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  1. Miley Cyrus - Angels like you BANKS - Skinnydipped Violet Chachki & Allie X - Mistress Violet Becky Hill - Remember Doja Cat - Need to Know Doja Cat - Get into It Girl in Red - You Stupid ***** Iggy Azalea - I am the Strip Club Lil Nas X - Industry Baby Marina - Venus Fly Trap Lizzo/Cardi B - Rumors Olivia Rodrigo - Deja Vu Olivia - Brutal Royal & the Serpent - Girls WILLLOW - G R O W
  2. Marina's VFT and ADIAML are both great also, Album came out last year, but music video dropped in 2021 Remember by Becky Hill and Private Life by Allie X are some other current favs...
  3. Im a major Madonna fan, and i'll debate anyone on American Life being under-rated AF, but this album is unbearable to me. Florence Welch is my fav Brit. Her first two albums gave me this cosmic/spiritual energy and the third was was an alternative-rock surprise. Aside from the singles, this album puts me to sleep. I was hoping Shania would give us amother "Come on Over", was expecting to get more of an "Up!"-qualilty album. instead we get ****. Gaga's Chromatica was dissapointing for me, as it has less playability for me than her previous pop records. T.Swift's Folk albums arent my genre - though i did expect to enjoy it more. Kesha's "high road" was a bit 'mehhh' compared to her previous masterpieces. Ariana's recent 2 R&B-geared album arent my liking with the exception of a few songs.
  4. REP is the better album. I did vote LOVER for singles and album cover though. I wasnt a big fan of delicate or LWYMMD. The highlights on REP were non-singles such as Dont Blame Me, Call it What You Want and Getaway Car.
  5. glory > ff > bj ff & bj are both under-rated, although some songs on bj are cringy (alien, tik tik boom)
  6. Bernie is the most noble senator by a long shot. He hates the corrupt establishment and supports bold new ideas that will uplift people out of poverty and strengthen our democracy and environment. I haven’t watched the full interview, but I doubt he is against free Britney, I just think he wanted the conversation to stay on topic
  7. This post seems more appropriate for Columbus day. And I will ding Demi for coming accross very performative in her activism - especially lately. However, I dont think Demi is wrong saying July 4th "perpetuates the myths of American exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny, and white supremacy." Theres a lot of folks out there that believe America is above all criticism and should never be held accountable for endless war crimes, enabling systemic bigotry, land-stealing, slavery, etc.
  8. I Love both artists, but Courtney needs to calm down. This idea of the sad pageant/prom queen has been done many times. Also this wasnt Olivia's album cover.
  9. saying she loves Britney is not enough at this point. Britney needs JLS to testify and corroborate her claims, expose their dad together.....
  10. I got familiar with the album today finally. Marina has been one of my favs since 2012, L+F being one of my fav albums of all time. This album is overall GOOD, but a bit disappointing for me. 'Goodbye' is the best track of the album. I love this part: "I've been a mother to everyone else/ To every mother****er except myself/ And I don't even have any kids/ Goodbye to the girl that I'd been". "ILYBILMM" is another fav. Flows very well and can be very relatable. I dont mind her preaching on "New America" and "PTP" -I love her messaging in this track and I enjoy anytime an artists can express problems with income inequality/ mass wars/ environment/ capitalism and more. I like both of these songs, neither are favs but i feel they represent a core theme to the album. "VFT", "Man's World" and the title track are strong standouts on the album. I love her retro/cultural vibe and Marina's lane has always been worldly-feminism, and she expresses that better than anyone. The other 3 songs are GOOD, but aren't very interesting and get lost in her already incredible discography.
