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Reporter asks Bernie Sanders about #FreeBritney

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14 hours ago, KatieKat said:

I don’t get it …. Conservatorship abuse is a big issue. Why are so many reps/senators staying silent on this?

Because they’re showing their true colors. General public doesn’t like admitting that is mostly Republicans who are concerned and actively getting involved politically to take her conservatorship abuse seriously.

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6 hours ago, IForgotYouExisted said:

We shouldn't respect that. Conservatorship as a whole is problematic. It isn't just Britney. Injustice should NEVER be respected and as he's the president, he totally should handle it.

I agree it is an issue, but there are thousands of other topics that are also a priority and injustice is everywhere. He was there to talk about the legislation and the journalist was asking questions off topic.

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Interesting how republicans have been supporting Britney through this. I feel like it’s an attempt to try to sway her into join the Republican Party once she’s free lol. It’s like they still Believe Britney is that same Southern Girl from Louisiana with conservative values. If anything I feel Britney now would be a bit more Liberal given her time spent living and working in L.A. with people from various walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. 

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2 hours ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

Because they’re showing their true colors. General public doesn’t like admitting that is mostly Republicans who are concerned and actively getting involved politically to take her conservatorship abuse seriously.

They are getting involved for clout, not because they’re concerned about conservatorship abuse. :whitney_houston_huh_oh_really_well_look_stare_welp:

Republicans at the federal level haven’t introduced any legislation in a committee to take on conservatorship reform, that I can see. As someone posted previous, Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bob Casey sent a letter to the Department of Justice and Department of Health & Human Services asking for data about conservatorships/guardianships, as existing federal data about conservatorships is sparse. If/when those departments respond, then they’ll have more data to start making informed decisions about the legislation they should craft.

In California’s state government, there have been various laws introduced by Democrats to reform conservatorships. Some are making their way through the appropriate committees, while others have been pushed to the next legislative session. Only one California Republican introduced legislation about conservatorships, but it was to make court proceedings less public. :whitney_houston_huh_oh_really_well_look_stare_welp:

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Interesting to see so many hate towards Bernie here. Bernie is the only American politician who has shaken the system and opened the eyes of the youth and also many Americans about the problems of capitalism and how greedy capitalism is destroying the livelihoods of many people.

I don't think his intentions were bad to dismiss the question. He is a very focused man on his subjects and the question they have put was irrelevant to the topics he was gonna discuss and he probably didn't wanna comment on something he is not fully aware of what the details are about. 

And some people pointed out since he is a socialist he would be happy to keep her under conservatorship. I'm sorry for your ignorance and your brainwashed knowledge about what socialism and capitalism is. Capitalism is exactly what they are doing to Britney, creating an illusion of freedom and wealth but prisoning you into a system that chews you up and spits you out and sucks your blood. If you are okay to live in an illusion of freedom but spend your entire life in a glass walled prison, good for you. 

#leaveberniealone 😂😘

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Bernie is the most noble senator by a long shot. He hates the corrupt establishment and supports bold new ideas that will uplift people out of poverty and strengthen our democracy and environment. 

I haven’t watched the full interview, but I doubt he is against free Britney, I just think he wanted the conversation to stay on topic

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