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Found 8 results

  1. https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2021/02/britney-spears-mainstream-media-matt-lauer Do they noticed this kind of 'journalism' and behaviour now?..hypocrisy oscar is given to status quo media
  2. I get SO frustrated by people who keeps saying that “Wow, people were nasty to women and nasty about mental health in 2007, we have come such a long way today”. NO!! Just look at this recent article in The Daily Mail and the AWFUL comments!! People are still acting like blood hounds calling her crazy and defending that she lacks human rights! I tried to comment but my comments were never uploaded, I am fuming. WHY do people say that it was worse in 2007?! Wtf, society is exactly as misogynistic today! Just some minor, cosmetic changes. People have understood they shouldn’t ****-shame the length of a skirt and that bosses in particularly the entertainment industry can be creeps. Other than that, people are being horrible and the CORE is not changed!
  3. https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/culture/g35489023/10-famous-women-who-were-brutally-destroyed-by-the-press/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=news_tab&utm_content=algorithm Harpers bazzar UK listed the top ten Women destroyed by the media (unfortunately breathe heavy favorite lindsay Lohan didn't make the list cos outside the US, she was given a second chance). Britney spears is #1 and like this article states it led the media to reexamine everything they did wrong. Courtney love is #2 cos like it states she was everything a male rock star was and she was hated for it, cos she was female, from attacking Madonna, to doing drugs, and even being blamed for the death of her husband, and rumors as wild as she hired someone to kill Kurt Cobain, nobody outside Britney had sealed with the worse media other than Courtney love. And the fact is her own country never gave her a second chance, proves America is unforgiving sometimes cos people wanna better than themselves than be the punchline which Courtney was supposed to be. Jessica Simpson, from the manufactured virginity thing again, to weight gain, and battling alcoholism, Jessica had to deal with images crisis and people making fun of her faith and her lifestyle cos it's fun to make fun of people doing the exact opposite of everyone else like saving yourself for marriage, she was mocked for it and we all played a part in it.. Amy Winehouse, UK is to blame, nobody gave her a chance no wonder she went back to the drink, why try to win, when everybody doesn't believe in you. We are to blame for her untimely death, cos we didn't believe she could sober up. Janet Jackson, Who are we kidding on this one, it was obvious her downfall benefited from ***ism and hatred of her brother as well, we took Michael down,might as well take Janet down, and that we did, we destroyed the first family of Music when we took down both MJ and Janet at the same times They also take responsibility for what happened to Caroline flack and Jade goody.
  4. Whether this is in bad taste or not I am very interested in knowing who most people support regarding these two high profile cases claiming abuse and violence. Who do you support and what are your reasons? Is there a major difference in the two cases and what are they exactly?
  5. You can blame Madonna for creating the template for the modern day Blonde haired female dance pop act. But also please blame the media as well for also using this narrative. Kylie minogue, Dannii minogue, Gwen Stefani, Britney spears and of course Lady gaga went through the comparisons I understand your anger. But don't put all the blame on Madonna. Point that as well to the mainstream media. This isn't new. This has been going around since the 1980s. It's not likely to change. The comparisons at this point should be taken as a compliment not like oh god, what if she fails. Madonna is the blueprint for the modern day Pop star of a white Italian or blonde female. Just like How Mariah Carey is the standard of vocalists, and Like Janet Jackson is the standard of the African American female pop star.. I'm getting tired of the blame being on Madonna solely. When I truly believe that was never her intention at all. But the media will always create a standard. They just used her. And like I said it's been this way since the days of Paula Abdul in the late 80s. It's not likely to change.
  6. Writer Maggie Stiefvater revealed a well-known site was willing to pay her to start a fake feud with Taylor Swift. A writer for V who trashed her and her Reputation era also admitted he is a fan and was paid to trash her (which he accepted to pay for his mother's cancer bills). That got him dragged by Swifties. And justifiably so given what Taylor's mom is going through.
  7. I just saw this article posted yesterday: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/music/story/2020-04-08/coronavirus-britney-spears-social-media-instagram it basically runs over britney's recent posts and is super positive about her. how her unfiltered posts are super refreshing when her peers have super calculate cleaned up posts, even calling it spacy yet in almost a good way. that's in stark contrast to "BRITNEY SPEARS SPARKS CONCERN FOR POSTING A PHOTO WHERE HER HAIR IS DIRTY: THIS IS THE 18TH TIME WE'VE PUBLISHED THIS SAME ARTICLE IN THE PAST YEAR" that we see a lot. it more or less is like, "she's quirky and it's lowkey refreshing, u go britney!". i've noticed the magazine also has defended her a lot and seems to be on her side generally. I remember during a project for a class last semester I actually used at least one of their articles for one of my main projects bc I wrote about Britney (the class was a composition society's approach to ethics and justice and etc and basically i wrote about her and questioned if it was ethical to keep Britney in the situation she's in). Do you think LA Times stans Britney? Or at least relative stanning when compared to how bought out other news outlets are when it comes to reporting trash lies about her. (i hope no one posted this yet bc i didn't see any posts of it...)
  8. Guys I don't know if you even seen/read this article, but it is regarding MJ 2005 trial and how media manipulated GP and kept showing MJ as a crazy. But I think it would be great to see such a article about Britney especially from 2004-2008 how they made GP to believe she is crazy same like MJ. And tell what you think of article! https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/610258/amp
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