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Justin Timberlake apologises to Britney Spears & Janet Jackson: "I care for and respect these women and I know I failed."

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21 hours ago, FastCar said:

Sorry the only times I checked in on her I had to make sure I told the public about to make myself look good.

Sorry for making the video hurtful to Britney by filming myself making out with someone else in our home.

What do u mean that he checked in on her and made sure to tell the public about it?

And about the house? I dont think the house in the video even looked that similar to the house Britney had that he lived with her.

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I saw a thread on Twitter listing all of the times he's been gross towards Britney and while I initially thought the apology was fine, he has been so vile towards Britney on so many occasions that I was unaware of until now that I'll have a hard time supporting his work in the future

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22 hours ago, AP4 said:

I’ve never understood the whole Justin needed to apologize to Janet thing. It was HER show. They planned it together, it was not an accident, it wasn’t something he did and she had no idea he was going to do. It was planned. They didn’t expect it to have such backlash. He apologized to save his career, she didn’t apologize and that was a choice she made. It’s not throwing her under the bus to save his own *** just because she didn’t want to save hers. I also remember it being said someone that he had apologized and talk to her about it all in person and she didn’t hold it against him? Idk. Just because Janet is female it doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have taken accountability for the actions they did purposely together for the “shock” factor. Today it wouldn’t even being an issue or shocking. They just did it at the wrong time.  

As for Britney while it’s nice he made a PR apology it seems fairly pointless. Yes some people will let it go. But for all any of us know he apologized to her in person years ago and that’s why she doesn’t care about it all. It seemed like they talked still for years after their breakup. They both had their breakup songs and sorry songs. Yes he trash talked her in interviews, just shows he’s immature and was bitter. He also defended her when others were trashing her. They had a complicated relationship and were young. I’m sure they both did stuff they shouldn’t have.


I think a public apology cheapens any private apology he may have given either of them at any point in time, including if he just barely apologized to them along with the public apology. I mean it may make his wife happy to have their business be a public issue where he kisses her *** to say sorry he embarrassed her but Britney and Janet won’t benefit from the public PR apology 

Justin seems a narcissist with such a big ego, the way he acted for over a decade about her seems like he blamed their split only on her. What I know is he was ok with working with her in 2007 and she ditched both him and Timbaland and he tried to talk to her at the vmas. Maybe he was curious to see what was happening, maybe on the day he wasnt being such an ******* to her, but If he continued dragging her for years, I doubt he ever apologized about anything.

I think they only talked to each other until 2003, she fired Johnny Wright around the same time and he said she fired him after her split with Justin. His friend said he tried talk to her at the vmas, but it seems like she didnt engage in a conversation with him. He talks to Kevin tho, they have people in common, but Kevin said they never talked about Britney. 

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'She’s So Lucky; She’s A Star': How Showbiz Betrayed Britney Spears And Charisma Carpenter In The Name Of Entertainment

This is so very well written. The thing as, as stated within this piece... WE ALL SAW what was happening, WE ALL KNEW it wasn’t right. But many fans kept tuning in to Buffy and supporting Joss’s other projects. Same that many stans - to this day- went to see Britney’s concerts/Vegas show, buying the music, bought the UO vinyls, Britney the Zone etc. I know how hard it is to not buy anything “Britney” that benefits the Brand. I used to rationalize my choices in buying merch, perfumes.

 I finally put my foot down and stopped buying “Britney” related merch. Yes, the Britney Brand will still take in millions but it’s about principal. If we want things to change for women or society in general, we have to not keep paying for or watching things that are designed to entertain us when it is causing women or marginalized people pain and unfair treatment.


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Again, this doesn't mean anything to me. It's not genuine. Just coming out because the heat is on. And truth be told, sometimes it's just too late even if it is a genuine apology. I think of people from my past that have hurt me. I don't want an apology because it won't take away any hurt or pain I went through or any damage I still carry around to this day. Sometimes "I'm sorry" is basically on par with how the adults talk in a "Peanuts" cartoon. Anybody that hurt me just needs to leave me alone in person or never talk about me again,  ya know? 

I'll end this by saying Britney's a better person than I am. She's talked positively about Justin over the years, listening to his music and I honestly wouldn't have done any of those things. Not gonna sit here and say I'd **** talk. I'd just stay silent.

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2 hours ago, b42ad said:

I saw a thread on Twitter listing all of the times he's been gross towards Britney and while I initially thought the apology was fine, he has been so vile towards Britney on so many occasions that I was unaware of until now that I'll have a hard time supporting his work in the future

Which thread? He shaded her for over a decade and for some years he was still *****ing about cry me a river. He only started seeming more chill about her a couple of years ago. 

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42 minutes ago, Bundy said:

Which thread? He shaded her for over a decade and for some years he was still *****ing about cry me a river. He only started seeming more chill about her a couple of years ago. 

This one: 

I only ever listened to him casually so he hasn’t been on my radar enough for me to have seen all of this before now 

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On 2/12/2021 at 12:12 PM, Ofcoursenot said:

:deserves_kim_kardashian_smirk_pink: it’s what Britney and Janet deserve 

But I thought he did that back in 2007 ? I've  seen videos some ware during the "future ***/ love sounds" era.

Anyway, he's 40 something, he's grown up, and sometimes it takes time to see the error of your ways. 

I still want a proper album from him too.


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On 2/12/2021 at 4:11 PM, rower2222 said:

I think people must be bored during the pandemic. Idk why he needed to apologize for being upset with her if she cheated. People cheating brings out the worst so maybe she can take some fault too. Idk glad he apologized but Britney could have clapped back and being too nice isnt always the best. This is why I tell people stand up for yourself. She let his career take off it's not like she didnt have a platform to speak out against what he was doing. And it was the 90s everyone was doing it, **** shaming was a thing bc we were breaking away from the perfect catholic basic white girl society and people were starting to feel more free to have a more ***uall experimental lifestyle.  

