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Found 16 results

  1. I noticed that new threads get only a few replies, there's way less online users. I feel like something shifted Is Exhale in its flop era? Why? Because there's nothing really going on except some exhausting conspiracy theories about Britney? Or maybe it's related to Xmas season? Discuss but I honestly expect this thread to flop as well
  2. The girl group is receiving a lot of negative reviews for their new show that they allegedly had two years to make perfect Based off comments, especially on TikTok, fans are disappointed with the playback and lip syncing, messy choreography and their energy What are your thoughts on this? Is it time for this girl group to break up?
  3. Like what is happening at 7:17 a mess. Is she drunk? When I tell you that I’m speechless over this performance… And not in a good way Thoughts? She’s the queen and will always be an icon but this was not it. I felt bad for her
  4. I can’t stop laughing! Could you imagine Beyoncé or Britney saying this? She’s livid and I’m LIVING. There’s no hope it’ll go #1 in the future either (it’s currently #72 on iTunes). Freefalling Queen This is the equivalent of “I’m #1 to my mommy.” still going:
  5. Hi, I was wondering where would place Rita Ora, is she a musician, if so, could she be labelled as successful? She does not strike me as the sales machine, nor streaming machine, nor critics baby, and fan favourite? not sure if she has a sizeable fanbase. Then she tried the acting department with 50 Shades of Grey franchise/Pokemon Detective Pikachu, but that didn't go far. Then she did some hosting and TV gigs, and this is also not something that you would call her massive achievement. She has done her share as a judge in Masked Singer UK and The X factor and the Voice UK/Australia. For fellow artists in her range (2 albums released) she seems to be stuck, and not really taking off much. Is it all related to some recording company drama? I remember she had some big issue between her first (2012) and second album (2018). What you think?
  6. Ariana Grande should of course work with a lot of people on every song on her future album and make at least 3 bonafide hits on it Mariah Carey should seduce us with sultry combination of ballads and r'n'b
  7. We all love to throw the term FLOP out there. But, what specifically is it that makes a song a flop? There are some legitimately great pop songs that've "flopped" on the charts. Does that make it a flop? Cause then again, there are some garbage songs that chart amazingly well. Is it the lyrical content? Does a song need to meet a certain quota for it to be a flop? In other words... does a song's structure play a role? What about the music video? Can a visual turn a song from something alright to a flop simply because the video didn't resonate or accurately portray the song? Is it a feeling that you get? WHY do you call something a FLOP? Can you provide an example? Asking for a friend.
  8. These Disney princesses deserve justice. How could we have let Zendaya flop?! She’s so talented! Zendaya “Replay”: Raven-Symoné “Backflip”: Bridgit Mendler “Ready or Not”: Sabrina Carpenter “Almost Love”: These are legitimately bops! Hollywood Records is the worst label I swear. They never know how to promote their artists, especially the artists of color. *Fun fact Bridgit went to Harvard. We love a smart Queen
  9. Chromatica is hands down Lady GaGa’s WORST album (and I hated Joanne...so that’s saying something). The songs are all over the place, yet all sound the same...the album should be called oxymoronica. (For the record, I am a GaGa fan, but no longer a stan like I was during TFM). Most of the production on Chromatica sounds dated and would’ve been current circa 2013-2016 when the skrillex (Where are you now) type sound was all over the radio. On Chromatica, it just comes off as dated. Also, as beautiful as Lady Gaga’s voice is, I think she spends most of the album screaming at us rather than giving us harmonies. Another thing that kills the album are the 3 unnecessary interludes. Nobody asked for that and nobody is listening to them. “Stupid Love” was a terrible song and a terrible choice for the lead single (I’m disappointed Max Martin even had a part in that 💩). The writing on most of the songs is terrible. If Britney Jean Spears released “sour candy” as a solo single, exhale would’ve dragged her to the depths of hell. If Selena Gomez or Katy Perry released “plastic doll” or “911”, exhale would’ve dragged them to the depths of hell. Most of the songs on this album are terrible, but because it’s GaGa, nobody is saying it. Everyone hated “artpop”, but that album was FAR better than Chromatica. The writing on artpop was creative. Everything on Chromatica sounds like “a, b, c, 1, 2, 3”. Now, in a plot twist, “Rain on Me” is one of the best songs she’s ever released. I think her voice sounds gorgeous on the track (this is the only song where she isn’t screaming), I think the writing is creative, and I think the video is stunning. I also like “1000 doves” 🕊 In conclusion, I want more “rain on me” and less “sour candy”. Does anyone think Chromatica is her best work?
