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It Looks Like Britney's Buzz Single Is Real And Will Be Released On...

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Idk if I Completly believe that  "it's like clumsy " lol...but let's put things into perspective ....


pop music sucks right now

no one is releasing good pop music

So, even if this song sounds similiar to clumsy ....lets f'n STAN as a fan base and get it everywhere bc even that song sounds better than half the **** on the radio and it's released by our favorite ***** 




the one we come to this website to hear about. Let's get real guys, we are a f'n beast army 

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7 hours ago, Dylanfromearth said:

Clumslay is an amazing song and ya’ll need to take a seat. 

Why is everyone so freaking negative!? It’s Britney Spears and considering I’m an actual Stan, she hasn’t released a song I haven’t jammed to. 

Stop being so critical and start supporting her. She needs it. All these crappy negative comments are no better than all the other internet haters and, maybe I’m wrong, but I assumed this was a community of fans. 

I’m ready for whatever is coming and I’m going to listen to it on loop for days until my ears literally bleed no matter what it is. Y’all need to chill and find some excitement. 

You said what I’ve been thinking. I have never in my life not loved a song she has released as a single even with work ***** and make me. Real stans will love anything. At least for me as long as it’s Britney singing I love everything. 

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9 hours ago, pablitonizer said:

The track had already been introduced to Britney about three years ago when she was still recording Glory:tiffcackle:

The pictures she posted with the dancers were at the place where the video was recorded. He told me that people who were in the location of the video said that the single sounds like 'Clumsy' but a little less EDM. The video and song will be out together on June 22 and she may be at the GMA to promote the song and talk about the tour and the next steps in her career. :tiffcackle:


i´m sorry honey but this is something an agency like Epic Rights has no idea about...they only take care of merchandising, not Britney's career

Do you work for a marketing agency? I do :boredashell:

nice try :ricackle:

I've never said that I work in a marketing agency. My source does. 

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7 hours ago, Hannah said:

no shade, but anyone could have said what you just said. It's just a combination of everything these "insiders" have been saying. :apple:

 Exactly..... it's a combination... 

if he said all this information, why when you asked the tittle of the song he post an apple ? Like every " insider" .  St least he could confirm the song tittle.. 

i prefer to not trust this insiders... and wait ...

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