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  1. What she needs to do instead of making documentary after documentary and sharing all her dirty laundry to the public is go away and deal with all of this privately with some real help. All this looks like is that she wants money for her stories and pity from the public. Not a good look.
  2. I think it goes without saying that Britney Jean should have never seen the light of day until it was finished properly and not rushed out with 5% Britney vocals.
  3. This interview really revealed nothing. Nobody was put directly in the firing line and so nothing will happen. Any British person with eyes and a brain already knows that the monarchy is a backward, dated institution full of bitter lies and systemic racism. I’m not saying that’s okay, but it’s not new information. Meghan hasn’t really pulled the curtain back on anything here.
  4. Why do I always feel Meghan is not being genuine. Whenever she talks it’s always like something is a bit “off.” She just never comes across as being genuine. I’m not saying she isn’t telling the truth, but I feel that she’s always just playing a “part” - the victim. She’s not that good an actress - and it shows.
  5. The best and most original thing I’ve seen on any streaming service since Stranger Things. I loved it. Agatha/Agnes was hands down the best thing about this for sure!
  6. No not yet, is it any good? Some of that stuff makes me super uncomfortable to watch - strangely way more than the murder stuff...
  7. I’m sorry folks but there is only one correct answer...
  8. I’ve just signed up to Discovery+ basically just so I can binge true crime on the ID channel (as I don’t have Sky). I’m loving it, tons of true crime boxsets (and all the other Discover programming) - totally worth the money!
  9. My mum knows about “Work B***h” and I left home long before it came out, so it wasn’t anything to do with me listening to it constantly around her. My mum has no interest in pop music and yet she knows about this song. So yes, it’s a classic.
  10. The thing is, I love what Britney brings to music. I love her voice even though I’m aware she isn’t the strongest singer - she has a flavour and a tone to her voice that is completely unique and unmatched in the music industry. I love her albums and singles most of which have been groundbreaking for the pop music landscape at the time of their release. Her musical impact is still unmatched to this day if you ask me. And for me, the enjoyment of her voice and her quality of the music is the MAIN thing. That’s the reason why I’m invested in her. Obviously her team wanted the create this perfect pop star from day one and we were only allowed to see what they wanted us to, but as early as her second album, Britney was telling us not everything was as perfect as it seemed to the outside world looking in (“Lucky”). At the end of the day, she’s a human being and she isn’t just here to be a pop star. She is entitled to live her own private life, and she is flawed and makes mistakes just like we all do. I’ve never judged Britney for anything she’s done. Who are any of us to tell her how she should live her life or what she should or shouldn’t do?
  11. His music is sooo.... Forgettable. It’s like so many of these current popular artists nowadays. Hardly anyone is making iconic-sounding music anymore that breaks boundaries or sounds original - everything sounds so alike, so generic.
  12. She needs to make an album that takes it right back to being all about her voice again and less about her trying to be this smex-kitten and super edgy like she’s tried to do so many times (and failed every time) since the release of Bionic.
  13. @Slayer I’m waiting for my Baby One More Time pink splatter vinyl to arrive, when it does - I’ll give it a few proper spins and do my rate
  14. So I saw the UK leg of this tour in Manchester. It was a great tour and my first time ever seeing a live tour in an arena setting, but It was my second time seeing Britney. I first saw Britney at Disney’s MGM studios during the filming of the Disney Channel in Concert Special and that was right at the beginning of her career, BOMT era. So that was a big jump in time between that show and the Circus tour. I had tears in my eyes when she was lowered from the ceiling at the beginning of the show. I really had thought after 2007 that she might have not even been around to tour/release another album ever again and so to see her look so well, healthy and back to performing again was a moment I’ll never forget. This tour will always hold a special place in my heart because of that.
  15. The vinyl is gorgeous. To have that iconic cover art on a huge vinyl sleeve is awesome and the grey splatter vinyl is almost smokey/marble looking. I’ve honestly fell in love with this album all over again.
  16. The choreography for Toxic in the ABC special also does things to me
  17. Britney would never ask someone to do that, she’s way too down to Earth and humble. She’s not Mariah.
  18. In the world of Godney BOMT-GH:MP is the Old Testament Blackout-Glory is the New Testament
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