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Found 10 results

  1. Well, the time has come for me to say goodbye to breatheheavy/exhale. Its been a fun year on here and I loved spending my quarantine time commenting on topics and engaging with others over pop culture. Unfortunately, I feel that the site is treading on a line of toxicity and censorship. I've seen this play out countless times and I've also witnessed MODS on here bully other users when a users opinion does not align with theres. I'm just tired of seeing how SOME (keyword) MODs are on here and now being a victim of it. People are so quick on here to call others names its ridiculous. The power behind a keyboard I guess? Anyway, I'm not going to dig up examples because these MODs know who they are. This thread is just a simple goodbye and a hopeful last suggestion to the sites creator to stop censoring others when their views don't align with a MODs or the "status quo" If any of the friends that I've communicated with on here would like my email let me know
  2. I would like to kindly flex on these poor souls Please make it more aesthetically pleasing, it's crucial that people are aware of the exhale+ elite that us + subscribers truly are Thank you and bye.
  3. Hey Exhale, I want to thank you for all the support in helping make Exhale a better place. It honestly means the world to me; I'm truly grateful for this community and all of you. A few months ago, Exhale rolled out a subscription option called Exhale+. You can join for $3 / 3000 Exhale Points per month (here's how you earn Points). I know we're in tough times, but if you can join it'd be greatly appreciated. The more subscribers we get, the more Exhale can grow and escape ads () Join Exhale+ Exhale+ members will of course not seeing any advertisements, but they also get additional site perks. If you are an Exhale+ subscriber, you are now getting access to our new theme. It's personally my favorite theme we've ever had. Features: Dark and Light mode With the tap of a button, the theme switches from dark to light or vice versa. It's a request I got a lot, so BAM. Sometimes, people just want to switch it up and now you can. Mobile footer Now, your notifications, messages and unread content are readily available at all times. Background customizer There's also a few additional options that give you a more tailored experience Change your background color Turn the mobile navigation bar on or off Increase font size Sticky author panel Check out a preview below. If you are already an Exhale+ member, you should be seeing the theme now. You can always revert back to the navy blue theme we had previous to this at the bottom of the page and clicking the word "Theme" and selecting "Vivid." I have made the theme available to ALL members, but only for a very limited time. Let me know what you think! More awesome things to come! Thank you 🙏 - Jordan Founder, community leader of BreatheHeavy | Exhale
  4. Hey Exhale! First off, I want to thank you for being a part of the Exhale community. I can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed community building these last few months. It's been so fulfilling and exciting to watch this place grow! I noticed a lot of you visit Exhale multiples times a day, every day, and I want to reward those of you for contributing. I created a subscription plan for Exhalers who want an elevated viewing experience. It's called Exhale+ When you subscribe to Exhale+, you’re becoming a part of something larger. Exhale+ subscribers are: * A builder that wants to help grow the Exhale community * A visionary who wants to enhance the forum and nurture our inner circle * A teammate who wants to participate and be one of the key players * Someone who believes, contributes, supports and elevates the community Exhale+ perks: View Exhale Ad free Upload & download attachments Hide your own content Close your own poll Highlighted replies Unlimited display name changes Create personal image galleries (coming soon) Access to the private Exhale+ Forum (coming soon) Create Clubs (coming soon) Open, closed, invite-only, private or charge to enter Many more features and abilities will be continually added for Exhale+ subscribers. Help BreatheHeavy & Exhale grow by contributing just $3 a month (less than a cup of coffee!) for an ad-free, elevated experience. If you love this place as much as I do, please consider contributing $3. It would help the forum grow exponentially. We also have an option to pay with Points accumulated through participating in the forum. The cost for an Exhale+ subscription as of right now is 3,000 Points. You may earn points through engagement: Posting a new thread = 20 Points Posting a new reply = 5 Points Each reply left by an Exhaler on your thread = 1 Point Receiving positive Reputation = 1 Point Visiting Exhale once per day = 5 Points I'm calling this a soft launch because I don't want to put any expectations on Exhale+ yet, however I have a really good feeling about this. There are so many plans I've mapped out and plan on executing in the very near future. If any things need fixing with Exhale+, that will be my first priority. Once the kinks are ironed out, I will immediately begin adding more features that are exclusive to Exhale+ subscribers. If you need help, please use the support form. Thank you again for being part of Exhale. Your support is so greatly appreciated. Much love and gratitude to you all. - Jordan
  5. New Doja Cat music: “🐱 Talk “ with City Girls awaits below. Okay, Doja is only featured in this, but I posted it because the city girls are flopping but their new album is a bop, and this song is a bop. However, Doja is still racist and homophobic, so stream the rest of the album too rather than just this song 🙃
  6. I’ve seen lots of people say that “Thank U, Next” is Arianas best album, but I think “Dangerous Woman” is far superior. TUN was a massive success and is filled with bops, but the songs are very “on trend” and the album was recorded within the span of a few months and sounds more like a party playlist than a cohesive a body of work. Meanwhile, DW is a polished piece of art and deserves more recognition than it gets. “Touch it”, “into you” and “thinkin’ bout you” are some of her BEST songs! This: will always be better than this: Charts = farts because 7 rings is trash. I said what I said.
  7. Nicki Minaj has the worst discography in the history of music. While Nicki does have some bops (I was a barb from 2008-2014), the bad songs outweigh the good. I went to Spotify and put “this is Nicki Minaj” on shuffle and to say I almost puked is an understatement. It went from a bop like “anaconda”, to the country flop “come see about me”, then to the first major flop of her career “stupid ***”, then to “the boys” which was a weird song that nobody remembers, to “Fendi” (a flop collaboration I’ve never even heard). I couldn’t listen to it for longer than 30 minutes. I’ve come to the conclusion that Nicki Minaj focused more on grabbing low hanging fruit to make sure she got the most hot 100 entries, and didn’t care about making classic songs. And the result is the worst discography in music history. How can you say her discography is good when it’s filled with songs like this? Also, I can’t wait for her next video where I’m sure she’ll be twerking in a pool...for the 110th time.
  8. Seeing as her solo music didn’t take off, Ally Brooke has decided to do what any other flopping 26 year old does....announces a memoir!!! You guys, how exciting!!! 🥴 A mess 🥴
  9. Almost everyone on this site sympathizes with a racist singer so I’m leaving. Enjoy 🤟 Black lives matter
  10. “All In My Head (flex)” by fifth harmony is a summer bop still. This song deserved more success. ”He Like That” deserved to be a hit also. We need a justice for fifth harmony campaign (without the racist one though)
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