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It Looks Like Britney's Buzz Single Is Real And Will Be Released On...

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21 hours ago, ITZFFGL said:

The account tweeted “oh we knew about the Pitbull song for months” or something after Pitbull announced the collab, with no mention or alluding to it beforehand in any of his “tea” - just makes the account seem a bit less credible but I’m with you: until June 22 passes, no big deal. 


Oh really? :tiffcackle::tiffcackle::tiffcackle:

and yet some exhalers choose to believe that mess :imok::imok::imok::imok:

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1 hour ago, Ofcoursenot said:

I think she needs to wait because this friday 22nd Ariana is releasing "The Light Is Coming" with the pre-order of her new album, so that means bye #1 for Britney.:wontcry:

She should release it on Friday 29th:apple:

Why should she release next week? Drake’s album comes out next week and that will overtake the charts because of how overrated he is right now. And Ariana’s song comes out tomorrow, and has been known for at least a couple weeks, so if something is/was planned by Britney, Team B either will release this Friday or they delayed because of a release that we don’t yet know about. And to delay it until next week makes absolutely no sense with Drake releasing. The best chances at a higher debut is this week. 

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1 hour ago, Luxuriou$ said:

wait... so they're releasing two collabs at the same time ? :jlostare:

Ariana’s is a preorder track for her album. Nicki’s is actually a single.

It’s like Bang Bang, Get On Your Knees, Side to Side. They just love working together and it helps both their fanbases and they promote each other. It’s cute! 

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