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  1. I think deep down Britney probably just doesn’t want to be famous anymore. She would be quite happy to live her life out of the spotlight. I don’t blame her for not wanting to make a huge deal out of her engagement she’s under a lot of press attention right now.
  2. When a woman stands in court and reveals she has been used, abused and stolen from by her family and team and you do nothing - that says a lot about you. Britney literally cried and told her in detail back in 2019 about her abuse yet here we are in 2021 in the exact same situation. Jamie should have been suspended pending an investigation this ***** is taking bribe and has been for a long time. We need shot of her and there will be meltdowns at the next court hearing if she doesn’t freebritney.
  3. It really was. It deserved so much better. I remember when I first got my Glory CD I hadn’t listened to any of the leaks and SP was a massive stand out. Oh I miss those days
  4. I just feel like when Britney has no control over her music it taints it and S+S just felt very Will.I.am’s direction for her not Britney’s.
  5. This photo makes me sick. I’ve never wanted a car to flip so bad in my life. What poor Britney had to go through at the hands of these monsters
  6. Reminds me of having the CD back in 2003 and on first listen loving Outrageous ITZ was my favourite era
  7. It really is for the best right now. Her team have got away with this for too long. Britney may decide not to return to social media which I’m totally ok with but if she does it’ll be nice to see her take full control without a corrupt team always trying to make her look crazy
  8. You know what I’m 100% positive Matthew has showed Britney what’s been getting said on her Instagram and they’ve made the decision to take it down before it makes her look any worse or affects her. Britney has obviously provided some of the content but as far as the captions and how its posted is down to Cassie so is she now out of a job? I really hope things are starting to turn and she is starting to gain control of her life again. Her team can no longer manipulate her via her socials. It’ll be exciting to see if she comes back to social media whether we’ll see the real Britney and that’s what I’m excited for!
  9. Because perhaps *dun dun dun* It’s not her posting? You can’t expect Cassie to remember everyone’s birthday
  10. I imagine it will be a very low key affair. She might do it in Maui but given how big a spectacle the press made of her first wedding I can see her making it very secretive which is understandable. It’s weird but after everything that’s gone down I don’t know who will be invited to her wedding. Sam’s family seen traditional so I doubt he’ll leave them out but honestly Brit doesn’t have many people around her because they’ve chased everyone away.
  11. And Then We Kiss She’ll Never Be Me Strangest Love Over To You
  12. Britney you don’t need Jodi. If she needs an assistant call up Fe or find someone who hasn’t been involved in this CONservatorship. The whole Jodi thing confuses me because she said in her court hearing that Jodi was treating her like her dad does and was going too far with her. Makes me suspicious that she hasn’t actually asked for this just her team trying to control the narrative. Why would you want that in your life? I completely get she’s been in a bubble since 2008 but she doesn’t need Jodi to teach her life skills. If she loves and trusts Sam as much as she says why can’t he help her with that kind of stuff?
  13. I was going to say didn’t Jimmy slate her on a few occasions even after she appeared on the show as recent as 2016?
  14. She needs proper security and to get out of LA it’s way too toxic (no pun intended). I get there can be paparazzi everywhere but she was hounded in LA in particular. I just want her to be free and to be able to live her life without everyone hounding her all the time. Britney deserves her freedom she’s been living in a bubble for 13 years (probably 14 by the time she’s freed). I hope everyone who was channelling #freebritney remembers to give her space when she is actually free and we don’t have a repeat of 2007 with regards to how she was treated by the media. Surely we’ve learned something.
  15. She never came to you in the first place You came for her You seeked her out, plotted behind her back, manipulated the situation Let’s get that straight
  16. I hope she gets out California and has a fresh start. She deserves to live her life on her terms she’s suffered enough. I hope she’s happy
  17. Brave New Girl is an absolute bop. I don’t get the hate. Plus Britney loves the song. If anything And Then We Kiss should have been on the album instead of I Got That Boom Boom or Outrageous
  18. Put two and two together here. Britney in court is not Britney on Instagram.
  19. I definitely agree with Breathe On Me. It was such a missed opportunity. It was very **** and for its time it probably would have been controversial but - it’s Britney Spears! Change Your Mind should have been released from Glory. Britney could have led the trend for the whole Spanish incorporation which followed around that time maybe 2017/2018 - Britney could have pulled it off first. I love Swimming In The Stars it’s a beautiful song and really catchy. I don’t know why it didn’t make the original Glory album. Cinderella back in the day would have been huge I think. I’m glad Britney took risks during the Britney era but if she had played safe, I think Cinderella was screaming out to be a single and it would have been big. I don’t really get the love for Mona Lisa I see that as more of a statement song but personally I don’t know what Britney was thinking with that. I’m not crazy about the song at all it sounds like a demo.
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