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  1. I didnt even know they were enemies like Apple and Samsung welp
  2. The only person embarrassing themselves on this thread is yourself sweetheart. You’re angry at life and lashing out on strangers. Seek help stalker.
  3. No one’s trying to insult you weirdo, you’re the one attempting to make people mad. Also, you’re disgusting for being out here calling people retarted when there are actual retarted people sadly. @Jordan Miller I thought this kind of language was not allowed?
  4. [removed] You seem to be throwing a tantrum with everybody on this thread. No I didn’t have time to read the 10 pages but I got updates on IG. Penny is trash. Take a chill pill weirdo.
  5. So we’re back at square 1 and the hearing was postponed AGAIN? Penny is trash just like Jamie and Lou. Would she keep delaying it if it was her daughter in a shady conservatorship? NEVER. Penny is being paid on the low, I just know it.
  6. What is the difference between a playstation and an xbox?
  7. I’m 100% sure she will. Cship or not. You guys are reading way too much into this when you say she’ll never perform. She was back on stage months after 2007/2008 when she was on track to be Amy Winehouse 2.0 She herself answered this last year and said “of course”. She likes performing (even if she gets bored after a while), and she will need the money at some point if she really only has $57M
  8. Up until 2011 I’d say 400 millions Her work after 2011 is worth $9.99
  9. I think she could have been suicidal, but like you said it’s our opinion and we don’t know that for a fact. I hope you are right and I’m wrong tho. And yeah, I don’t agree with you getting downvotes over that, your response was to me and I didn’t see it as an insult.
  10. Nope I’m not mixing you with anyone and I can quote the post if you’re feeling forgetful. What “proof” do you have that Jamie Lynn doesn’t support #FreeBritney then? Bull****. Neither Fe or Jamie Lynn are helping as far as bringing awareness, and we know things have only picked up because of our voice and noise we made on social media.
  11. Yes he was getting roughly $37K a month, considering he was getting roughly $450K a year, was he getting $500K in 2018? Ok thats like $42K a month. He asked to leave the CShip immediately so damage that she could never recover from would happen to her and her estate. If it took an extra month, that damage would have been $37K, if it took 3 months, that damage would have been 100K. It doesn’t make any sense, I know they like to exagerate but that is straight up lying if they said Britney would never recover from a $37K. None of us know it for a fact, so I’ll let you have your opinion, but I don’t believe a popstar with dozens (or hundreds) of millions of dollars could not recover from a $37K payment. So I do believe he meant something else.
  12. Again, thanks for using my post to express you opinions again, I agree with part of your essay. But not with this You argue that she would have not been working 3 days after being released from hospital, but this is the point from #FreeBritney... that she was working when she should be getting therapy or resting. I’m not saying she definity committed suicide or that she would have definitely died if her life kept going how it wad going in 2007, but I would not be remotely surprised if that’s what happened, I believe it to a certain extent. And no Britney wouldn’t have tried to run away or ask the paps (lol) for help, running away to where anyways? To be noticed in 5 seconds? This is not a hollywood movie.
  13. ‘Girl’ many people have attempted suicide while loving their kids. For starters, your mind is ill if you’re attempting suicide, therefore you’re not even thinking straight.
  14. And my thoughts are also that you seem to be confused since you claimed Jamie Lynn does not support the #FreeBritney movement because she didn’t speak out but now it’s Fe staying staying quiet and you say we don’t know if she’s helping or not.
  15. I know pu***fied was a jerk but her life would have never turned out so tragic if she was with him. Justin is way too powerful for Lou and Jamie to run his life with Britney. First there would have probably never been a breakdown, and definitely no conservatorship.
  16. I say no clicks and no trends. Let them rot.
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