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  1. I found this on a Britney’s letters Instagram and I have Never heard of this nor seen it before. Does anyone know if this is true or if this person made it? It has a date stamp at the beginning https://britslettersoftruth.tumblr.com/post/113115146344/who-decides-rejected-interlude-concept-from-the
  2. (Apologies if this thread is in the wrong place.) ----
  3. Well, this is the whole story: Somebody (this individual claimed to be an RCA's A&R at the time) sent me here back in 2014 via PM this e-mail apparently sent to the authors of the track aswell by RCA when the ******* demo leaked. Don't remeber if this was posted but i'm going to share it anyway -> Y'all are free to believe if that content is actually legit or not, because i don't know either. I was simply checking my old pics inside my notebook when this screenshot popped up. Track:
  4. Britney Spears’ father, Jamie, could be the sole conservator over the pop star’s personal and financial affairs. Andrew Wallet, who’s overseen the financial and business sides to Britney’s conservatorship for more than 10 years, is asking the courts to approve his request to resign ASAP. This could mean Britney’s other conservator, her father, will now oversee the estate as well. Read the full story on the main page: https://www.breatheheavy.com/britney-spears-andrew-wallet-conservatorship/
  5. -The guy who does all of the blind items for Crazy Days and Nights posted a "Britney Spears Deep Dive" podcast last night. Here is the description he posted: https://www.patreon.com/entylawyer/posts CDAN Podcast Episode 52 - Britney Spears Part One Welcome to the deepest of deep dives you will ever hear about Britney Spears. There will not be one drop of tea that is missed. You will hear things you never have. I promise you that. You will hear things that Britney told me back in the early days of the site. You will learn why the whole Britney construct as the **** virgin saving herself for marriage was just a very well constructed and enforced PR lie to sell records and concert tickets. This deep dive goes from the days of The Mickey Mouse Club right through to November 2018. When you finish all the parts, there will be nothing you don't know. --- I listened to it and I don't want to give it all away but it's really interesting. Most of you will say it's made up because it shatters a lot of the illusion of Britney's career BUT here are a few highlights: (******These are all claims made by the podcast poster and not me personally*******) -Lynne encouraged Britney to sleep with her first boyfriend because it would make her popular in high school, even though he was 18 and she was 14 -Britney partied in Orlando doing coke with two guys who had a Range Rover and a girl who was in the girl group with her when she was 15 -The virgin image was made up by the record label and Britney was forced to lie about her life in every interview because it would make her seem like a good role model -When recording BOMT in Sweden she got into ecstasy and fell in love with a Swedish DJ and wanted to move there to be with him -The label flew her back to the states and put her in six-hour dance rehearsals and constant recording sessions to keep her busy You'll have to pay $4.99 for a subscription to hear the full hour-long podcast, but I found it really interesting. He's posting another one on her picking up from 1999 tonight.
  6. Sorry if this has been discussed before but I couldn’t find it. I’ve seen scattered rumors about Britney being impersonated in pap photos back in 06-07. Does anyone have pictures of said possible impersonator and what’s the justification for thinking so? I know some people say that she appeared to be in two places at once, but what’re your thoughts on this rumor?
  7. Katy Perry released a new song titled "Smile." The track originally hit the Internet back in February - that version featured P Diddy. The track is vibrant and upbeat. She sings about being thankful and grateful. It is definitely a ray of sunshine in a world that feels very doomy gloomy. It's written by Anthony Criss, Benny Golson, Starrah, Ferras, Josh Abraham, Kier Gist, Oliver Goldstein, Vincent Brown and Katy. Abraham, Oligee and G Koop produced it. I read some fans hating on it because it sounds like a Prism reject, but I disagree. Sonically, it's not innovative, but it's VERY radio-friendly. It'll get stuck in your head all afternoon, and for Katy that's very important; she hasn't had luck charting in a hot minute, but "Smile" could be that pop gem Katy needed to debut back on the Hot 100. Diddy's verse is pretty fresh, too. He doesn't overdo it. I can't link you due to copyright reasons, but it certainly exists. Coming to save pop Related:
  8. Another day, another rumor... Take this with a grain of salt but there's buzz, Britney and Taylor are to combine their powers. Allegedly, an ATRL insider "confirmed" this collab in the tweet that's below. I personally don't see this happen as Britney's still on hiatus and this isn't the first collab rumor (remember the Selena x Britney Boyfriend thing?), also, Taylor Swift is probably too busy selling REP tour merch
  9. sometimes it feels like she's dead she just took 1 year off but we were already tired of POM in 2018 we have nothing new to look forward to (music) just this free britney stuff that is exhausting but we go till the end but just look how perfect she is =( there;s no one like her out there
  10. I had to correct them that Britney the actual powerful person and That Lou is a scam artist.
  11. This is apparently what Shakira is performing on Sunday. You gonna tune in? Whenever, Wherever Chantaje She Wolf Hips Don’t Lie Ojos Asi (belly dancing) Empire
  12. Sorry if AP, couldn't find it. Do we like this? I mean, I love that a new Britney Iconic thing happened and is being recognized but, for me, it soulds kinda floppy and I think it will cut the original audience interaction, which was fun. Thoughts?
  13. I keep hearing some say that about her father which is head scratcher because he's never been great with his own finances, and Britney never had financial problems. I do not trust a word coming from anyone who benefit financially from Britney being in the conservatorship . How is it that he got her career back on track when it was never in trouble. Blackout debut at #2, was set for #1 but that quick rule change messed things up, with good first week numbers and most of the singles still performed and sold well despite the turmoil at the time.
  14. Is this a full circle moment for us Brit fans? Rumors say he’s cheating on Jessica. Makes Cry Me a River a hypocrite song. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/entertainment/justin-timberlake-alisha-wainwright-holds-hands-new-orleans-bar.amp
  15. Do we have more sharing guys/one night stands of Britney with other celebs?
  16. Just came across a new Britney blind item from CDAN. It has been nearly a week and not a word has been exchanged between this permanent A list "singer" and her boyfriend
  17. Excessive alcohol and Exhale is bad at 2am 😞
  18. Came across this new Blind Item on CDAN regarding the videos that are posted to Britney's Instagram. I’m not surprised honestly, we’ve been saying this on here for months. What do you guys think? The people behind this permanent A list "singer" make her record videos all of the time and then post those videos when it suits their needs best. It is bizarre.
  19. I read they do a Deal with Caesars for a new show (1 year) starting in Summer/Fall of 2020. Is in a Instagram fan page (popqueenbritneycom) in their stories. Maybe it's true? But why Caesars and not MgM?
  20. Britney hasn't been posting on IG since she said "Tea anyone?" Something tells me her team got worried and locked her up again Maybe she tried to post a tell-all essay on IG after the tea post and her team intercepted it beforehand. Or maybe she's just having more plastic surgery? Not sure.
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