Anyway yeah Justin's a guy in the celebrity world but in the normal world is where this needs to be more considered and men need to be scrutinized 

Its not like he did some songs, even the video and some interviews and then moved on from it, but he kept shading and **** shaming her for more than 10 years! After that he continued *****ing about what happened when he wrote cry me a river. I mean, having this behavior while ure already at ur 30s and married? This isnt normal by any means, no matter what the **** he wanted with that - to get back at her, attention, whatever.

He did the firsts comments about their ***ual life in 2002 and 7 years later, he did another joke about it. We are now talking about 2009. 

The girl who wrote Everytime with her said she was mortified with him getting so personal publicly. She really should have shaded him more than the cmar video and the *****fied comment. Sadly I think he made her feel guilty and after months of still having contact with him, she probably had enough with his ****eries to the point she fired the manager they had in common. After that, she probably just began ignoring his ***, what probably made him even more pressed about her. 

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1 hour ago, Oops2000 said:

when did jamie lynn record and post that video??!

I wonder if that was really about JT bc shes such a sucker for him and already praised cry me a river in the past. 🐍🐍🐍

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On 2/12/2021 at 5:08 PM, nthenwkiss said:

guys, be supportive, he is growing and becoming a better man too; he was young and foolish back then; at least now the can do better.

yes the damage is done, but we need to appreciate when people do this things. it was a great thing.

He **** shamed her until 2013-2014 while he was already in his 30s and married. And until a couple of years ago he was still *****ing about how much she hurted him when he did cmar :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand:

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5 hours ago, b42ad said:

This one: 

I only ever listened to him casually so he hasn’t been on my radar enough for me to have seen all of this before now 

I think the thread forgot to mention this memorable misogynistic moment provided by Rolling Store :fruit_fall_trip_ouch_dead::




Britney’s savior was Justin Timberlake, whom she started dating around 1999. “Justin had his head screwed on so straight, and he rescued her from that world,” says a friend. “He became the great force in her life, but it started a pattern — she began to look for guys to help her get away from the people who control her.” [...]

Once again, her manager gave her instructions: The partnership was to be kept under wraps, and they had to tell everyone they planned to stay abstinent until marriage. “They were always running in between each other’s buses, and one night Justin came back to the bus and said to me, ‘Dude, smell my fingers,'” says Henson. “Justin slept with her that night.” It was another year before they admitted publicly that they were a couple.



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On 2/12/2021 at 6:45 PM, Intheblue said:

Honestly . I think somethings should be left in the past . I am sick of this type of cancel culture. Like should we remove saved by the bell because every episode Zach Morris did something super not PC 

Britney played the media . She had an option of stopping the cry me a river video . But she herself was so used to being used by everyone that she let everyone use her because she didn’t really care and didn’t take herself that seriously. 

it’s one thing to mock Britney when she was down, but she was on top so idk I don’t see this that same way. 

I hate Justin Timberlake but for other reasons . I just am sick of people judging people based on a society that was different. We’ve grown as a society . And we shouldn’t make these same mistakes . 

where is Rita Oras apology to Rob Kardashian


where is Eminem’s apology to Christina Aguilera he literally says she gave two guys head and gave him an STD. 

It’s almost becoming a double standard. Like women aren’t this fragile and the fact people are painting Britney to be this fragile being when she was on top is almost offensive. This girl suffered not from all that crap but from the papz and her divorce . Idk I just think this is getting kind of over the top . Not just Britney but everything 


 I don’t want to talk about this at length, but when Justin Timberlake put out his song and video, and then later started talking publicly about your relationship, how did you react? Were you pissed off? Were you hurt?

I think I was in shock, to be honest. I didn’t know what to say, what to do. That was the last thing I ever thought somebody might do. I was really shocked ****less. But you live and you learn.

Did you call him up or say anything to him?
Well, actually, [laughs] he called [laughs]. I’m gonna break it down right now, OK? You want the scoop, you want the truth? Here it is. He called me up and asked me if it was OK. I can’t believe I’m telling you this right now. But who cares. He called me up and wanted to supposedly get back together or whatever, but behind it was, “And by the way, you’re in a video that’s coming out.” That kind of got slipped in. “Don’t worry about it. It’s not a big deal.” So the record label called and said, “If you want to change this, you can.” I had the power to say no to the video. But I didn’t, because I thought, “Hey, it’s your video.”

Had you seen it?
I hadn’t seen it. Then it came out, and I said, “I should’ve freakin’ said no to this ****!” I was so like, “Whoa. What is going on right now?” But, hey. And I said, “Why did you do this?” He goes, ‘Well, I got a controversial video.” And I was like, “You did. [Claps her hands, as if for a dog that just performed a trick.] Yay for you.” So he got what he wanted. [Clears throat] I think it looks like such a desperate attempt, personally. But that was a great way to sell the record. He’s smart [laughs]. Smart guy.

Britney said she was devastated when they broke up, that she didnt know what to do with herself and kept partying to keep her mind busy, and people close to her said she started changing there. The hate for Britney got really big after the JT split, she said herself on that Matt Lauer interview. After that, the media and paparazzi started harassing her more, judging her and **** shaming her. She was a sweet girl being dragged right and left for just breathing. No other young celebrity was harassed like she was. Think smt... It doesnt matter if she was still on the top sales wise, people were hating her (a 20/21 years old) like never before, and she was being used by her team, record label, overworked and feeling lonely. Not to mention her family were never really that around. So she didnt have people really supporting her to help her to do therapy and really take some time off for longer than 6 months - while she only took 3 weeks off. 

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