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Did Britney Even Want to Create Britney Jean?

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It's been reported that Britney sang only one or two songs on the entire album. I think Work ***** was cool and Cologne was a cute song and video. Did she not want to record or do the album? :ponderney_britney_thinking_sunglasses_hmm_wondering_deciding_orange_blue: I don't remember if she has stated she didn't want to do it at all, but I also don't know if she was forced into the Vegas residency or not... she seemed to like the consistent schedule, but she also didn't see any of the money she made from it. No matter how much money she makes, she can only spend 2k a week. :yeahsure_britney_ftr_for_the_record_yeah_nod_yes_white:

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3 minutes ago, Crayboy said:

I don’t think she has TRULY wanted to do anything we have seen her do for the last 13 years as none of it was fully in her terms. She got more control over glory but that’s it I think 


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9 minutes ago, Crayboy said:

I don’t think she has TRULY wanted to do anything we have seen her do for the last 13 years as none of it was fully in her terms. She got more control over glory but that’s it I think 

IA... I don't know why people think they allowed Britney to do what she wanted with Glory... For me it was Blackout the last album she was really involved, she even was the executive producer.

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I believe she really did want to make a personal record, they probably had to release an album but I’m sure she pushed for a personal direction as a way to express herself but her team wanted the typical Britney Spears sound. Half of the songs are moody and she carried that somber feel to Glory. If it wasn’t for Will.I.Am I’m sure we would have gotten a true personal album but something her team doesn’t want. 

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One or two songs? Please... Let's not exaggerate. When I suggested RCA be sued so we get to the bottom of it and have clear answers from the recording team (incl. will.i.am & Anthony Preston), I caught a lot of resistance, being told that would only damage Britney's public image. (Sony Music and other parties were sued by a Michael Jackson fan, also a lawyer, over allegations of dubbing on the posthumous Michael album.)

But now, some fans are doing their very best to not only publicize the scandal but exaggerate it. Britney has vocals in Perfume (Sia only does BGVs), Don't Cry (Myah only does BGVs) and It Should Be Easy (Myah only does BGVs in the bridge); that's three songs already.

Britney has vocals in Tik Tik Boom (Myah has BGVs in it + ad-libs in the conclusion + several alleged dubbed words), Hold on Tight (Myah has BGVs in it, and it's said to be a Britney/Myah duet) and Now that I Found You (Myah has BGVs in it, and from everything I've read, it's almost only Brit on lead vocals); that's three more songs.

Britney has vocals in Passenger (but yeah, only in the verses apparently—Myah denied it here), Alien (except for the "take me home" part and the "Not alone" hook) and Brightest Morning Star (except in the choruses); that's three more songs.

Britney has vocals in Til It's Gone (at least these words: "...from the tears that fall like rain/So lost ever since you went away [...] My heart's never gonna be the sa-a-ame" [...] ...night to turn the page/But they lie, confine me to a cage/In my mind, the life we had replays") and Chillin' With You (at least "you" in the intro, the second and fifth "'bout a thing" + "Everyday, everyday, everyday chillin' with you"); that's two more songs.

Britney has vocals in Work ***** (at least "You better work *****/You better work *****" at the end of the track); that's one more song for a total of 12 songs so far. 

As for Body Ache, many fans insist Britney has zero vocal in it, but many believe it's only the second verse that was dubbed (Myah at least has BGVs in it for sure as she's confirmed it in the credits section of her SoundBetter profile + her Spotify playlist $ongs I've Done). Note: Myah's confirmed the second verse was left open for Britney and Anthony Preston to write. On Twitter, Myah wrote: "@timxyz never put an album out for her, but def never imagined writing for her! Hearing her vox on bodyache was a dream come true!!"

Based on the evidence we have, Britney's recorded vocals for 12 tracks out of 13 at least. Whoever said she's only sung one or two songs on the whole record doesn't know the Hell they're talking about! If some of her vocals were NOT used, it means she did lay down the vocals and her recording team decided not to use them; that's the difference. The fault is not on Britney and Myah but the recording team—and RCA/Sony to a certain extent. Dubbing allegations, by Myah's father, no less, had surfaced earlier in 2013 (here's the interview). RCA/Sony and the whole recording team should therefore had been more careful.

In this mix of Alien, Britney sings "take me home" and the "Not alone" hook (Myah Marie and Ana Díaz are still on BGVs in the hook). Note: This was explained by the creator of this mix.

In this mix of Brightest Morning Star, Britney sings the chorus (Myah and others are still on BGVs). Note: This was explained by the creator of this mix.


You see! There's a difference between Brit not recording anything at all and her team not using (or lowering a lot) some of her vocals. As for Work *****, finally, many fans believe Myah dubbed almost all of it, but others believe it's a mixture of vocals.

To answer the question, I cannot tell for sure. All I know is any lack of use of Britney's vocals was most likely not her choice, and in the end, she obviously did not notice anything at all or doesn't care! Maybe someday she'll address the issue, but fans seems to care a lot more about the BJ issue than she does.

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I know she wanted an R&B album, but that will never happen as long as her team forces her to follow trends in pop Music and other genres.  


While others don't have much to prove, you can sense when Britney is free and possibly after 5 years to mentally recover from what happened, then when she's ready she will prove to the world she still has it. 

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@Spicechinodiva Five years is a bit long, though, as she's already 39, but then again, she'd given us so much these past 13 years+, and she'd like to start a family w/ Sam. It'll probably be a awhile for B10 and a new concert, but you can tell she loves performing, hence her dance videos on IG; she just wants to do it on her own terms, actually having access to her money.

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I think they wanted to encourage her to recording and let her make songs like Alien or Perfume, but they wanted songs which fits to Vegas and that's why we have Will.I.Am. products. 

So we have 50/50 on Britney Jean.

And I remember that BJ isn't the first album when they changed vocals. Do you remember when Ina Wroldsen was mad about putting her vocals instead of Britney's in He About To Lose Me?

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The way she said its her 'Personal album' is always the LIE that will live forever, this album is very rushed and has production glitches, I feel very sad this is added to her Discography heck coming from from FF you just can't put this album what was her management thinking? 

If she decides to come back, I hope she can do re-recording of her album and let people completely forget about this one. 

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