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  1. I guess she's afraid of getting cancelled ala JustinT so she's trying to justify her past actions
  2. It's court's auto-pay for the next billing cycle, you know, after subscribing in 2008
  3. It's court's auto-pay for the next billing cycle, you know, after subscribing in 2008
  4. It's court's auto-pay for the next billing cycle, you know, after subscribing in 2008
  5. I mean why would you have a picture like that at home? I love all horror-related things but gurl...
  6. I'll just say this...I used to love P!nk but I don't recognize this woman anymore Song is bad, and video is even worse. I believe she doesn't even know what kind of music she wants to put out there, sorry not sorry Love Cher's cameo though
  7. You mean HBO MAX right? HBO Go is no longer a thing in the US and soon worldwide And I doubt it's possible since HBO only broadcasted the event but it belongs to the extinct Jive so who knows what company owns it now. Maybe RCA
  8. Creepy B is part of "gangstalking" The group was organized around the conviction that its members are victims of a sprawling conspiracy to harass thousands of everyday Americans with mind-control weapons and armies of so-called gang stalkers You can check him out here - It starts 4:15 He's not well, I've been telling everyone to stop paying attention to him
  9. Not sure how to feel about all this... If you were Britney, would you like to see people giving interviews on your behalf?
  10. yes, but I'm not really confident about it 1. Permission to marry/pregnancy (I doubt it) 2. Permission to go back to work 3. She wants to finally spill the tea and say how she feels to the judge 4. She's fed-up with all this mess and wants stop her money from draining (meaning let's go back to where we were in 2018)
  11. The fact that Britney wants to talk to the judge is AMAZING However, it's unrelated to pending matters? Could it be some kind of permission?
  12. it was the other way around actually - Lufti contacted Lynne and sent her money to "help" Britney getting out of the c-ship but Lynne refused and asked him to stop bothering her Text messages allegedly sent from Lutfi to Lynne, Lutfi wrote, “You are the one that’s been breaking your back for your children your entire life and yet you are still having to answer to people that have done nothing for your family yet they are in charge.” He also purportedly texted, “You need to stop allowing anyone to treat you poorly. Lou lives like a queen and does what she wants. You how [sic] how poorly she speaks about you behind your back,” adding, “I want to just be able to provide you all the resources that you’ll need for this transition if that is the plan. Everything from counsel to $.” Lutfi allegedly offered Lynne $1,000, but she rejected it. She did, however, file legal documents requesting to be included in the conservatorship case. You can see all the messages here https://theblast.com/britney-spears-sam-lutfi-restraining-order-conservatorship/ I didn't undersand Vivian's mention on the file though, I don't see the relation between Lynne and Lutfi Anywho, please let's stop giving Lutfi any more attention, he's nothing but pure trash and damage - trust me!
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