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  1. I love it! She’s really going for that Tik Tok mass appeal style, probably under pressure from her label or something but it’s a great song and video - I’m excited for a straightforward pop era from her after most of how i’m feeling now didn’t really do much for me Between this album from Charli and the new Kim Petras album, we are gonna have no shortage of bops this fall
  2. I actually love that vocal effect! I always assumed it was a natural vibrato that got auto-tuned, but after reading your comment here I went and listened to Wrong Turn and I can see what you mean, definitely very processed & unnatural. Still personally love the way it sounds though 🤷‍♂️ You took the wrong turn, took the wrong turn, took the wrong TuuuuUuUuUuUuUuUuUrRrRrRrRrRnNnNN!!!!
  3. Lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you don’t confuse them with mountains
  4. Her merch is super cute, I regret not buying anything from the Clarity era. And also the Woo Ahh socks lol
  5. This is honestly my point of view also. The rabbit hole most probably goes much deeper than any of us could imagine …
  6. I totally respect your point of view and I do often consider the points you made here, and honestly, I wish I had the willpower to choose not to listen to his productions anymore He’s hard to avoid - I was bopping to Doja Cat for a long time before I realized he produces the majority of her work
  7. For me Clarity era is the best, with Turn Off The Light v.2 trailing at a close second. She definitely is going to have a hard time following her own impeccable releases with the album, but I have a feeling she can pull it off with the consistent quality of her work. As for the Dr. Luke thing, I have to choose to remain willfully ignorant. Almost everything Dr. Luke has done in the last few years is quite simply an e.a.r.g.a.s.m, and I’m of the mind that my action as an individual if I chose to boycott his work would be inconsequential, as he is already well connected and extremely wealthy. I have to try to separate the art from the artist. Ethically it’s a challenge. I can’t help but still love Michael Jackson songs despite the allegations against him. I do hope Kim will work with some different producers going forward and that Dr. Luke is not doing additional harm, to Kim, Doja, or any of the other artists who’s work he has a hand in.
  8. Omg. The way I was sleeping while this happened … I feel like with all the buildup to this release I’ve already heard this song 1000x times, but when that middle eight hit my wig fell right off Go stream it girls. Stream it all weekend
  9. So we have a release date for the single! 8-27
  10. Cool find! I know, the studio version is going to light my wig on fire
  11. All of our threads are effectively anti-conspiracy-theory, evidenced by the fact that certain mods will kick your behind to the thread of punishment curb if you try to post anything speculative that they don’t agree with
  12. Loving it - Jax Jones always brings the c*nty dance vibe with each release and I’m here for it. Gotta go look up the other leak! TBH I didn’t love most of How I’m Feeling Now. I stan Number 1 Angel & Pop2 forever though
  13. Did you notice the red crayon on the ground? I want more ArtsAndCraftsney But what does it mean?
  14. I think this kind of mentality showing up in our fandom is more just an indication of the larger cultural climate we have now in the USA, maybe even globally. People no longer agree-to-disagree; anybody who has an opinion different than ones own is now the enemy. It’s sad and I think the people who pull the strings actually want it that way - divide and conquer. It’s important to choose positivity, to know when to make an exit where you’re not welcome, and to find a group of people who share your own views - here, and out in the world. Some people will always see you as the enemy no matter who you are, but you don’t have to get down and dirty with them.
  15. “Sheer” denotes a fragrance flanker that’s a lighter / fresher interpretation of the original. Even though I’m not buying anything new to support the boycott, it’s still frustrating that these newer releases are Europe only. Britney is an American celebrity, why stop releasing in that market? I’ve been curious to sniff Fantasy Intense & Rainbow Fantasy, but it’s not like I can just bop on over to my local Kohls to smell them anymore. Not sure what Revlon is thinking
  16. I believe so yes. I have a feeling the album is right around the corner, and I would assume TOTL vol 3 would presumably be an October release. I think she treats TOTL as more of like “bonus” material whereas she will promote the album more heavily. In 2019 we got a single every week leading up to the summer release of Clarity, and then TOTL 2.0 a few months later in October. I think she rolls out a lot of material in short succession because of listeners short attention spans in our current streaming era. The model now is push something out, get playlist adds and saves, and then on to the next thing to stay visible before people can get bored
  17. New demo leaked: Loving the urban sound here, it’s giving me a late noughties feeling like Paris Hilton / Gwen Stefani / Heidi Montag / Brooke Hogan type vibes Kind of cheesy too but that’s on brand for Kim lol
  18. I also heard ‘you make me feel sweaty’ Also I’ve never seen anybody else talk about this but in Matches I always hear “my father is killin’ me” instead of “my fire is killin’ me” at 1:39
  19. Didn’t there used to be a chat? Down in the bottom right corner? Am I crazy? My memory of it is a little hazaay
  20. Only if she does this dance move for the whole show
  21. My 2 demos that got away are Kiss U All Over and I Need A Change
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