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  1. Yeah even if the pic was her just moving the phone from one side of the car to the other it looks bad on pics and I really hope they don’t pick up on the fact she is not being safe. And in general she should know better as to not use her phone while driving.
  2. I was thinking the same. Didn’t we know already from Britney testimony that It is her condo that they have been vacationing at?!
  3. Omg I was so confused because it sounded a bit different but at the same time I was like that’s the recording of the song from the CD itself, but no it’s her singing! I’m blown away
  4. The one thing I don’t like about the post is that she says she is not happy about what the documentaries have shown. And I can understand how she might feel rewatching these painful bits but I think it was important for example the times documentary to show how she was treated as clearly a lot of people never realised that and the documentary spread the word on the conservatorship as well. the rest tho, damn that’s one hell of a post.
  5. The way he said he doesn’t think he has dad bod makes me think he implies that what was written on that caption no on no insta wasn’t by Britney as they don’t think he has dad body.
  6. I think the issue is that because of what Britney has said it is evident that she didn’t know it was voluntary and Bessemer have been appointed in November 2020. Britney has gone and told her story once already to the judge before they were appointed, so in that regard Ingram has kinda of lied to them leaving the impression that as it is voluntary and Britney hasn’t asked for it to be terminated she wanted to be in it. But clearly after 23 of June they realised that was never the case. So yeah in my opinion Ingham has kind of lied to them.
  7. I don’t want to be negative but will Britney actually do it if there wasn’t anyone standing in her way. I mean after listening to her testimony I can see her being this powerful voice but at the same time I feel like she is too shy to go ahead and do something like that in the Congress.
  8. I was wondering the same. And also what else was mentioned by the lawyers. I think the live stream ended when lynns attorney wanted to say something else. I’m curious how that turned out
  9. Thank you to the person who had this livestream to hear what Britney said. Made me cry at the beginning how confident she was. I just hope now that this is all out she can be heard and actions taken.
  10. One thing that doesn’t make sense is she is referring to the documentary In A way that she knows what’s in it which means she’s watched it. However it seems a bit doubtful that she is on holiday and watches something like that on her vacation time.
  11. I do think he is genuine. As other people who have said he is way more driven than Kevin. He is indeed well spoken. I watched a new interview from yesterday on Instagram where he was asked about his quarantine with Britney and they way he portrait everything was so well said that he said enough to satisfy the person asking but not give too much information that it will be something that can go against him from the conservatorship
  12. Thank you for clarifying. I did feel sad when I saw Leanne on the rali being upset how they keep arguing about the same things and nothing ever changes. I understand that with this type of court hearings things take time but it is that extra frustrating seeing how many facts have been discovered by the Free Britney Movement and hardly any of them have been disclosed at the hearings. makes you wonder who exactly is at fault at not bringing the real issues forward
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