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  1. Perhaps if Outrageous had a rap with Snoop Dog it would have fitted in better with the theme of the song but I’m really not keen on collabs
  2. Her health is absolutely no one’s business no matter what. It’s unfair for people to be speculating about things that haven’t been confirmed/talked about by Britney herself. It’s far too invasive.
  3. I hear you. This is so draining. I don’t even know what to say to this anymore.
  4. I think she took a lot of risks during the Britney era. Slave 4 U wasn’t an obvious single choice considering she was coming off the back of the BOMT and Oops album. I like that there were more obvious single choices but she opted for riskier ones.
  5. Definitely Toxic and also I Wanna Go. I used to love it but it’s so flat now. I find her most iconic songs that are played a lot I tend to get tired of.
  6. She suits brunette so much. Despite 2007 being her worst year it’s kind of bitter sweet to see her look so happy and also look so good. She hasn’t dressed candidly as nice as this since.
  7. I hate that they’re pushing for this narrative that Jamie is the only obstacle in her life. This conservatorship is made up of many people. Has Jamie abused his power? Absolutely. But let’s be real here - he has been led by some pretty dangerous people. I really don’t believe that Britney wants this conservatorship despite the narrative they’re trying to feed us. She will be wanting her father removed so that she can eventually try and end this thing altogether. I don’t know how easy that will be as her father has been the one to hire Jodi so I always feel like he’ll still be somewhat involved no matter what. Saying she has 99% freedom is just plain bull**** and her team need to work harder as we are not dumb like they think we are. She has no legal rights under a conservatorship, she has no access to her money, she can’t have a child, she can’t get married. That’s not 99% freedom.
  8. This was a Little Mix song originally and it shows. It wasn’t meant for Britney. Her vocals are so overly produced and she sounds like a chipmunk. I remember this coming out and being so excited for the video but it was all a bit cringe. Luckily she came back the following year and stayed all our lives
  9. Had she actually sang every song I’d have liked it a whole lot more. Songs like Alien, Passenger, Til It’s Gone, Hold on Tight were decent songs but the whole Myah fiasco just tainted everything. Songs like Tik Tik Boom are not Britney songs. They were literally just thrown together to fill an album.
  10. I think they probably would have been really close had Britney not been in the c-ship. They actually have quite a lot in common and Britney seems comfortable around her. They’re girly girls.
  11. Amen If Britney could speak - she would. Given that she wants the case to be open to the public pretty much says it all. She wants us to see the truth. She’s not this crazy, disturbed woman on tiktok just spinning around. It’s all manipulated.
  12. Did he lie tho He obvs ain’t talking to her but he’s spot on with what he said about her team. They are quaking
  13. On holiday with your boyfriend who also has to obey by team con’s rules, you can’t go out yourself, can’t meet up with friends, can’t have a cell phone with access to the outside world. Yeah sounds fun but what do I know
  14. You’re being a fool if you believe this garbage. This woman is living in a literal prison why doesn’t the caption match the video?
  15. People in C-ships can’t have phones it’s been said many times she’s not on social media. This is damage control by her team.
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