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Kevin Federline Did Not Get Nearly As Much Scrutiny as He Should Have


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I want to revisit Kevin with those who might feel similarly. I never for the longest time considered how much it must have destroyed Britney, being betrayed by him. I recall a breakup of my own that was life altering for me and remembered how I spiralled in its wake. Breakups are so painful. And as I sit here feeling those feelings of pain long past, I thought of Britney. They are especially painful when your love and emotional bond feels so strong. Many of us grow up imagining finding the love our life, marrying them and sharing the most joyous of memories with them. Britney certainly wanted that (I am so happy she's found that now).  


She was the mother of his children. She thought he was her forever. She thought she found someone she could be herself with, be SAFE with and be happy with for a lifetime. And that mother F'ing monster broke her heart. Exploited her. Sold her out to her family. Every dime he's worth, every meal he eats and the roof over his head was because of Britney Spears. He was and is an opportunist, a wolf in sheep's clothing, and I think is on the same level of evil if not worse than her father. I refuse to believe he was a blissfully ignorant bystander in Britney's story. While the mother of his children was shackled as an entertainment slave for profit, a "cash-cow" paraded around to make people rich, he sat in his mansion living it up on the spoils of his exploitation. He took, took and took more. Isn't this one of the most callous hurtful wicked betrayals? When someone you loved intimately as your partner literally goes along with destroying your life for as long as possible as long as he stood to make a cut? We know he made bank when Britney went on tour during the Circus Tour. That's been exposed here already. I just can't for the life of me imagine that someone who supposedly once loved you, if they were truly a good human being yet alone the person you created life with, would allow a shoddy set up consume your former partner and not once, not at all did you not go: "I hope she's okay. This has been going on for a long time now, is she happy? Something doesn't feel right.". Kevin has had next to no coverage in the media frenzy surrounding the conservatorship. And honestly, I think it's a shame he wasn't crucified for his role. I mean, they came for Justin, but hardly mentioned Kevin at all. If he stayed at arms-length, he did so strategically so he wasn't implicated but was still a profiteer and benefited from the arrangement. 

To add insult to injury, after the hell she's lived through, after she has finally been freed, he goes on television and once again throws her under the bus. Re-victimizing her. I don't know how this man sleeps at night. 

TLDR; Kevin is not only a dead-beat. He's the epitome of an exploitative disgusting vile human being and it breaks my heart she opened her heart and life to such a monster. 

End of rant.

May you have your fairytale ending forevermore Britney. xoxo


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6 minutes ago, halfdressed said:

I actually feel the opposite PRE conservatorship. I think back then he was a decent dad and was **** on for being a “trailer trash backup dancer.” Today, I have a bit of a different opinion of him due to the situation with the kids and not knowing the role he played in the cship. 

Yeah I guess we disagree. I think he saw dollar signs and took full advantage. It’s just speculation, though and an opinion. 

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While I wouldn't say he's a deadbeat (considering he has always been their primary caregiver and there are indications that he raised them well with Britney, the normal teenage angst not withstanding)

Before the conservatorship, I more saw Kevin as a learning lesson on what happens when you get engaged to someone after dating them for three months (who also happened to be cheating on their pregnant ex to be with you). But don't get me wrong, I was actually very happy for her wedding to Kevin and wished them the best but deep down I worried how it would end considering the above AND her penchant for acting impulsively during this time (her absolute right! she was young, free and deserved to date freely and learn the lessons we all do through experience. Kevin was young too I suppose lol)

AFTER the con, I saw him more more as a regular dad figure. HIn the beginning, he did an interview here or there but nothing crazy compared to the other exes Britney had who sold stories and detailed their s** life to a TEE to anyone who would listen. Those men were PURE TRASH and I never understood Britney's difficulty in dating someone who wasn't scum. Literally every single ex of hers is trash lol EVERY SINGLE ONE. (except for Charlie Ebersol)

This past year, I see Kevin much differently. How disappointing (and a bit surprising imo) to stoop to such low levels and put their kids on TV to shame Britney. I would have completely expected that from Lynne, but Kevin seemed much more low key and mature after what happened back in 2007/2008. I guess a low key backstabber is still a backstabber.

**** You Princess Peach GIF by Mashed

Edit: Please don't shame me for thinking once upon a time that Kevin wasn't so bad compared to the others :D I never thought in a million years he would stoop that low. He seemed alot like Britney in the beginning - young, carefree and criticized because they liked living, talking and dressing normally. (well to me, I'm from the South)

I never understood the hate they got for being so normal. These days celebrities lie and bend over backwards to prove how "Relatable" they are. While back in the day, you were called white trash in Hollywood if you didn't wear a $300 outfit to the grocery store. sighh that's for another topic tho

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he was literally cooperating with her parents and is one of her traffickers. Always demanding more money to baby sit his own kids. He has always been trash. After the child support stops I can totally see him doing the "tell all" books and shows. It's not like he's gonna get a job lmao

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Anyone who was live in the mid to late 2000s KNOWS that K-Fat was scrutinized and trashed by the media almost as much as Britney!

There are TONS of parodies online of them as a couple

and lots of trashy magazine covers with him on it.


Yes he may not get it now as much as back then but he is STILL hated by the world!

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