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  1. Sorry, I have this perfume and I don't like it at all But the original bottle was beautiful.
  2. This popstar place has been vacant for a long time, so now they are trying to fit Dua Lipa there, and I think he is doing it well, but to reach Britney's performance level, he still has a lot to do.
  3. This performance by DWADT was not enough, but at that time she did what she knew how to do best and what was her trademark: dancing and performing on stage, even if in performances where she only dedicated herself to "singing" she was doing it playback (even this she did very well at the time). But imagine her doing an acoustic session of the album of the kind they did in fanmade for Slave 4U:
  4. Perhaps what would give more depth to the album would be his performances, which were his peak as a Britney performer/dancer (along with the ITZ era) and not as a Britney singer. If she had done an acoustic session of the album, even if she had publicized the album the way she did, she would have gotten another look at the criticism and the gp and would not be seen as "superficial". Look at the case of Taylor Swift, one of her best albums (if not the best according to fans and critics) was purely pop, but she brought her usual acoustic performances to that era and although I think she is a good peformer (she has evolved a lot over the years in this aspect, as her strength has always been in composing songs and singing them, since Britney is a natural performer), it was with her voice and her usual record that made the difference with it to be acclaimed and made sure that what it was doing was appreciated. She mixed performance with acoustic and that gave her credit for the album.
  5. Let's face it, she did a good imitation of "current Britney". SNL sketches about Britney have always been funny, except for one or two that I think went too far, both her appearances and parodies about her have always been the best.
  6. This article it's a very good read. "What “Framing Britney Spears” evokes so viscerally is the claustrophobia and frustration of being Britney Spears."
  7. I had already seen the cover of that newspaper but I had never seen the article they had written about it. This painting they did about the three is one of the most horrific, ***ist and male chauvinist things I have ever read, how these three were portrayed by the media at that time and how the general public went after everything they said.
  8. In 2008 she shared what was going on with her and it was the best she did, so talking now would be even better for her both professionally and personally, not that she has to justify about her personal life, but taking into account everything what has been said, if she came for everything on clean plates it would be the best for this whole situation.
  9. People are so influenced by the media... it took a renowned entity to make a documentary exposing the whole truth (which has been in front of everyone for all these years) that this woman has now surpassed for people to see from another angle all the **** they did to her. When the media made fun of her and ridiculed her, everyone did the same and point the finger at her, now that they defend her, everyone goes after her and does the same. People are not on the side of the truth, but on the side where there are more people.
  10. I think about the free Britney, what the NYT did is enough to draw attention to the subject for the general public, I think that making another documentary about the conservatorship is a lost opportunity, what I think is that with the Netflix, the documentary they were supposed to make should come from Britney herself and her team as they did with "For the Record". Netflix has a much greater reach than Hulu, so they should take the opportunity to make a documentary with them when she was already free and then yes, she could give her testimony about the whole situation, about her career, her personal life (about her children and Sam) and take the opportunity to show her back to work, like studio recordings and dance rehearsals. What Netflix should do for now is to put at least the DWADT, the 2003 ABC Special and Stages, to draw attention to her as an artist and not to her personal life, because if not one day people will forget the real reason that made her famous: her talent, especially on stage.
  11. There is a person who can no longer apologize to Britney for the barbarities she said, because she has died (Joan Rivers), but we give her a discount on that, because she spoke bad of everyone, so... "I can't wait for [Britney Spears'] career to be over so she can serve me coffee at a 7-11. She's such white trash." - 2010 *I can't find the video*
  12. I downloaded it and when I open the file on my computer it opens directly with the windows movie maker with a black screen with 7 seconds. I try to open it with windows media player and says that the file has an extension (.mkv) that is not recognized by WMP
  13. I want to know too! I didn't watched the doc, please post the video here
  14. 1. The beat goes on 2. Lonely 3. I got that boom boom 4. The hook up 5. Lace and leather 6. Trouble for me 7. Body ache 8. Do you wanna come on over? 9. Clumsy 10. What you need 11. Don't cry 12. Mmm papi Bonus track: Pretty girls I really don't listen that songs, sorry
  15. And in Portugal? Is there anyone here from Portugal? Record the documentary and make it available here
  16. It's the first time that i see this video, i've seen some images that appear in this video in other videos about DWADT, but what you are looking specifically I don't know...
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