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  1. Not him trying to have his Oprah moment in a 10 minutes interview about her new album. I mean, asking if she feels irrelevant wtf. Also, the leave Britney alone and head shaving questions are way out of line for this type of interview.
  2. Kind of unrelated but I would like to see her doing an original greek song. I know she has covered greek songs in the past but I've no idea if this is something that she would consider doing.
  3. I'm not really sure about this album. I think I like most of the songs but there's nothing that I'm really crazy about. For now my favourites are the title track, Purge the poison and Flowers. I wasn't that impressed with Love and fear either but there were some songs I was playing over and over again.
  4. He looks good either way but I kinda prefer the dressed one
  5. Never did and never will. I did watch some of the performances last night and wasn't impressed. Maybe I will check out the final, if I don't have anything better to do
  6. I don't follow them but I feel like they come out every other week. It's cool that they're finding themselves but maybe try to find yourself in private first and then announce it to the world. I hope they're getting there though and getting better
  7. Let's hope it'll be better than Dynamite and that Suga will have more than two seconds of screen time
  8. I guess it's what kids like these days but I wouldn't want to be seen carrying this
  9. He still looks quite young but I think it's time to move his character out of high school
  10. With all the artists I outgrow, it's not like I remove them from my playlists, so I will still listen to the songs I like when they come up. I just won't actively seek them. I used to like Taylor Swift during the 1989 and reputation eras but then I just stopped caring for her. I've listened to a few of her more recent singles but didn't find anything that picked my interest again. I also liked Lana up until the lust for life album. Everything that I listened to after that, I didn't like. I also don't really listen to much Britney anymore. I will bop to some songs from time to time but I can't remember when was the last tome I listened to a full album. I guess Rihanna too but then again I never really was a big fan. I just liked her songs, mostly the singles. I also was obsessed with the black eyed peas in high school but that's over since the last era that Fergie was still a part of the band.
  11. I actually like the first of the new Jumanji films (haven't watched the second one). I usually don't like reboots but Jumanji felt like a fresh take on the original that was different enough, to not be an exact copy, like Avatar the last airbender for example. That movie was SO bad.
  12. Requiem for a dream came to my mind as well. It's been like ten years since I watched it and still, I don't think I can re-watch it . Amazing movie though
  13. Amazing song and one of her best videos. The guitar pre chorus is so good. I used to not pay much attention to it till I listened to the instrumental but now it's probably my favourite part of the song.
  14. Yes. Sales for both versions were counted together. Same thing happened for S&M, where it hit #1 after the remix was released.
  15. Honestly, it's so weird to me that these are their most popular songs. I mean Roar is really just a usual pop song like everything else onbthe radio at the time. Dark horse is more interesting but still not anything amazing and Shake it off is just annoying. I can't believe people still listed to it. Both have much better songs imo. Also, lol at Bon appetit reaching a billion when everyone was calling it a flop when it was released
  16. I think it depends on your face. Some men look great with longish hair. One issue is that many guys who grow their hair just let it go without any maintaince or idea how to style it and it ends up looking like a flying to all directions mess. That's reason I don't let my hair grow that much. Personally I like medium length on guys and if longer I like when they have it in a man bun
  17. I think she looks cute. That hair is a moment I used to noy care for her besides a few songs but now I might actually have to stan
  18. Avril Lavigne Girlfriend What the hell My happy ending Head above water Keep holding on with Billie Eilish for the clout I'm with you Complicated
  19. He has a nice body but why is he looking at the camera like he's going to murder me and then throw my body off a bridge
  20. The only Taylor albums I've heard are 1989 and reputation, so I'm not really excited about this project but damn that's impressive. I wasn't expecting her success to last this long honestly. Honestly Britney rerecording her debut album with modern production would be interesting
  21. I loved it. very nice edit. Imo the radiance scene felt a bit out of place, considering the vibe. I liked the use of the prerogative clips the best
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