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  1. I don‘t wanna be THAT guy who‘s sayin‘ „I told you so“ buuuuut….. It was Cassie all along
  2. Great Cassie…now team C can say Britney needs help with her money since she „blows“ it
  3. This EXACTLY! Britney sure has a lot of anger but she would NEVER go off like that nor in such a childish way. It‘s actually quite sad that a lot of her „fans“ eat up everything team cship is feeding them. During her testimony she was very factual. She mentioned cship abuse, that she fears her dad etc. She was not like „So Penny…my sister is a complete beyotch and what the f was she thinking when she covered a song of mine. They should all eat sh|t and d|e.“ team cship is trying their absolute best to make the Freebritney campain implode. The more people think she is in control again the less preassure people put onto the FreeBritney campaign.
  4. I didn‘t meant that it‘s not a good idea that she drives a car but I stated my point that team c-ship COULD twist it so that the judge thinks „well she said she can‘t do stuff like that and now she does? Bipolar maybe?“ you trying to be catty doesn‘t help much does it?!
  5. Yeah but team cship knows that and probably let‘s her do stuff we want to see. I‘m not convinced….yet. They tried to fool us for way too long.
  6. I still don‘t think this is a good idea that she drives around and stuff….team c-ship will say: See Judge Penny…she can do everything she wants. I hope Brits lawyer can handle this kind of shady/brutal behaviour of team cship
  7. This will never be NOT funny „Poo in your shoe“ But guys can we at least make „I am the Stripclub“ happen? It‘s a bop and she deserves better!
  8. Can I introduce you to something called SARCASM?! Her saying she does her own posts didn‘t proof anything in the past as we know.
  9. Well she already posted videos where she said „I‘m fine“ and „yes I post my own stuff“… soooooo
  10. Bless your little naive heart ❤️ You really think because she has a new lawer now means EVERYTHING changes immediately spoiler: c-ship won‘t be over tommorow.
  11. What are you even talking about? Sam liking „Brits“ posts says absolutely nothing. He also liked the pic where „she“ photoshopped her tattoo. and I guess what cassie is posting on IG is the least of her worries atm. That‘s why she didn‘t mention it in court. She could go on for HOURS if she talked about everything.
  12. Some of ya‘ll are really easy to convince Britneys IG 2 weeks ago: leave me the **** alone! Exhale: Nice try Cassie. Britney would never post rude stuff like that. Britneys IG now: Go **** yourselfs and read a ****ing book you ***holes.. Exhale: wow she is so brave It‘s the exact same way „Britney“ posts for some time now. So either she was posting stuff herself for quite some time now or this is still Cassie trying to shift the blame towards JL cause she is an easy target since everyone hates her already
  13. And Juno turned off the comments on IG and a oop So I hope „she“ is done with „project rose“ and is coming for blood
  14. The way some of ya‘ll are pretty much saying „I don‘t want new Britney music“ everyone understands that releasing anything is not a priority AT ALL atm but this is a forum where we can fantasize about and think about what would be cool and what some of us wish for in the future. I too just want Britney to be happy…but IF she ever decides to make music again that would be awesome. Don‘t act like you would not have a mental breakdown if she REALLY never released a single tune in her life anymore when some of you/us live and breathe Britneys music. so calm you tittays
  15. How about: LEAVE MY BROKE *** alone. The Story of a parasite.
  16. To tell her she‘s going to stay under the cship for another couple years?! No thanks. I hope there will be aT least SOME adjustments to the cship so it‘s a bit more bareable…I‘m still sceptical that anything major happens anytime soon.
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