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Britney’s collaborations with female artists

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Since the beginning of Britney Spears’ recording career, she has never been very found of doing collaborations and/or herself featuring in other artists singles and songs. In her last 3 studio albums, she has indeed been more open and collaborating a bit more. That’s why, I would like to examine Britney’s collaboration with another female artist throughout her 21 years of musical career.


This is the list of collaborations:

1)      Britney Spears“Me Against The Music”, feat. Madonna (2003).

2)      Madonna – “Like A Virgin / Hollywood Medley (Live)”, feat. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliot (2003).

3)      Britney Spears“Gimme More (Kimme More Remix)”, feat. Lil’ Kim (2007).

4)      Britney Spears“[Drop Dead] Beautiful”, feat. Sabi (2011).

5)      Rihanna – “S&M Remix”, feat. Britney Spears (2011).

6)      Britney Spears“Till The World Ends (The Femme Fatale Remix)”, feat. Nicki Minaj & Kesha (2011).

7)      Miley Cyrus – “SMS (Bangerz)”, feat. Britney Spears (2013).

8)      Britney Spears“Chillin’ With You”, feat. Jamie Lynn Spears (2013).

9)      Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea – “Pretty Girls” (2015).

10)   Britney Spears“Slumber Party”, feat. Tinashe (2016).


Which one is your favorite and why?


With whom would you like Britney to collaborate in the future?



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None of them :beyfedup: I really miss that exclusivity that Britney had before 2011, she never featured in a song and the only artist that managed to feature with Britney in a single was... Madonna :tina:

- MATM: I prefer POM version without Madonna :jl:

- Kimme More: never knew about this one, the bridge is actually insanely cool! :deserves:

- Drop Dead Beautiful: gonna pass on this one for obvious reasons :jl:

- S&M: she sounds like she had a cold while recording this song :jl: And the lyrics are just too much :tina: 

- TTWE: trash :jl: I've heard better homemade stuff on YouTube

- SMS: trash x2 :jl: gotta delete that SMS then, it sounds like a Soundcloud ad dafok

:jl::jl::jl: chillin' with you :jl::jl::jl: 

I already knew that Juanita had poor taste in music, but still, how can you record a mess like that and be 2 to validate it? :tina:

- PG :jl: awful mess, glad that it flopped hard and it's now veeeery forgotten, coz that song would've really hurt her image, just gonna pretend that it doesn't exist :frenchy: I was sooooo disappointed by Britney, I wasn't expecting her to sing such silly stuff, even OLL is more mature

- SP: sorry Tinasha but you're very forgettable, charity I guess :cheese:


I'm going with MATM cause the MV helps a lot, SP is too forgettable & PG :hideous: 


The only pop girl that I'd want Britney to collab with is Rihanna. Shakira can be an awesome choice too. And that's it. 

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On 7/26/2020 at 1:22 AM, princessmimi said:

I love the s&m remix and the till the world ends remix cause they both have iconic popstars featured on it.

I wish that there were videos for them, that would've been epic!

What missed opportunities! :crying1:

At least, we have live performances...


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MATM:  Iconic,  I Love Madge (Shes My Second Behind Britney) So I’m Glad They Did This.  
VMA’s 2003 Medley:  It’s Okay, I Actually Prefer Xtina Out Of All Of Them On This Track.  
Kimme More: It Low Key Kinda Slaps.  
Beautiful:  It’s Good, Solo Version Is Better Though. 
S&M:  Rihanna Is My Third (Behind Britney And Madonna) So I Have To Stan.  I Don’t Love Her Vocals On This, But It’s **** And A #1 For Her.  And The BBMA’s Performance Is One Of Her Best Of The Decade Imo. 
SMS:  It Sucks.  
Chillin With You:  Also Sucks.  
Slumber Party:  Solo Version Is Better, But I Really Like Tinashe And She Added Another Layer To The Song.  And That Video Is Amazing.

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I actually preferred it when Britney didn’t really feature with other artists on records, that sort of exclusivity she had pre 2011 was really good (with the exception of Madonna of course). 

My personal favourite female collaboration is Me Against The Music, it really worked and was sort of like the queen of pop Madonna giving Britney the seal of approval and almost handing her crown over. 

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Favorite is probably Me Against The Music.


Speaking of Madonna collaborations, when Britney did Human Nature with Madonna in 2008 Britney was wearing what a 45 year old woman would wear to a business meeting, what were those clothes. And the hair too... everything was a NO that night:cackling:




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