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  1. Well out of Jodi and Jamie, you have one person who has made a career out of managing conservatorships and being caught lying in court docs would effectively end that career, then you have a clearly unhinged man who there is already plenty of strong indication has lied a lot all over the place and who very well might be going to jail for this. I.e. Jamie has nothing left to lose if he is out of the cship, so lying in court docs will not be as big of a deal to him, whereas Jodi needs to stay within the lines more than ever to not risk ending up the same. So out of the two, I will bet my money Jamie is the one lying.
  2. Nah, resorts/hotels are the way to go. Hawaii has a huuuge problem with lack of housing for people who are from there and have lived there a long time, the prices are so jacked up and it is causing a lot of native Hawaiians to be without housing. They really need less people moving there. Britney is doing Hawaii the right way!
  3. This. Let Rosengart and his team do their job, they are competent af. If there is something there that they can bring up against her, they probably will, although it might take a while. Not to mention, any threats or abusive emails directed at people involved in this might end up making it harder for Rosengart to keep things he would prefer from being sealed. I'd say especially if directed at a former judge, since a judge will be making that call.
  4. I didn't say it was an "innocent until proven guilty" thing, obviously Netflix won't wait until a trial has been held to make a decision since that would take way too long. I am not saying there needs to be an incredible amount of evidence even, but there needs to at least be reports of it. Which currently, there are not. I also wrote illegal OR predatory. Predatory as in ***ual misconduct or assault. Because Netflix tends to be more careful with reports of predatory behavior, more so than other potentially illegal things. But again, so far, there is no indication or reports of JL having done anything illegal or predatory. And I am in no way painting her out to be innocent. Can people please apply some nuance and stop being so dramatic, this situation is plenty dramatic as is without needing to add more to it. Everything is not black or white. JL is at minimum a horrible sister, what else she could be guilty of - I don't know. All I said was that currently, there is no indication she has done something actually illegal - unlike many other people tied to this case. Being a ****ty sister is not illegal. Doesn't make her an innocent bystander, it simply means that it will take more for Netflix to fire her. And Lou Taylor is not "involved" with Netflix because she knows someone or a few people there. Netflix won't give two ****s about LT if it becomes a matter of affecting their bottom line. Season 2 was already long way at the time of Britney's first hearing in June. They wrapped filming a little while ago. I am just explaining how this works from Netflix's perspective. You are asking why Netflix won’t fire her. I am telling you why they won’t fire her, and you start going off for being told the reasons YOU asked for. You do understand that when people explain why something is they way it is, it doesn’t mean that is exactly what they themselves believe/want/consider to be, right? I am simply stating the reasons why, you don't have to like it, but your opinions or my opinions won't change that. Netflix cares about the bottom line, simple as that. Currently there is not enough incentive for them to get rid of JL in a season that has already wrapped, if you want to argue why they are wrong – then go argue with Netflix. The only personal opinion I provided was to your question on why people are not giving terrible reviews of the show online. And I stand by that I think that is unnecessary as it punishes all the other hundred or so people involved in this production. You saying Britney has been a cship for 13 years as a response to that…okay, indeed, that is true – but tell me how in the world is Britney better off from people she doesn’t even know losing their jobs? She won't, it is a weak argument. Because JL will lose her job automatically? Then I say let her lose her jobs on her own merit, i.e. because of her own actions, not so she can hide under the cover of “show got cancelled”. I’d much rather see the show get renewed and she is not brought back.
  5. While JL's actions and words indicate she has been less than a stellar sister to Britney, to put it mildly, there is nothing currently indicating she has done anything actually incriminating (unlike Jamie, Britney's management, potentially Ingham and the initial judge whose name I am blanking on right now etc.). If she has done something illegal, I hope she and all others get to see justice served. But as of now, there are not. For Netflix it comes down to the cost of getting rid of JL vs. the potential cost of not doing so. The petition to fire her only got like 20k signatures, which is nothing in these contexts. And as there is no indication currently JL has done anything outright illegal or predatory (think Kevin Spacey who got fired from House of Cards). They might try to write her out for the next season if the show is renewed, but considering the season is already wrapped I doubt Netflix will fire her unless something else surfaces. Also, let's not give credit where credit is not due. It is not her show. She is not even a main character in it. There are a lot of other hardworking and talented actors and production people who are involved, let's not do mass trash reviews that punish them.
  6. Lisa tends to be a bit dramatic and ignore things others point out in imo... She is acting as if Britney would be out of the cship as simple as 1, 2, 3 if her lawyer would just petition for it. She won't.
