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  1. Awesome picture...why is this photographer so "basic"? Maybe she's new or hasn't had her big break? Every artist, photographer started from the bottom before they got big. It's a good photo, who cares
  2. If this Vegas Rumor is true and Britney is going to start another Vegas residency, I don't believe we will get the new album this year. if she starts the residency, it most likely will be halfway though next year or the end of next year because she will need time to create/prepare a new show. so why would she release new music now? I can see a buzz single and/or Pitbull track but I'd imagine her and her label would want it to be released within the window that the new show starts? I think the best plan would be to release the first single towards the end of this year/early next year.....presale for the album starts ...do the Super Bowl, release album that weekend and perform a couple of new songs... And the same week of th Super Bowl release presale for the Vegas dates..I believe Gaga did something similiar and that makes sense for promotion and marketing. side note, I wish she wouldn't go back to Vegas for some years but I feel like it's true and she is going back
  3. We are obviously getting new music, performances and/or updated set. Since June 11th Britney has posted 4 times on IG ( 2 were stock photos and 2 were old videos of her in Miami) aka. For the last 3 weeks Britney has been working on new stuff....rehearsing new performance for the tour...I believe it will be new music related and possibly other songs. It logistically makes sense like I mentioned in another thread we had no idea that the slumber party video would have choreo and it did( pretty good choreo too) and she didn't have half the time she has now so I'm being optimistic that there is a lot of new stuff coming.
  4. It will be incorporated into Britney's set...the main act won't come out with the opening act to do a song ...it would ruin the hype around the main act..... instead...when Britney's set starts, pitbull will join her during her act/song/performance
  5. That's definitely from Miami, same exact outfit and the room/closet looks like a hotel room
  6. Do you think she could have secretly shot something for the video with her and pitbull? I know this could be a stretch and I don't remember how long she was there for but you never know really? I thought it was kind of random that she went there...I know she spent time with kids and Sam though.But if she has some summer song coming with pitbull it could make sense. I'm probably overthinking but again you never know
  7. The one thing I noticed about Britney, when her eyebrows are brown she looks way better. Just my opinion
  8. I think it should be called something aggressive or a title that is a subtle nod to her power/position/longevity.....I think there's a lot of corny names that have floated around in the past that are too generic for this tenth album . Example : "X" " celebration" "Queen" .. All kind of cheesey. I always liked " Feed the wolves" or something aggressive like that. It would be nice to have a more unique album titled and maybe one that isn't just one word? i also think that her album cover photo should be something more aggressive and artistic. Sometimes I seen fan covers and fan artwork that is dope and I wish she played around more with her album covers. I don't want another headshot because that is a little boring.. Would be cool to use more bold colors that make the album pop off the shelves/page. id love for Britney to use some imagery during the next era that related to her downfalls...like owning the head shaving, the umbrella etc...imagine she incorporated imagery of that stuff in her videos in a bad *** way..I think that would really be dope because she's always been hush hush...maybe if she owned her downfalls in a powerful/strong way , no one could use that against her because not only would she own it but she present it to you again in a wicked artistic way and say "ITS MINE, look where I was, look where I am, what are you going to say now?" Example : imagine her and her dancers , dancing with green umbrellas and then she does some move that where she smashes the umbrella towards the screen and some visual effect of glass breaking, it would be subtle but be ***
  9. If you think about it, Britney just added fuel to the fire.. She know her fans were speculating on Twitter, IG and BH and the releases the " on set photo"
  10. I remember when the slumber party video came out....we had no rehearsal pics or knowledge of it and then bam...she had some decent choreography in the video...I was like oh **** I didn't expect any dancing at all...I think sometimes , myself included we act like we know every move of hers when we don't.
  11. Yea I think she will have a lot of vocals/time in the song because pit bull doesn't sing..he mainly just raps/hypes parts of his songs if that even makes sense by the way I worded it. Marc Anthony will have some time too but I'm sure him and Britney have equal time?
  12. Out of all the post and ideas yours is the only one I like lol
  13. Something original and appealing to all men no matter what their orientation. Like a really fresh bad ***/enticing name that you wouldn't be embarrassed saying...some of the titles you guys are coming up with are corny lol
  14. Guys something is coming soon, either this week or next week...think about it...Britney hasn't been on social media(IG) in a while....its for a reason...she's making her fans thirsty and the next post will probably be new music related...its all a part of th process and hype....I really do believe something is coming
  15. I don't love pit bull but I don't hate him either..don't act like he doesn't have a couple of big *** hits....just give it a chance I'm sure it will be a decent song and couldn't actually do really good on the radio because everything on the radio has this Latin sound. Let's just wait and see.. also, does this mean Britney shot a video for it or will shoot one?
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