  11. Pop Supreme : Piece By Piece, Breakaway, All I ever WantedGreatness : Meaning of Life, Stronger, Wrapped in RedJust Right : Thankful, My DecemberMixed Bag : Underwhelming :Shelf It :
  12. I can see her having a great collab with Doja Cat or Kesha. Id love to see her do more EDM/DJ collabs... chaimsmokers, Zedd, David Guetta. Also, id love for her to collab with the Glory SONGWRITERS again... Julia, Justin Tranter, Phoebe Ryan
  13. With doing this, I took a more critical opinion.I could've easily put all these songs on a Perfection tier, but there's definitely range in my lovability with these tracks. Pop perfect: "Handmade Heaven" "Superstar" "Baby" "Enjoy Your Life" "True" "To Be Human" "End of the Earth" "Believe in Love" "Too Afraid" Almost perfect: "Orange Trees" "Karma" "No More Suckers" "Soft to be Strong" Mediocre: "Life Is Strange" "You" "Emotional Machine" Skip: N/A
  14. Its well deserved. Its a short album so ill prob burn out on it soon, but i have it on replay for now.
  15. I dont listen to Toxic much anymore - great song, but gets overhyped over her other incredible songs. Still, this is one of the best videos of all time.
  16. Candace Owens is a sell-out irrelevant talking head bought and owned by Fox News, to insult and instigate many liberal issues including BLM, working class issues, and Women issues.
  17. I admit my bias, as a 30 year old I am more aligned with her newer, edm-infused sound. I have listened to each album of hers several times. 14."Madame X" (Bizarre album, too many influences. Very dissociated with the current music scene. I did enjoy her social messages) 13. "Bedtime Stories" (Outside the singles, I found this album a snooze-feast.) 12. "Like a Virgin" (Some iconic singles, 'Dress Me Up' is a fav. Much like Brit's "BOMT" era.. this feels dated and immature to me) 11. "Erotica" (A well-rounded flow of tracks that reflect M's rebellious edgey persona. For me, Erotia lacked a anthems but has some great deep cuts) 10. "Madonna" (This album only has 8 songs, but Holiday, Boderline and Lucky Star are some of her best. "Everybody" is one of the most generic pop tracks ever.) 9. "Music" (3 amazing hits, weird mix of pop, trance, country and goth influenced... but i like it at the same time) 8. "MDNA" (Some songs are great such as I'm Addicted, Love Spent, and **** ****..... others are cringey af such as B-Day song, Bestfriend and Some Girls) 7. "Rebel Heart" (Similar to MDNA. However I thought RH had a lot of potential for some massive hits. "Living For Love" could be "Like a Prayer Part 2". Unaplogetic B####, Iconic and Joan or Arc are favs) 6. "Like a Prayer" This was Madonnas quintessential era. TBH the album is a over-rated as a WHOLE, but the singles are what you think when Madonna is mentioned. 5. "American Life" Easily Madonna's most under-rated album. I love the mix of sorrow and angst in AL. Favs include X-static Process, Mother & Father and Nothing Fails. 4. "True Blue" 7 of the 9 tracks are near perfect on this. I dont care for the last 2. La Isla, Papa Don't Preach and Open Your Heart are the JAMS here. White Heat and Where's the Party will also get you movin'. 3. "Hard Candy" This album came out when i was 17 and may have had the biggest impact on me. 4 minutes is corny, but has excellent production. "Heartbeat" is ****, "She's Not Me" is witty, "Devil Wouldnt Recognize" is vengeful. Theres something for each of my personalities on this. 2. "Confessions on a Dance Floor" Millennials will prob have this as their #1. Great album from beginning to end. 12 tracks and none are fillers. Get Together, Push, Future Lovers are my favs. 1. "Ray of Light" Love this alternative EDM/nature themed album. I love the cultural/regal vibe this album gives me and it truly takes me to another place.
  18. I do feel like this album is lacking. The tracks are too short/repetitive. she still deserves better
  19. The album is def a mood, it has a good vibe with semi-deep lyrics. The only track i deleted from my playlists is 'On the Go'.
  20. Bebe's has an amazing discography so far, I couldnt give a **** if it "flopped' or not. Her albums are high-quality and are filler-track free. HOWEVER.. im unsure about this era. Sacrifice and Sabotage were both GOOD, but inferrior to the tracks on 'Expectations'. She also released 2 collabs this year('I'm not pretty' and 'Die for a Man') which felt forced and corny to me.
  21. my bad thought the topic was " The best performance you have seen this year", rather than just Dunja ... which is why another person posted Cardi's Grammy performance....
  22. Pretty Reckless and Lana for 2021 releases. Miley's Plastic Hearts(released Nov. 2020) is the album ive listened to most during this year though
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