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Femme Fatale 2.0


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I'm totally here for it! Haters be damned, Femme Fatale had bop after bop and is exactly the thing we need from Britney again. It's joyous dance pop. Hell, the world needs this right now not just Britney fans. It can still have personal-ish lyrics set to dancey upbeat pop songs. This is Britney's strong point! Britney please come back with killer dance song to end us all :lollipop:

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Please god, no. Femme Fatale is a solid album, but it was so shallow and completely void of Britney herself. Granted, BJ is the album Britney was least involved in, but FF was like the closest you can get to BJ in terms of how little involved Britney was. She didn't contribute to the writing, she was singing about clubbing and hookups while she was just at home being a mom, her vocals didn't showcase anything special and had an overload of effects and autotune. It was a Dr. Luke and Max Martin album, featuring Britney. Not to mention, because the album was so "trendy" sonically, it aged like milk.

Part of the reason ITZ and Blackout still sound so fresh is because she did something unique. You won't really find another album that sounds like them. Unlike these albums, FF sounds like all of the other music from the time it was released. I'm completely against anything similar to FF for Britney in the future for these reasons.

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ive actually been listening to femme fatale the past day or so, so this is a convenient time for a thread about it to be revived

i will counter people saying it was generic by saying it was incredibly innovative sonically. it really went so far on the robotic aspects that it kind of occupies its own genre (but thats a trend with britney in general, isn't it? each of her albums are their own genre of music except ********). i don't know if people really appreciate how experimental it sounds. for one, it's utilization of dubstep is really worth noting, both because A. it's well done and B. britney utilized influences from proper dubstep in freakshow on blackout (early dubstep was a largely british genre and didn't have huge monstrous drops, it was pretty low key and dark sounding), whereas on femme fatale, you see what people call "brostep" being used as influence (brostep is the intentionally insulting name people use for what most people think dubstep is, skrillex 2011-2012 type stuff with those massive over the top drops. its called brostep because it's associated with obnoxious macho frat boys). 

also, one thing i really wanna point out--and you can see comments about it on some of the songs from this era on youtube--the sounds of femme fatale formed a large chunk of the basis for PC music and its ilk that have garnered a huge just-under-the-mainstream following. seems like a lot of ppl here don't really keep up with modern pop music outside of their old favs but pc music & styles adjacent for it are considered very, very experimental and fresh. it's no coincidence that more than a few of the artists dealing in those styles or drawing from them have cited britney as a big influence. how i roll and up n down are both literally proto-pc music and sound NOTHING like what was out at the time. like i dunno how you can hear tracks like those and think "wow this is generic" because it's really really not. I mean, the fact that a britney spears album drew from industrial music is so cool (and i hate industrial music, but paired with really sugary pop it can make magic. it's like sweet and sour) yall. the only aspect i really hate is the lack of britney involvement & STEAMING LIKE A POT FULL OF VEGETABLES (i f**king hate that entire *** song who even is sabi??? does anyone even know??).

for reference, here are some ff tracks along with pc music & pc music adjacent tracks that show how ahead of the curve brit was.


this last one sounds like if blackout was made this year 


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