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⚠️ PLEASE STOP MAKING MULTIPLE THREADS ABOUT THE SAME TOPIC (and read the entire OP not just the title)⚠️

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Loves it!

But may I ask for some clarification/example on one thing, may just be my very sleep deprived brain not being able to comprehend. But what would this entail:


As the owner of the website, Jordan is vulnerable to any kind of lawsuits / cease and desists if the people we talk about find out about the content posted here. Let's help him and thank him to keep this place open for all of us.

ETA: As in, what would "imply a legal matter" mean in this context?

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7 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

It goes in hand with revealing personal information, or possible activities that a specific person may have done, usually rumors coming from Twitter, etc., that could be consider a crime in real life.

Example, all those threads "exposing" the true identity of some Twitter handle, most likely will end up in a cease and desist for Jordan if names and pictures are included, because he can be accused of defamation, independently of whether the information is true or not.

There was another thread the other day about a rumor of some actors supposedly wanting to ***ually abuse Britney in 2007 at a party. Something as serious as that, coming just from some random Twitter account, could have harsh consequences for Jordan too, besides the fact that is just gross to discuss something like that without any reliable source.


I mean, things regarding LM Taylor and stuff, have also caused some trouble to Jordan, but at least they're usually backed up by some court document, and are usually directly related to the conservatorship. But all that Twitter drama and rumors like the one I mentioned, not only aren't that relevant, but can bring some serious issues to the site if they sue Jordan. 


ETA (cause hit send before I was done :) ): That seems very reasonable. Was first afraid threads discussing the estate/financial records/potential financial crimes would not be able to stay as they are some of the most interesting to me. But those are rooted in records and statements from people involved, so should be fine.

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3 minutes ago, PinkyAndStinky said:

I like the idea of a separate main thread for those who don't believe it's her. Otherwise it could easily be misconstrued as derailing a post, which seems to be the case for people who are posting that opinion in the main thread about her latest post. 

I personally think both sides are valid and should be allowed to be discussed, and keeping them in their own threads would help mitigate the in-fighting. As I said in another post, fighting with each other is letting Team Con win. We can disagree without being disrespectful. We're all here for the same reason.

Yes. It's respectable and understandable that there are people who don't believe she runs her account.

We don't need 10 new threads every day about it, nor we need people commenting the same on every new post, when all the theories can be discussed in one big thread. I'm actually trying to merge all the various threads, but there are just too many. 

Whether the Instagram posts are written/approved by Britney, Cassie, Jodi, Lou or whoever it is, we're gonna keep reporting on them, as we post about any article or any piece of news related to Britney, because Britney is the main topic of discussion of this forum. 

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