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Name a One Hit Wonder You Wish Could Make a Comeback

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We've all had artists over time that made a dent in the music industry but were never able to achieve the same amount of success beyond their first breakout hit.

Name one artist/group you would love to see make a huge comeback.


I think mine would be Paulina Rubio.  Paulina is definitely not a one hit wonder in other parts of the world, but as far as her English music career went "Don't Say Goodbye" peaked at #41 on the Hot 100 in 2002.  Her follow up single "The One You Love" peaked at #97 and thus ended her venture into the US English pop music market.

On a side note, upon doing a bit of research, she actually had a song called "Algo De Ti" outpeak "Don't Say Goodbye" at number 32 in 2010.


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A one hit wonder song I like is "Dance with Me" by Debelah Morgan but someone I wish would make a huge comeback who isn't really a one hit wonder but didn't really have a long career was Michelle Branch. 



I love Paulina Rubio but "Border Girl"  did nothing for me, "Don't Say Goodbye" is a bop though. :bop_beyonce_dancing_yes_Yas_cheer_party_glasses:

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<<<Magic Begins at Midnight>>> 

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Just now, ol123 said:

You really wanting this trend chaser of trashing Britney when your **** drops to make a comeback? :gloss_mirror_young_little_girl_smile_child_makeup_lipstick_lipgloss_lips_pink:



Yes, since she was part of my childhood and I am secretly rooting for her to have a major comeback :gloss_mirror_young_little_girl_smile_child_makeup_lipstick_lipgloss_lips_pink:


"Nice To Meet Ya" could have been a huge hit tho, if promoted properly :gloss_mirror_young_little_girl_smile_child_makeup_lipstick_lipgloss_lips_pink:



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27 minutes ago, IAmJustAKnee said:

Explain :omggg_shocked_hand_old_lady_woman_surprised:

she's always been very full of herself, she's known for treating bad the press, she's been very rude to other famous people, like just to name an example, she once was on this tv show to perform a single, but the tv host supposedly had had an affair like a million years ago with Paulina's father (though that was never confirmed, or I think her parents were divorced already, idk) and she left her hanging there while the tv host kept calling her to talk to her after the performance, and she just ignored her and left the studio.

She's always had a rivalry with Thalia as well (they were the Britney x Christina before Britney and Christina were a thing) since they were bandmates in the 80's. She once crashed Thalia's presentation to the press of an album she had just released, without being invited, just to cause an scandal and steal the attention from her lol. She's always been just very rude and presumptuous, but she just passes off as ridiculous to most of the people, because she isn't that talented to have that kind of diva attitudes. She lived in Spain for like 5 seconds, and came back talking with this fake Spanish accent, which wasn't even correct (she just pronounced every word with s or c as "sh") so she's always been very hard to tolerate or relate to. 

Her songs were always very catchy, and still today you can hear her singles on the radio (the older ones), but if you ask any average person, anyone would be ashamed to recognize they like a Paulina Rubio song, because of this whole persona she's created throughout the years when she was more famous.


I personally just laugh about it, and still enjoy her music, but I do recognize she's not my favorite person. In latest years, she's tried to appear more sweet and humble and nice on her social media or interviews, but people just aren't here for that. Ever since reggaeton took over the music scene, her pop songs have struggled to make any impact in the last decade. The new generations definitely don't have any attachments to her or her music.

And it's sad, 'cause her latest music is actually quite good.




She also said she filmed a video for this song, but the record label scrapped it, I suppose because of the low sales of the album. She promised to leak it someday


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