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  1. Citi Entertainment® WWW.CITIENTERTAINMENT.COM Use your Citi® card to access presale tickets and exclusive experiences to music, sports, arts and cultural events.
  2. My inside source tells me it is Cole Mket with the Denver Broncos. This will be huge news for the lgbtq community!
  3. I need to pretend I have one who can help me out with this task I don’t have money to pay you just accept
  4. Exhale, are we wanting a southern pop album from the legendary Britney Spears next? Let’s talk about it
  5. Britney Spears, Sam Asghari moving to new neighbourhood in hopes of privacy WWW.GEO.TV Britney Spears, Sam Asghari may change house after recent breach of privacy, source what do you think? Geo TV seems to be a mixed bag when it comes to coverage of Britney. Are we going to see a new house this year?? I don't care about the fight with Sam stuff, so please be respectful in the comments.
  6. Let me know if you’d like to see an interview on Exhale I feel like with the right connections, it’s possible and that Sam would! Never doubt GlitterRain
  7. in the spirit of the season here’s some exclusive news: I heard Britney wants to record her own version of this classic deep cut and I’m so here for it !!! Sources close to Twitter say she’s been having zoom meetings from Hawaii with producers Mark Zuckerberg and Heidi Klum. Billy B will of course be tapped for the official cover, i of course have made an exact replica of Britney’s sketches, per a TikTok account who chooses to remain anonymous.
  8. Before you start repeating like DJ Khaled "ANOTHA one?!", her team have been releasing an average of TWO FRAGRANCES PER YEAR, so if you've been paying any attention you should know it's very probable that we get a new one at the beginning of the new year... And then a second one on the other half. On my part, I'm excited! What do you think that leathery background means? Maybe another Prerogative flanker?
  9. cant wait to see Rocker Electric Circus Fantasy: the Intimate Intense Remix Twist Anniversary Edition
  10. They were one of the biggest pop phenomena of the 90s, winning the hearts of millions of young fans and notching up several number one hits. And now The Mail on Sunday can reveal that band S Club 7 are reforming 25 years after they first found fame on a BBC television show – with a combined age of 300. They were best known for their hits Bring It All Back, S Club Party, Reach and Never Had a Dream Come True. All seven of the group have agreed to the comeback, which has been masterminded by music mogul Simon Fuller – the man who put them together in 1998 after the Spice Girls, his previous band, sacked him as their manager. He called each of the seven stars – Rachel Stevens, 44, Tina Barrett, 46, Jon Lee, 40, Paul Cattermole, 45, Bradley McIntosh, 41, Jo O'Meara, 43, and Hannah Spearritt, 40 – in person to suggest the project and made it clear it would only work if all of them were to agree. Their comeback is expected to be announced to huge fanfare in the coming weeks where they will reveal the details of the reunion. They are planning a huge tour for the summer, though they are discussing whether this will have to be put back to Christmas due to O'Meara's back injury which has seen her undergo four operations to remove part of a slipped disc. Friends say that she is currently struggling to walk but is hopeful of a full recovery. One source close to the project said: 'Simon Fuller saw the value in this, S Club 7 had a huge following of all ages who he thinks will want to go and see them for nostalgia reasons. 'Their songs were so upbeat and fun, it is a massive commercial opportunity for them all, particularly Simon.' S Club 7's comeback hasn't been without its difficulties – Fuller and the other band members spent months trying to track down Lee, who had ceased contact with all of them and was living a quiet life off grid, according to those close to him. Fuller put S Club 7 together after he was fired by the Spice Girls for 'creative differences' following a rumoured relationship with band member Emma Bunton – which they both denied. They made their name on BBC show Miami 7 and a year later, in 1999, their debut hit Bring It All Back went to number one. They went on o enjoy three more and cracked America with their hit Never Had A Dream Come True. However, in 2002, Cattermole quit the band. A year later they decided to disband the group and Fuller launched a follow up project, S Club Juniors. Source: Daily Mail Tina posted yesterday that an 'announcement' is coming, Jo liked the post. Last year Rachel said she'd 100% be up for a reunion as long as it was all 7 members, Jo also said the same last year.
  11. If it was you, Since your fans all seem to believe you aren't capable of making multiple Instagram accounts I'm calling you out. That account messaged me then once I shared some info, it's deactivated. If it was you, Message me. These conspiracies are ridiculous and you shared that your family was trying to do something horrible to you again. This is a issue. If it was you MESSAGE ME then
  12. So...there have been people making "conspiracy theory" videos stating that Sam Smith and Adele have the same ghost singer as they sound similar when you pitch their voices up or down. Sam addresses this funny conspiracy theory in a new interview with Drew Barrymore, as well as other topics. I thought it was funny that Sam acknowledged the similarity and that he and Adele have never been seen together. What do you think about this interview? I thought it was fun.
  13. It’s rumoured that both Rihanna and Lady Gaga will be performing their nominated songs ‘Lift Me Up’ & ‘Hold My Hand’ at the academy awards.
  14. What are your thoughts on this whole scandal? Everyone is commenting on it in the comments on videos of her recent performance in Dubai Ps there is nothing wrong with using a back track when performing and I believe Beyoncé is an incredible performer.
  15. DID you guys saw that rumour on TIKTOK? MILEY moved to GAGAs neighbour and they've been hanging out a lot, BRITNEY was invited to MILEY's house and MILEY played songs from her new album ENDLESS SUMMER VACATION out MARCH 10, and LADY GAGA was there, it was only the trio and one super famous producer, they ended up playing and recorded a DEMO there. RUMORS now say they have a song together but they don't know what to do, if they re-record to release it on MILEYs new album or it was just a for fun thing. I hope they release it a la
  16. According to Variety Beyoncé is in talks to be at the Grammy’s this year. “Variety hears talks with Grammy producers are ongoing for a possible onstage appearance.” Beyoncé Dazzles in Dubai With First Performance in Four Years T.CO Beyoncé’s returned to the stage for her first performance in four years at the new Atlantis the Royal Resort in Dubai.
  17. Since so many have so much to say about the threads that are being made on here yet have absolutely no desire to actually make threads of their own, let’s talk! Please let me know what type of Britney threads you’d like to see as currently there’s really nothing to talk about Sincerely, GlitterRain
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