  7. For sure, a lot of things could be done outside of the cship. But with Jamie still the conservator he would likely do whatever he can to interfere and delay every step to termination. Getting rid of him might be a lot easier though, which in turn would facilitate an easier termination process.
  8. Unless there is strong indication JL did something incriminating, I doubt Netflix will fire her (and of course they won't cancel the show altogether). They only fire people if it can backfire on Netflix majorly (see Kevin Spacey) or if enough people care to make a dent in audience (which almost never happens - generally those protesting were never planning on watching the show to begin with). The petition only got about 20,000-something signatures, which is really nothing in these contexts. I think anyone's energy will be better spent doing something else tbh. Unless anything else major comes out that indicates JL did something criminal, I think this is a lost cause guys.
  9. ] What do you guys mean you don't/do "believe" in the Mandela Effect? I is just a concept that refers to when a large group of people misremember if/how something happened. There is nothing to believe in or not really, as it is just a phrase to describe a phenomenon that do happen - it is not stating why it happens.
  10. Oh sorry, did not see you had replied already. EDIT: Nevermind, I need to start reading more carefully/not read while trying to work at the same time haha.
  11. He should have access automatically to any court documents, so anything filed with the court. The sealed part is in regards to the public, so anyone not directly involved with the case. But not all financial documents are filed in court, I would think mainly accounting reports and petitions for fees are whereas some other things would not be. Those he can, and has a right to as Britney's representation, to still ask for. However, Ingham asked for something in that regards I think sometime in 2020 and it was never received, likely Jamie & co. stalling. But then Ingham was also not very aggressive and no one is sure what is motivations and deal were. Rosengart I have no doubt will move strategically and timely to get everything he needs.
  12. Any petitions I am not worried about, partly because Rosengart can't file them until he is formally engaged and partly because there are several valid reasons for not filing to terminate immediately. But I was wondering why the formal engagement was taking so long and wondering if team con was stalling, but I think what you say here makes sense. I didn't consider that all of his team would have to of course be a part of that as well. So thanks for that
  13. An interesting thing that was discussed in another thread and if so might tie back to this "mixed feelings" aspect of Lynne. Bryan was in charge of Britney's finances before the cship even was in place, and it would appear something shady went down. Which led to: So essentially, if the cship was set up to cover up for crimes that were executed while Bryan was in power, the mixed feelings being about Lynne covering up for her other child. You can check out the full thread with the more in depth reasoning and sources etc. below.
  14. Yeah if it was until the first hearing I might be a bit more inclined to believe it, but they wrote they were on friendly terms until after the second hearing. That's what seems weird. Would they really have been on friendly terms after June 23, when Britney called out her whole family?
  15. I find it a bit difficult to believe this since Britney was very clear already in the first court hearing in June that she was talking about her whole family, whereas this account claims it was after the second hearing they stopped being on friendly terms. Doesn't track. I am also kinda skeptical of their (houseinhabit) sources... I think it was just yesterday they posted a lot about Sam Lufti because their source claimed he is actually a good guy in all of this and then they reposted a lot of things Lufti told them in DMs (though nothing new really). And househabit also tend to be overly dramatic, teasing about things they will soon post that will change everything (and then ends up being same info on Lufti that has been out there for a while). The things they say that are interesting are also kind of obvious or have already been stated by much more credible sources previously imo. Jamie wanting to delay things (obvi) or that a forensic accounting would put people in legal trouble (people like Jon Eardly has been saying as much and more since 2009).
  16. Okay...? You don't have to agree with the poster on this topic and if you want to post about other artists and their fans in other sub-forums, go ahead. I am just pointing out how it is a bit ludicrous to come in and complain a post in a sub-forum dedicated to Britney focuses on Britney and her fans instead of other artists and their fans.
  17. Gotcha! ETA (cause hit send before I was done ): That seems very reasonable. Was first afraid threads discussing the estate/financial records/potential financial crimes would not be able to stay as they are some of the most interesting to me. But those are rooted in records and statements from people involved, so should be fine.
  18. Loves it! But may I ask for some clarification/example on one thing, may just be my very sleep deprived brain not being able to comprehend. But what would this entail: ETA: As in, what would "imply a legal matter" mean in this context?
  19. But this specific sub-forum is about Britney Spears.
  20. Their covers, Floorfiller and Upside Down were my jams at elementary school dances! This song however remained a favorite for lip synching into my hairbrush alone while making myself cry thinking about my crush at the ripe age of 9.
  21. Maybe official of some Sean Penn, just not Madonna's/actor Sean Penn. But I didn't really check which account until "’m already dreaming of running my fingers through his thick head of hair..." haha
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