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  1. All in due time, eventually everything unreleased will come to fruition.
  2. More like Chillin With You which hit #1 is 53 countries, including 17 consecutive weeks at #1 on the BBH100. It is certified 2x diamond in the US, and has sold 45 million copies worldwide. It is considered the best song of all time and the influential moment in history. It is also now the national anthem of 7 nations, and Britney’s signature hit. Taylor cited it as the inspiration for folklore and evermore; and Dua says it was the inspiration for FN.
  3. Praying for that family! May Sophie rest in peace. ❤️.
  4. I believe in Heaven. So no, I don’t find death weird. We all have a start and an end, I don’t find it frightening. Weirdly enough I find getting other things more scary than death.
  5. Finally. Liberation was good, but I hope she goes in a different direction.
  6. It hasn’t but Heather Bright (the writer and singer of the demo) confirmed Britney recorded it. Hope it leaks soon!
  7. I genuinely think Glory just flopped. She promoted is a lot, she really did, and it flopped. I don’t think it was her nor her teams doing.
  8. I think there is a version with Rock Boy on it? Right? I think the Asian deluxe version, I’m not sure though.
  9. Unfortunately there is none with the all 19 tracks. What they should have done is released a re - release for it’s 10th anniversary with all 19 tracks. Such a missed opportunity.
  10. I believe in monogamy solely, anything other than that is glorified adultery. I said what I said.
  11. It will be the B - side to the highly anticipated Ooh La La vinyl.
  12. Madame X was okay. I don’t think it was her best (definitely not), but I think it had some great gems. Dark Ballet, God Control, and Back Up To That Beat were my personal favs. The singles were lacklustre in my opinion. The performances this era were not it. But, the tour was surprisingly good, no where near her best, but absolutely wonderful considering the dismal performances she served during early era promo. If I’m being honest though, I don’t think she’s had a really, really good era since MDNA.
  13. I agree completely. Something about Rebel Heart (the entire album era in general) just felt like a MDNA part II. I do think the album that is RH, was better. With that being said I felt she just tried to keep the same momentum up without doing something new or exciting. Rebel Heart Tour just wasn’t anything special, it was a similar shock factor show to her previous tour. It was entertaining but not special or unique. She made the experience less than special, because it was so similar to MDNA. I thought that she could have made it better by making the tour more personal and raw.
  14. I thought RH tour was a little too “trying to hard”. Like she invited celeb guests, had loads of dancers, and flashy remixes. The lights were burning bright and the pyro was flashy too. It took away from the presence that is Madonna. Madame X was actually really well produced and put together, it was a concept. Very theatrical, I wouldn’t say it was a full force “play” but a concept displayed through performance. To me it just looked better, and actually felt authentic to Madonna.
  15. Yay! I loved this tour and cannot wait. Medonsters will disagree but... Madame X Tour >> Rebel Heart Tour.
  16. Sun Rises/Sun Sets, especially in the winter because where I live in the winter sunsets are gorgeous.
  17. Till the world ends remix is real. Fabulous one is real too, not sure about the other ones. There also is a official HIAM remix featuring Flo Rida.
  18. Also I don’t think it’s his official account.
  19. Can barely hear the vocals, and they don’t sound like hers. Maybe though.
  20. Hmm.. I don’t know. Maybe? It really depends and if my future husband or I want that. Still single though so untile the time comes we’ll just have to wait and see.
  21. TULISA She was based in the UK, and was really huge there in 2012. Her single, Young was really successful and went #1 on the UK Singles Chart, and was the 3rd best selling single that year. She released 2 other singles from her album, Live It Up and Sight Of You. Both did moderately well, but just didn’t replicate the impact or success of Young. She did release her album in November of that year, it’s called The Female Boss (yes, that’s the album that was originally supposed to have the scrapped version of Scream and Shout on it). Of course we know she sued Britney and all that. But, she also had some really sad things happen. Her ex boyfriend leaked a video of them sharing a intimate moment, she was wrongly convicted of possession of drugs, and publicly shamed for both. It seemed that her legal troubles took over her public persona; which is a shame. Her album, The Female Boss really struggled on the charts, and had poor sales. It only went to #35, with 7,000 copies sold, spending 4 weeks on the chart. It received really negative reviews; I’ll be honest I own the album on CD, and I think some of the songs are bad, some are really good. Since then though, she has really improved her artistry. In 2014, she released the lead single single from her now scrapped 2nd studio album. The single, Living Without You, is amazing. Her best song (to me, at least ). The single went to #44 in the UK, but did not garner much attention. In 2016, she released Sweet Like Chocolate, which garnered a lot of hate. She then got dropped from her label. Following that, she returned in 2019 with 2 new recordings; Daddy and Sippin’. The latter of which was really good. She says she will release another record, but as of right now she hasn’t. Who knows if she will? I just feel that she is so talented, and really could be big, she just doesn’t have enough relevance anymore to make it happen. You Can Listen To Her Here: My personal faves: Young, Sight Of You, Living Without You, Sweet Like Chocolate, Sippin.
  22. PART II: • Camilla will release CC3, and will earn a Grammy nomination for it. The singles will do alright. • Ava Max will release a deluxe version of Heaven and Hell, that will earn her her first top 5 hit in the US. • Kesha will go back to her old name “Ke$ha”, and will release an album like her old music. It will earn some Tik Tok hits, and do well on the charts. • Mariah Carey will announce an album, but it will be postponed until 2022. • Fergie will release a few singles, none will do very well. • Miley Cyrus will surprise drop a deluxe edition of Plastic Hearts and it will be successful. • Demi Lovato will announce a tour, not an album. • Nicki Minaj will release NM5, and it will be successful, but the singles will not do very well.
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