of her life with her movies etc that catapulted her into that bigger limelight but it's still a full fledged rnb album.... n every album b4 was was considered rnb she will always be considered an rnb artist. And this is what Olivia I think meant the typical default formula of a pop girl is white and or usually blonde. Other artist may dabble here n there and make pop hits Bc that's what's trendy in music but mostly except for a few will always still be considered an rnb artist unfortunately. When u think pop girl you think white/blonde that was just the typical formula..we not gonna sit here n act like that wasn't American pop music that Britney started n everyone trynna have a clone for years and years or emulate her. And given that Olivia is 18 that's what she prob grew up looking at on tv. you'd have 8-10 random pop girls would pop up to 2-3 pop girls of color if that. But to me Olivia is still very white passing so yes she makes a point but her argument is better suited for someone like normani/tinashe who I believe said they've been wanting to make str8 up pop but there always unfortunately catogrized differently based on thier race. but also does Olivia even really she even sing pop? Again just like Aaliyah very popular but they aren't pop stars...
  11. I didn't mind these performances by no means were they fierce or iconic buttt they gave a more mature, confident Britney so I didn't mind. It was more than she's given us in years ...... 2016 was a bitter sweet treat.
  12. She's still a new artist everyone had to pay thier dues.. idk I feel it's a pretty common practice plus opens her to a new potential audience. But Maroon 5 is huge so this could b good for her As she may not get many opportunities to get herself out there as covid is still a thing b4 she fades into obscurity as a new artist.
  13. Aaliyah is pop? No lol Ciara didn't start out as pop n her biggest hits are rnb.. beyonce isn't a good blend but ppl would categorize her as mostly rnb.. Janet n Rihanna would b the only women who u could b pop pop but them 2 compared toooo sooo many white women who are come n go that are pop...
  14. I still remember it like it was yesterday ! great build up but mehhh ending
  15. Girlllll bye I actually remember stuff from xtinas amazing career. why hate? U sound salty... it's unnecessary Regardless byeeeeee
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