  10. Doja cat is doing damage control. She’s been exposed as being racist and homophobic, so what better way to do damage control than teaming up with a black gay man? Doja teamed up with my favorite music reaction YouTuber, Zach Campbell, to react and discuss her new song. I’m disappointed in Zach Campbell for falling for this clear attempt at damage control by her team and I pray he didn’t receive compensation. All money isn’t good money. If you watch the video, it’s clear Doja is STILL racist and homophobic judging by how uncomfortable she looks
  11. So, Demi Lovato apparently released a new song/movie yesterday and nobody cares. Sucks to suck. How long until she fires Scooter? How do we feel about the blond hair? Demi fans, where are the 3 of you?
  12. I’ve seen lots of people say that “Thank U, Next” is Arianas best album, but I think “Dangerous Woman” is far superior. TUN was a massive success and is filled with bops, but the songs are very “on trend” and the album was recorded within the span of a few months and sounds more like a party playlist than a cohesive a body of work. Meanwhile, DW is a polished piece of art and deserves more recognition than it gets. “Touch it”, “into you” and “thinkin’ bout you” are some of her BEST songs! This: will always be better than this: Charts = farts because 7 rings is trash. I said what I said.
  13. Nicki Minaj has the worst discography in the history of music. While Nicki does have some bops (I was a barb from 2008-2014), the bad songs outweigh the good. I went to Spotify and put “this is Nicki Minaj” on shuffle and to say I almost puked is an understatement. It went from a bop like “anaconda”, to the country flop “come see about me”, then to the first major flop of her career “stupid ***”, then to “the boys” which was a weird song that nobody remembers, to “Fendi” (a flop collaboration I’ve never even heard). I couldn’t listen to it for longer than 30 minutes. I’ve come to the conclusion that Nicki Minaj focused more on grabbing low hanging fruit to make sure she got the most hot 100 entries, and didn’t care about making classic songs. And the result is the worst discography in music history. How can you say her discography is good when it’s filled with songs like this? Also, I can’t wait for her next video where I’m sure she’ll be twerking in a pool...for the 110th time.
  14. 6ixty9ine Cents is so desperate for a #1 single that he’s offering a fan $10,000 if they can get a tik tok challenge going for “trollz” 🤣 What. A. Loser. Stream “rockstar” by DaBaby so we can block 6ixty9ine cents from even being close to the top spot‼️
  15. Guys, it’s not really a shock, but “daisies” officially flopped. As of 8pm EST on June 3, 2020, “daisies” sits at #95 on iTunes. Just a reminder that this lead kp5 single was released only TWO weeks ago. I’ve made my opinion known about Katy. I loved her up until she began shading Britney Spears (3 times to be exact). It’s clear that the GP has no interest in Katy anymore and I do unfortunately think this is her new normal until she apologizes to Britney. Katy is even on a sympathy tour saying that she was clinically depressed after witness flopped. Mental illness is a serious issue that impacts everyone no matter your race, age, status, etc. But it’s like she expects us to have empathy for her now that she’s telling us she was depressed, but where was that empathy for Britney and her mental health? Katy made a joke of it. And what about the people of color and other marginalized communities that are fighting just to stay alive because they’re getting their lives taken because of their skin color or beliefs? Yet Katy’s biggest problem is her album only sold 200k. Talk about champagne problems. At this juncture, I think she just needs to make kp5 a greatest hits compilation, instead of an LP because I’m concerned what her first week numbers would be. Unlike another popstar whose album campaign was saved by a high profile collaboration, I don’t think anything can save Katy’s. Thoughts? Related:
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