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  1. My heart is breaking for Wendy! I do know that she struggles with Lymphedema and I just wanted to give her a big hug after seeing this clip. She’s so strong Sending Wendy lots of positive vibes and good health 🤍 Ps what is wrong with that paparazzi? Wendy asked for help and he literally just kept filming her
  2. Wendy Williams is back, and better than ever. From talking about her future, her life, where she's at. Wanting to be friends with Madonna, a phone call that was 3 way from her best friend aka Jason Lee who like any new Yorker in his 50s bows and prays at the alter of Madonna and tells the kids you're lucky to be gay cos In the 80s and 90s, it was much worse. Madonna was that sunshine of hope.. Wanting to re connect with LL cool j. As one friend puts it, sounds like she was close to death with her addiction issues, to reconnect with people and Wanting to be friends with people like Madonna who's closer to her age and same spirit, Wendy is low key revealing her life is not to be taken for granted again. She does say, she admires the workaholic Madonna is, but can't do that much work again. @Jordan Miller @I Always Sing Live
  3. Wendy Williams enters wellness facility. ‘We ask for your prayers,’ rep says. WWW.NJ.COM The former 'Wendy' host has promised a comeback, but for now she's taking time to deal with health issues. Amid allegations against her guardian and financial advisor, Wendy Williams has 'checked herself into a wellness facility.' In the past few months, Wendy has spoken out that her financial advisor, Lori Schiller of Wells Fargo, made claims she was suffering from dementia after Wendy became suspicious of her activity. She also said Bernie Young, her guardian, used her American Express card several times without her permission, including to hire a lawyer. Documentation for this transaction was obtained by The Sun. Despite allegations she has been "In a wheelchair, suffering from dementia" she has been seen out walking and holding conversations with paparazzi and has made several statements for her fans. Misleading photos have also made their way online, one where Wendy appears to look disheveled. However, video shows her looking much better than the photos depict, along with her being able to hold conversation. Her team is seen repeatedly walking in and out of her apartment, leading her to ask "Where are we going?" Wendy is currently working on her podcast, The Wendy Experience.
  4. Wendy Williams is seeking help to manage her overall health issues, according to her publicist. “She is taking some time to focus on her health and wellness as she prepares for a major comeback for the next level in her career with The Wendy Experience Podcast,” Williams’ rep Shawn Zanotti tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Ms. Williams is being treated by a team of some of the best doctors in the world. We ask for your prayers and well wishes during this time.” In May, Williams entered into a legal battle with Wells Fargo, which froze her assets, calling her an “incapacitated person” and “the victim of undue influence and financial exploitation. A New York judge later appointed a financial guardianship. Wendy Williams Checks Into Wellness Facility WWW.HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM The move comes just days after Sherri Shepherd premiered 'Sherri,' which replaced the outgoing 'Wendy Williams...
  5. “She is taking some time to focus on her health and wellness as she prepares for a major comeback for the next level in her career with The Wendy Experience Podcast,” her rep said in a statement to THR. “Ms. Williams is being treated by a team of some of the best doctors in the world. We ask for your prayers and well wishes during this time.” At the same time, Page Six claims she's in the center for substance abuse: “It’s gotten worse. She went from wine to straight up vodka," a source alleges. Back in August, THR reported that staffers were concerned for Wendy's well-being amid alleged erratic behavior. She has also been in a legal battle with Wells Fargo regarding her money. A New York judge later appointed a financial guardianship. She also has been candid about struggles with substance abuse in her past.
  6. Insiders at the former Wendy Williams Show revealed to RadarOnline that the staff was so worried about their former boss that there were discussions about what to do if the troubled host passed away. “It is not unusual for media outlets to prepare obituaries for older stars, or celebrities melting down like Britney Spears. However, to prepare a tribute to say ‘goodbye’ to your own boss was bizarre,” sources told RadarOnline If they needed to, we've learned they were ready with a montage for Wendy Williams, 58. “Producers had a package edited and ready to go just in case the worst happened. It was basically a highlight reel honoring all Wendy’s greatest moments playing over very sad music," insiders explained to RadarOnline.com. Thankfully it never needed to air — however, they still have the tape in their possession, just in case. Wendy went MIA from her namesake show last year after repeatedly pushing her return date following health concerns. After months of speculation, rumors of alleged substance abuse, erratic behavior, and more began spreading like wildfire.
  7. Wendy Williams has been spotted going for a walk despite past claims shes "Unable to walk" in regards to her conservatorship case. Despite this, media headlines still push the message that fans are "concerned" about her legs. The court documents regarding her case with Wells Fargo have been sealed, but recent media updates have said she is expressing that she does not consent to having a financial guardian, and that she does not want or need a financial guardian to tell her what she can and cannot do with her money. (source) Before leaving her show due to complications with her lifelong battle with Graves Disease (NOT Dementia), she expressed disdain over being lied to regarding Britney Spears' conservatorship case and father. "How dare you, you had me fooled" she stated, before iconically wishing "Death, to all of them!" shocking her audience she calls her "Co-Hosts". Wendy will officially make her return on her podcast "The Wendy Experience", on which she revealed she is considering an interview with Donald Trump. There is not yet a release date for the podcast, but she can be seen on her instagram page made to promote it.
  8. This whole clip is sending me I know she’s said some awful things but I love her and hope she is doing well. Her show was actually so shady and fun Why did she feel her last part was relevant? Tina: “I’m an up and coming actress Tina Lee Jones” Wendy: “Good for you”
  9. Well it seems like it’s all but over officially with Wendy’s YouTube channel, all the videos and episodes and her site and show social media being deleted from the Internet What a way to totally try and destroy her legacy by removing the content. At least we have Dillon (a YouTuber) who’s made hours and hours of Wendy compilations to preserve her iconic show legacy. It’s crazy how quickly people are discarded when they are of no use..Hollywood is cutthroat and ruthless
  10. Wendy who is now under guardianship is heading back to her radio days and is starting her own podcast. Sources tell TMZ that being a TV host is no longer her passion. Instead, she's focused on producing a podcast that's the full Wendy experience, talking favourite artists, fashions, food and celebs. Will is executive producing, and tells TMZ Wendy recently spoke to Snoop Dogg and Fat Joe about being guests as she's planning to focus more on her own personal favorites from the music world. Will you be tuning in? https://www.tmz.com/2022/06/28/wendy-williams-podcast-celeb-guests-kardashians-snoop-dogg/?adid=social-tw
  11. I don’t know how many of you know about Wendy’s Conservatorship/guardianship situation, I suggest you do the research I know that many of you don’t really like her, I happen to be a fan and understand her work, but I’m saying this as a human being about another human being nobody deserves to have their constitutional rights taken away, and no access to her own money that she has worked for her whole life. they have stolen her bank account, her tv show, and her sanity why is nobody speaking about this? Lori Schiller, Bernie Young, Wells Fargo and the New York courts I am watching you closely
  12. Wendy Williams' set keepsakes including her host's wig collection and big purple chair will be "thrown in the trash". A source from production told The Sun that memorabilia from The Wendy Williams Show will be discarded after the show’s finale on Friday. https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/5586874/wendy-williams-set-keepsakes-wigs-purple-chair-thrown-trash/
  13. The daytime talk show host Wendy Williams will not be present for the final episode on Friday but it will include a video montage celebrating 14 years on air.
  14. Wendy Williams isn't free, someone paid to basically make the whole situation look good This vlogger questioned certain things, and to her it wasn't adding up at all. She went to the only valid source, Wendy's lawyer The truth is, it's all a lie.. She shares interview with Jason lee, boy it reveals a very scary agenda. Jason basically says white people got ahold of her show and is purposely making it vanilla to go with drew Barrymore and Kelly Clarkson. He basically spills once her new staff and big wigs saw her ratikgs slip cos let's be honest only black people like wendy Williams cos she's basically us? From the projects, we can't rekate to both drew and kelly. Says the real lost the title once tamar was fired cos the bully loni who called her a muppet and laughed at tamar crying cos people called her a mupper had her fired for what some fans of tamar she was fired for being ghetto and black and she wasnt well liked by loni and Tia.. But Jason reminds people who else is hosting her show white people, who basically is taking over her show Sherri shepherd it don't get any whiter or vanilla than Bible Thumper Sherri shepherd. So wendy is being replaced, he also touches how for a while she couldn't have friends over or flowers. So something sinister is going on @Slayer @Jordan Miller
  15. https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/5370987/wendy-williams-bank-lawsuit-over-financial-guardian-access-money/
  16. Ugh. This man annoys the crap out of me! Michael Rapaport is back to guest hosting The Wendy Williams Show this week & next week & he's once again dissing the QUEEN! Can't people just let her live after everything she's been through? Starts at 4:28
  17. We finally get an update with words from Wendy herself! Click the link to read her comments on Battle with Bank, Her health and more! We love you Wendy 💕😘
  18. They didn't talk about the deactivation but they did touch on something that could be the reason why Britney decided to deactivate. Take a look, starts @ 4:42
  19. Wendy is speaking out against players within the attempted conservatorship, claiming she would like control over the money she has worked for her entire life. Wendy tells GMA that she would like to return to the Wendy Williams Show “bigger and brighter than ever” @Jordan Miller @Midnight @PokemonSpears @Isla @SlayOut @I Always Sing Live @GODNA IS A QUEEN @Brat @Urbanney thoughts
  20. Okay, we all know the iconic Wendy Williams and while we may not agree with what she says, she is iconic. She hasn’t appeared on her talk show at all this season and a number of cohosts have stepped in during her absence. NOW, over the weekend, a story broke that Wendy is allegedly asking a judge to unfreeze her bank accounts because her financial advisor is allegedly saying she is not of sound mind. And today it was announced she isn’t returning to her show, but no clear reason has been given for this. It’s now speculation that she’s dealing with dementia. And if you watched her lifetime biopic, when she was going through marital issues, she alleged how she was put her into a rehab/sober home and had security drive her to and from there and she was monitored. IDK how everyone feels about Wendy, but this seems very suspicious and seems eerily similar to what our girl went through. What is everyone’s thoughts??! Love her or hate her, she’s given us so many memorable memes And unlike Britney who was loved by most of America, Wendy doesn’t have that since she made a career talking about others. So, it makes it easier to put her into a situation and nobody to feel sympathy for her All so sad. I hope she’s okay. And this is ALL ALLEGEDLY. I do not know specifics about anything. And I am NOT accusing anyone of anything.
  21. Well, Wendy went right back to being problematic instead of offering her condolences, she basically compared a tin tok star who passed away by followers. There is two tweets that stood out and both speak the truth. #1 Wendy who is black herself, dissed black people and their culture basically in front of a majority Predominantly White Audience. #2 Wendy still acts like the radio Shock jock host like she was in the 00s, but only in the form of a television host. For once Black Twitter agrees it's time to cancel Wendy as she doesn't understand the culture moved on from being Controversial and pissing people off because it's a high to Wendy Williams as an emotional stimulant high.
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